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President Hillary Clinton: be careful what you hope for

The issue for President-to-be Clinton, deeply connected as she is to the comfortable elites of America, and for her international partners and allies, is whether she and her administration can discard their status quo mindset to build a new and… 23 more words

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3rd album “HAVE A NICE DAY”

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“World Order is a Japanese band formed by Genki Sudo following his retirement from Mixed Martial Arts. 148 more words

The strings of World Order. Today's caveats and hopes

I feel very negative vibes in the air and another world war approaching depending on three major events. Strangely people are allowed to express their opinion in two of them, but I am aware of the fact that the two countries I’m going to talk about are not like the United Kingdom – which country in fact can compare with the only one that never stood to the diktats of any other one in history from the schism with the Vatican in order to obtain a divorce for King Henry VIII, who subsequently beheaded Anne Boleyn for not having a male heir, but which her virgin daughter finally guided Shakesperean England?; which was guided by a personality such as Winston Churchill who challenged Hitler alone in WWII saving all the exiled governments and permitting France to reconstruct thanks to De Gaulle?; and which finally last June said NO to the European Union not caring for the immediate economic disaster that will rise up, because conscious of the subsequent freedom and of being an everlasting example? 1,081 more words


When work doesn't exist, what will you do?

In the not too distant future, work for many will not exist, certainly not as it has existed for 1,000s of years.

AI will replace a great deal of the current low value tasked based and repetitive work. 201 more words

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Mythos: Free Will, free choice?

Humanity has long pondered the question of free will; and whether  chicken or egg came first. Like Xeno’s paradoxes the questions identify flaws in both language and logic.   1,023 more words

World Order

Promotional video for 2017 Summer Universiade accused of plagiarizing World Order【Video】

If it looks like World Order, and moves like World Order, it’s probably bad if it’s not World Order. 240 more words


Balance of Power is the game that we play

Stunningly enough, one of the major current military developments has gone practically unnoticed. Okay, maybe it’s just my impression as I recently started a new job, stopped paying attention to any kind of news, and generally don’t think that “noticing” is one of my main skills. 828 more words