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Geopolitical Overhaul: What Will A Post-Obama World Look Like?

For the U.S. to re-start its influence and prestige in the region, the answers must include: Promoting international recognition of the Republic of Somaliland and promoting a return to political stability and normalcy there, to attain improved security on the Red Sea egress to the Indian Ocean; 6,181 more words


What Peace? State Disorders and Non-State Orders

World disorder is not only coming from weak, fragile and failed states that are unable to govern themselves effectively. Indeed, in such contexts, gaps in political representation, legitimacy, effectiveness and efficiency, as well as dignity do exist. 82 more words


Why China Thinks It Can Build A Utopian World Order

Beijing believes that its superior civilization provides the leadership with the necessary skills to lead mankind in the process of building a utopian world order, known by Chinese since ancient times as… 6 more words


Win or Lose?

In some days we lose but we don’t think of the things we have gained. And in the days we win, we don’t think of what we are losing. 65 more words


Putin & Co. Continue to Defy Khazarian Threats

Only a few weeks ago, Vladimir Putin admitted that he’s too young to retire yet, and has recently expressed his unwavering opposition to any “attempts at disrupting the strategic balance around the world,” in what could be his and the Russian people’s continuing defiance to Khazarian threats worldwide. 2,256 more words


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Nimrod's Big Idea

Confusion reigned now crowned by terror of misunderstanding
Questions were rewarded with stares of incomprehension
Some thought it a joke-this unintelligible play-acting
But this derision midwifed the birth of mirthless frustration… 226 more words