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China’s Historical Manifestation of World Order Reemerging

A private equity associate at H.I.G. Capital based in Miami, Florida, Benjamin Spacapan is responsible for financial modeling, opportunity evaluation, and portfolio company management. In his free time, Benjamin Spacapan enjoys reading books on US foreign policy and is the author of… 204 more words

Benjamin Spacapan

CrossTalk: Trump World Order

Is campaign rhetoric going to become policy? It would seem so. Trump appears to be determined to recast key pillars of American foreign policy. It won’t be easy and certainly not without a fight.  11 more words


The Platform

Fareed Zakaria reported yesterday on CNN that Finland is beginning to work on a basic income scheme on a sample group, and if the scheme works, Finland will extend the scheme and program to its entire population. 311 more words

The Americas

Trump must change from being a divider into a uniter: Talbott

NSoJ Bureau

The Trump triumph in the US Presidential elections was a most unexpected outcome for political watchers across the globe. All the pre-poll analyses of a post-Obama America ran on the assumption that Hillary Clinton would clinch the keys to the White House. 537 more words


Trump's disruptive new world order and Nepal

Donald Trump will start shattering the existing world order in less than two weeks, if he governs as he promised during his election campaign. Such disruption may benefit the US in the short run, but it will harm America in the long run. 1,073 more words

World Order Rocks It With Xiaomi

I’m a huge World Order fan, so here’s their latest work on commission from Xiaomi.

Their coordination is simply out of this world. It’s also the first time I didn’t see Genki Sudo in it. 44 more words


Why the Holy Roman Empire Did and Does Not Matter

It is too easy and too often thought that because nothing is perfect, humankind will forever be divided, at odds, even doomed. A fitting read for the Christmas holidays, … 455 more words

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