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China creates instability in South China Sea -- Ready to establish a new world order?

By  Christopher Morris

As the South China Sea situation continues to escalate, so the tensions between the East Asian nation and the United States also expand. 1,212 more words

A New Model of Major Power Relations between China and the United States

Submitted on December 6, 2014 as an essay for a politics course at HKU.

Since Deng Xiaoping’s policies of “reform and opening up”, China has gradually risen to become a major power in world politics. 1,898 more words

Can China rise without democratizing its political system?

Submitted on October 22, 2014 as an essay for a politics course at HKU.

Ever since Deng Xiaoping proposed the idea of reform and opening up in 1978, China’s economy and living standard have improved remarkably. 1,859 more words

Dreaming The American Dream

Hegemony an infamous word, defined as ‘Dominance of one social group over another, such that the ruling group or Hegemon acquires some degree of consent from the subordinate as opposed to dominance purely by force.’ 788 more words


'I' against 'Us'

Mentioned in the afterword to Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead is a startling revelation by the author – the book, she says is mainly about Howard Roark versus the world and the mechanism of the such world in making Roark succumb to their whim, and the triumph of the ideal man, which is Roark. 550 more words

World Order

The Long War [podcast]

Excellent insight into the long-term implications of conflict between Russia and the West. Hosted by Brian Whitmore (RFE/Power Vertical) and co-host Mark Galeotti, New York University professor and expert on Russia's security services, with guest… 274 more words

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