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"I Miss 40-man Raids" or "Vanilla Nostalgia"

There was a time in World of Warcraft, when things weren’t as easy as they are today for the average player. There was no quest helper feature, areas weren’t marked on your map for quest objectives, you weren’t provided with handy arrows directing you to your next objective, you couldn’t track the quests. 872 more words

World Of Warcraft

Patch 4.3: "Loving the Lore" or "Hating the Lore"

I didn’t think I would like WoW again, but the leveling game has been so well improved, I can’t help but marvel at the fluidity of it all. 589 more words

World Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft's Next Patch Travels 10,000 Years in the Past, and to the End (of) Time

in an effort to go out with a bang, Blizzard has some pretty epic adventures for it’s players in Cataclysm’s final patch. Three Heroic dungeons will lead up to the final battle against the Aspect of Death himself, going places WoW has never gone before. 482 more words