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Must I Believe In Jesus?

By Hyuna Franklin

Today, I would like to continue to write about what I promised in my last post (“Mere Christianity” by C. S. Lewis… 3,550 more words


Where are the Western Religions West of?

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – the typical subjects of “western” world religions courses – originate geographically in south-western Asia, more or less. That’s considerably “east” of, say, Louisville, Kentucky if one were to, for instance, “travel to the Holy Land.” Where are they west of that makes them “western”? 36 more words


One True Religion?

Q: There are lots of religions in the world. So how can a Christian presume that his religion is the only right one?

A: Short answer: A Christian shouldn’t presume that. 659 more words


Revised Grade 11 Expectations

Religious Education: “Faith and Culture: World Religions” Grade 11 Expectations Revised 2010


In revising the expectations for Grade 11 Religious Education, the following changes have been made: 6,482 more words

World Religions

Rabbi David Rosen ...

A warm 1951 Club greeting to Rabbi David Rosen.

He was born in 1951 in Newbury, Berkshire and educated in England and Jerusalem. To say he was a busy man would be a slight understatement! 318 more words

Chat From The Author

Another Outline for "Western Religions"

I keep trying to organize the material in the introduction to the “western” world religions class I sometimes teach in a way that allows us to cover off the religion trivia/jeopardy questions (In “All About Abe” for $100: “Judaism, Christianity, and Islam” buzz “What are the Abrahamic religions?”) and still think about more general organizing concepts and talk about some things that really matter. 367 more words


Extremist Secular Fundamentalism

Almost a month ago I started a post with the following statement:

While one cannot live by “likes” alone, the number of likes against an article or a comment – or their absence – can be a telling indicator of a readership’s attitude.

575 more words