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World of Warcraft - Tips to Aid One Level Up Faster in WOW

When somebody begins to level another character in World of Warcraft, they’ll more often than not find that it could be truly disappointing as a broad undertaking is in front of them. 411 more words

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World of Warcraft Tips For More Efficient Play

Universe of Warcraft is an incredible amusement that can bring hours of delight. Here are some World of Warcraft tips that perhaps not everyone thinks about yet. 595 more words

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A Surprise 110

Well, surprising for me.

I thought either my Priest or DK would be up next, but it turned out to be my Rogue.

I was casually leveling her once in a while just because she could open lock boxes at 110. 311 more words

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Couples Who Slay Together - Nathan & Róisín

​Welcome to our Community Project of 2017 (you can see our last one in 2014 here)!

We propose to do a series of – fun and lightearted – interviews which help us learn a bit more about our awesome community, and hopefully unravel some juicy details about our readers. 1,353 more words

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And the pugs who saves the day!

Follow up on last post: A healer friend joined me in the next try on The Frost Lord Ahune, and what happens? I get friendly, useful advice! 132 more words


Bad pug, bad BAD pug

So. The Frost Lord Ahune is, if you’re on max level, a 5 minute dungeon tops. Usually, you get the boss down after first mob wave. 317 more words


Into the Tomb

~*~*~*~*~Spoilers ahead. If you don’t want to see any of the Tomb of Sargeras stuff yet, please turn away now.~*~*~*~*~

This week the Tomb of Sargeras opened. 835 more words