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Saw some really awesome Hamsa crystals and an incent holder at Tillys. I decided not to buy them because I feel that a large vibe of ignorance surrounds the symbolism of the Hamsa in that store. 17 more words


Photo Essay: Sacred Spaces Through the Lens of Muslim Harji


INTRODUCTION: A sacred space is any space or area that has been dedicated for a religious or sacred purpose. All world religions have places set aside that are treated as holy, and where individuals gather with utmost humility and respect to carry out prayers and rituals for spiritual development and growth. 3,885 more words

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Church of Maradona: The God Diego

The following Student Series! was for my Quarter on World Religions and has to be one of the coolest/strangest blog projects ever. I got a personal email from my student’s dad that he cannot shut up about this project and how proud he it of his work. 1,196 more words


The Muslim, Jesus’ Deity & Self-Concept, and Islam’s Catch 22 Situation.

The Motive Behind the Muslim’s Claim, and How the Muslim Views Jesus.

Muslims claim that they believe in Jesus. They praise him as a prophet of God, as sinless, as “the Messiah,” as “the Word of Allah” and as “the Spirit of God” (see Koran 3:45). 1,315 more words

World Religions

Scarboro Missions Interfaith Resources

Scarboro Foreign Missions Interfaith Resources

“The religious face of this planet is changing. At a dramatic pace, more and more regions of the world are becoming environments of multi-culture and multi-faith. 61 more words

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Why People Don't Like Christians - Part 1

Christians aren’t very popular these days. Never have been, really. This is no mystery, for people who have called themselves Christians have given the world… 990 more words

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The 3 Motives of Islamic Jihad (The Jihadi Triangle).

Islamic commentator, and former atheist turned Christian apologist, David Wood explains that there are three factors involved in jihad (1); the waging of war against unbelievers. 610 more words

World Religions