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Embodied Spirituality

“You do not have to be good,” says poet Mary Oliver.

You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. 1,970 more words

Sermons And Homilies

Islamic View on Jesus’ Crucifixion

Most Muslims do not believe that Jesus died by crucifixion (1). The Koran teaches that Jesus was not crucified (4:157) as Michael Fonner, writing for Journal of Ecumenical Studies, explains, “This view is held not only within popular Islam but among mainstream Islamic scholars” (2). 714 more words

World Religions

Multimedia: Videos for Teaching about Islam

We’re on a bit of kick looking for resources for teaching about Islam, maybe because we feel relatively ignorant ourselves. One of us lived in Senegal, West Africa for a few months and became fascinated by the pause in the flow of daily university life as large crowds of students stopped and gathered for afternoon prayer. 280 more words

High School

The Gita is not the "Hindu Bible"

One of the pitfalls of the “world religions approach” is students’ understandable tendency to want to fit everything into a paradigm they already know. Understandable, because the approach itself developed on the foundation of 19th century scholars’ and colonialists’ efforts to do exactly the same thing: to locate the religious structures that corresponded to the ones they already knew – in essence, Christianity. 316 more words


Is There a Common Theme in All Religions?

Here is a Spiritual Conundrum submitted to Spiritual Insights for Everyday Life by a reader named Mike:

I believe in God. But I don’t really know why.

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Do We All Worship the Same God?

Do Muslims, Orthodox Jews, Christians, and believers of other faiths worship the same God? This is a question that is commonly raised today in several circles across the U.S. 913 more words


The Hadiths (Islamic Texts)

The Hadiths are traditions about alleged events and practices in the early Muslim community that were compiled in the first three centuries of Islamic history (1). 654 more words

World Religions