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Coming Soon to Scraps

Nition, game developer:

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last update so I’d like to show what’s going on, even though there’s about a week remaining until the next update. 144 more words

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Pictures from the Munster Tank Museum

From Imgur user HoovesOfDerp. VERY picture heavy, more than 100 pictures.

Little note (Hooves): I apologize for the poor lighting and blurriness of the first photos, the first area of the museum was somewhat dark and the sun was coming in through the windows very brightly, so it was difficult to get good shots. 2,518 more words

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Should we change the blog name?

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All right, an interesting prospect came up. We have the opportunity to change the blog name. What do you think? Vote here.

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Chieftain/T95 Pictures

Glad they are clean of any watermark (except the wot-news one but certainly better than Russian ponies)

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