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[AmeAgari] WORLD ORDER ft SKE48 - SINGULARITY [Eng sub]

WORLD ORDER collaboration with Nagoya based SKE48. Nice song, nice dance, all the good stuff. Enjoy. :)

Eng Sub

BRICS and the Existing World Order:  Interdependent Hegemony

Written by Li Xing.

The BRICS phenomenon in which the rise of emerging powers is coupled with a global financial crisis has caught global attention. 1,405 more words



“New world order” is a phrase mostly associated with the immediate aftermath of the Cold War, when America and the Soviet Union decided to put their differences aside and cooperate rather than constantly menace each other. 1,408 more words

International Relations

The New World Order Is Leaving the U.S. Behind

The world order is changing fast. We are seeing the emergence of many countries on the world stage who are powerful in their own right and want to assert themselves at the global stage. 97 more words


World Order - The Nuclear Threat and Australia's Involvement


Nuclear weapons significantly threaten global peace and security. There have been a number of bilateral (e.g. New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation) and multilateral nuclear weapons treaties (e.g. 185 more words

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World Order - 'People on War' Survey 2016


International Humanitarian Law (IHL) refers to the body of treaties and principles that regulate the treatment of individuals and conduct of conflicts. The People on War Survey was conducted to see if those living in war-torn countries believe that the rules of war matter. 100 more words

World Order

World Order - The International Criminal Court


The International Criminal Court (ICC), established by the Rome Statute 2002, is a permanent court in which individuals can be tried for atrocity crimes . 94 more words

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