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Week 183: World of Goo Part 2, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Part 2

Thanks to a bit of self-bribing and staying with my vow to not play games each day until writing a review, I have played a little bit less than I wanted this week, but that’s okay because work is still getting done.  392 more words


Week 182: World of Goo Part 1, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Part 1

This week I’m going to admit something. I’ve been lazy with writing my game reviews and have run out of buffer material.  Because of that I played less games this week than I’d have liked.  557 more words


What I Played Last Week (Dec. 27th - Jan. 2nd)

Post Christmas meant I had a few games on my list to play. My backlog has reached a near endless status with so many games I still have play. 507 more words

What I Played Last Week

News - The Tomorrow Corporation Announces Human Resource Machine

A new game is on the way from the creative minds at The Tomorrow Corporation. This 3-man team has an impressive pedigree, creating inventive puzzle games in the past, including: … 117 more words


Indie All-Stars Humble Bundle takes value to ridiculous new heights

Yesterday’s newest Humble Bundle launched and, as you’d expect, it’s absolutely packed with amazing value. What you might not necessarily expect is just how much  282 more words


Surprise & Delight & Goo

Damn this game is good.

In these analysis bits, I like to tease out one bit of a game and try to describe how it felt and why it felt that way. 661 more words


World of Goo (Steam) Review!

A vanguard work of art still rooted in old videogame conventions.

 Artstyle, cutscenes and music are phenomenal  Sharp humor and smart twists
 Controls and physics doesn’t match the game’s difficulty… 304 more words