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World Order - The Nuclear Threat and Australia's Involvement


Nuclear weapons significantly threaten global peace and security. There have been a number of bilateral (e.g. New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation) and multilateral nuclear weapons treaties (e.g. 185 more words

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World Order - 'People on War' Survey 2016


International Humanitarian Law (IHL) refers to the body of treaties and principles that regulate the treatment of individuals and conduct of conflicts. The People on War Survey was conducted to see if those living in war-torn countries believe that the rules of war matter. 100 more words

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World Order - The International Criminal Court


The International Criminal Court (ICC), established by the Rome Statute 2002, is a permanent court in which individuals can be tried for atrocity crimes . 94 more words

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World Order - South China Sea Dispute


The article highlights the issues surrounding the South China Sea Dispute. China, Vietnam, Brunei, the Phillipines and Taiwan have been in conflict over this body of water for over a century, however tension has recently increased as China has built almost 250 islands claiming the area as its’ own. 118 more words

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World Order - The United Nations


The United Nations (UN) is a global organisation that brings together its’ member states to attempt to resolve conflicts, promote global stability and ultimately achieve world order. 170 more words

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International Security - the Mirage of the Impossible

Do Not Reform the United Nations Security Council

The United Nations Organization was established in a civilizational moment of truth – immediately after WW2, which was the biggest anthropogenic tragedy in human history so far. 756 more words

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Homo deus: what are we going to do with ourselves?

“In a healthy, prosperous and harmonious world, what will demand our attention and ingenuity? This question becomes doubly urgent given the immense new powers that biotechnology and information technology are providing us with. 279 more words

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