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My TLPD Story

originally posted on 12-26-16

We’ll start with the release of wrath of the lich king. In 2008 I was living with a friend in Brooklyn. He had been playing WoW from its initial release, and I had never touched it. 1,336 more words

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Camping & Comrades in Misery

originally posted on 12-18-16

I understand the pain, the struggle. Camping Rares is not unlike applying for a job. You read about something, you want it, you put in the work and research to better understand what your position is and what’s required, you go for an interview, and there you meet a bunch of people who are hesitantly nice because you’re all in the same boat. 2,511 more words

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Fjarnskaggl farming guide

Fjarnskaggl has two good routes.

Route A is the better one. Specially with realm hopping. This short route has plenty of Fjarnskaggl nodes. If there are lot of people, you are most likely forced to make the route larger. 16 more words

World Of Warcraft Guide

Dreamleaf farming guide

There are two options. The first and the better option is the long route that starts from Temple of Elune.

There are tons of Dreamleaf along this route. 75 more words

World Of Warcraft Guide

Starlight rose farming guide

This is the best route for Starlight rose farming. The herbs spawn as you go, so there won’t be no down time.

General tips for farming can be found here

World Of Warcraft Guide

The Call of the Scarab

I really wanted to like these mini holidays but having tried out the Call of the Scarab, I’m struggling to see the point. Yes, there are now lots of people in Silithus again but other than that, it seems to lack focus.  378 more words