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School: Religions/Traditions of the World

I am a student at University of Phoenix Online and I am currently in the Religion class which takes you around the world understanding different religions and traditions of the world. 791 more words


The Oaxaca Mission Trip

Just to update everyone who prayed and supported the Oaxaca Mission Trip, it was worth it. We saw very fertile grounds for the gospel. Our days were spent in one-on-one Evangelism, VBS, and Open Air Preaching. 77 more words


Christianity Part Two: Analysis

In the 21st century, many things have changed since Christianity’s  humble beginnings. Since it began as a Jewish sect in the mid-1st century, its followers have had countless hurdles to overcome as a “new’ faith. 279 more words

World Religions

World Religions - Islam

World Religions – Islam

Basic beliefs of Islam:

Muslims have six main beliefs.


Reflections on the Golden Rule: A Journalist's Guide

The guiding principles I, as a journalist, will focus on is the idea of minimizing harm and seeking the truth. I believe these principles, when fused with the Golden Rule, serve as a strong moral compass to guide me in my journalistic endeavors. 477 more words


Symbols of Faith. . .and Beyond

Our world is filled with symbols of religion and faith.  Here are some of the most popular

(people will defend them, fight over them, divide communites and even kill or die for these): 129 more words