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Haiku: Bitcoin, Shitcoin

“Crypto currencies – will decentralize wealth and – change the world order”


The Dilemmas of Hegemons: Perry Anderson's 'The H-Word'

All hegemons encounter the dilemmas of power: the tension between the ideal of using power for the betterment of all and the need to defend and maintain power to uphold those goods. 543 more words

World Order

Self-interest shapes China’s policies toward the international order

 by Andrew J Nathan/ 19 December 2017/ EAF

The dramatic increase in Chinese economic, military and soft power since the 1990s has generated rising concern that Beijing seeks to overturn the liberal international order. 361 more words

International Relations

Plural International Relations in a Divided World

Stephen Chan’s Plural International Relations in a Divided World offers a thoughtful and enriching meditation on the history of the modern “Westphalian” international system. The main argument of this book is that the Westphalian system is a moving target, and that it is entering an era of plural and pluralizing legitimacy principles. 368 more words

World Order

Are you one of us

Growing individualism is a sign of growth in the modern world. An oversized house, an opulent  SUV in city traffic, a taste of art different from all other. 304 more words

The Ordinary Virtues

Michael Ignatieff’s The Ordinary Virtues: Moral Order in a Divided World identifies a moral truth of general relevance, especially in globalizing times. This book argues basic habits of human decency -the ordinary virtues-, are what people use to navigate moral questions in globalized contexts of divided communities, with mixing strangers, different cultural practices, and unpredictable insecurities. 455 more words

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Tác giả: Henry Kissinger

Bức tranh địa chính trị thế giới và châu Á qua trật tự thế giới của KISSINGER

Thế giới dưới cái nhìn của Kissinger… 2,947 more words

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