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60 Second Lore: Sylvanas Windrunner

Learn the story of the Banshee Queen, Leader of the Forsaken and Eventually the Horde: Sylvanas Windrunner in this week’s episode of 60 Second Lore!


The Ballad of the Hamster (Part One)

Day 81. 138,834 words. Onto the last story now!

Today, by random association between discussions about over-sharing on social media and the differences between Diablo and World of Warcraft, I bring you an ancient masterpiece from days of yore ( 823 more words

The End of an Eventful Week...

Good evening readers… it’s been a very eventful week in World of Warcraft, to say the very least and I’m very thankful it’s well and truly over and we start afresh today – reset day! 865 more words

World Of Warcraft

What It’s Really Like To… Have A Back Facial

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Why Wrath Of the Lich King Is The Best!

I have always had a love affair with wow.  More specifically I have always had a soft spot for the WOTLK expansion.  These are my top five reasons why I think wrath of the lich king is the best time in the world of Warcraft gaming experience.

Thoughts On Gaming

The Long Download of Alpha (Yes, It Means What It Sounds Like)

I got Alpha! A lot of people in my guild did at once, actually, like 4 or 5 of us.

The download is huge. It doesn’t look like BfA on my Battle.net account, but I was able to log in for 2 minutes and confirm it was 8.0.1 and an Alliance 110 Pandaren Monk I rolled was logged into the game inside the city of Boralus. 50 more words


World of Warcraft Lore | Sargeras Origins Part 2

The Lore of Titans finally revealed. Learn how Sargeras created the Burning Legion and why it has marched unchecked, across the cosmos a millennia.

Legion Lore