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Conflict in High Resolution


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Follow the Tropic of Cancer from West to East (or East to West, let’s not discriminate), and you’ll encounter many of the ongoing conflicts of our time, or at the very least parties to those conflicts. 867 more words


19 August 2019

Zachary Karabell has written a fascinating essay for Foreign Affairs which addresses the demographic decline affecting many of the states in the world. Global population is still predicted to increase to about 10 billion by the middle of the century, but several countries, like Germany and Japan, but also countries like China and India, are experiencing fertility rates less than replacement. 221 more words

World Politics

18 August 2019

For the 11th weekend in a row, protesters mobbed the streets of Hong Kong, and the number of protesters seemed to be the largest so far. 490 more words

World Politics

17 August 2019

The Economic Policy Institute has published its report on the compensation of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in the United States. The data confirm the trend toward economic inequality: 194 more words

World Politics


The year 2019 had observed lot of major events across the globe. The Great Britain exit policy from the European Union as BREXIT, the struggles which led to the same, the continued effort to create and maintain International Relationships are all prime focus for the Great nation England. 2,030 more words


16 August 2019

The Trump Administration has announced its intention to sell $8 billion of weaponry, including F16 fighter jets, to Taiwan. The sale has to be approved by Congress, but China has make it clear that it strongly opposes the sale. 475 more words

World Politics