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Steel, Spirit and a Cause

Did you see the extant in the picture above? Now try to imagine how the swirling winds a few years ago have brought a seed into this rock crevice. 968 more words

Human Beings

Friday Fun: Boy Meets Girl

I know I have posted this before but with Valentine’s Day lurking on the horizon, I thought this would be fun thing to re-post. World Order brings it again. 281 more words


Beat of The Day: Informal Empire by World Order

Haven’t checked this group for quite sometime and if you haven’t get acquainted who World Order is, then you really have to check out their video clip. 32 more words


Moksha and Hinduism

According to the “Glossary of Terms World Civilizations: Ancient India” by Richard Hooker, Moksha is defined simply as the “release from the changing world and the cycle of birth and rebirth” a cycle called “samsara.” This definition immediately reminded me of the Buddhist concept of “nirvana” which has always intrigued me. 991 more words

Social Commentary

Probing the Polarity of the World

(This paper is just a section in a compilation of academic papers discussing the polarity of the present world order.)

The Cold War global power structure is a bipolar one – the United States of America and the Soviet Union. 902 more words

Political Science