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Centurion Action X Changed Supertest Stats

– Max speed: 53 / 20 km / h (old: 45/20),
– Turret turning speed: 50,1 ° / s (old – 41,7),
– Terrain resistance values: 0.575 / 0.671 / 1.438 (old: 0.671 / 0.767 / 1.534),

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BattleBots - Robot Tanks in Close-Combat: First 3 Episodes

They really do seem like tiny tanks to me! The new BattleBots reminds me of my beautiful early childhood – with awesome robot fights I used to watch. 30 more words

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LemmingRush - Official The Armored Patrol Streamer (NA)

Hello folks, from now on we will have an official streamer too! (From the NA server – I would like to have a streamer from every server so you guys do get streams whatever your timezone is!) :) Meet… 50 more words

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Storm Night Q&A

-The Japanese Tiger will have full MM.

-I do not know if the FV4202 mission is a hard challenge.

-The Centurion Action X stats are just preliminary, they will be changed. 50 more words

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