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2008 წელს გამოვუშვით პირველი ქრაუდ-სორს თარგმანი forum.ge-ს წევრებთან ერთად. <3 ორიგინალური readme:

AcidLabz წარმოგიდგენთ:
World Of Goo – ლორწოს სამყარო

პროექტის ხელმძღვანელი  –  გიორგი მაღლაკელიძე  aka  DrAcid… 52 more words


Week 184: World of Goo Part 3, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Part 3, Saints Row IV Part 1, Steins;Gate Part 1

In terms of gaming, it was a pretty good week.  Finished off a couple games, started some others, had a fun time.  And of course on a non-gaming note Deadpool came out and I have been completely enamored with that whole thing.  546 more words


Week 183: World of Goo Part 2, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Part 2

Thanks to a bit of self-bribing and staying with my vow to not play games each day until writing a review, I have played a little bit less than I wanted this week, but that’s okay because work is still getting done.  392 more words


Week 182: World of Goo Part 1, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Part 1

This week I’m going to admit something. I’ve been lazy with writing my game reviews and have run out of buffer material.  Because of that I played less games this week than I’d have liked.  557 more words


What I Played Last Week (Dec. 27th - Jan. 2nd)

Post Christmas meant I had a few games on my list to play. My backlog has reached a near endless status with so many games I still have play. 507 more words

What I Played Last Week