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Student Series! Islam & The Five Pillars

Today is the introduction to Islam in my Humanities class and they are reading an article on the Five Pillars. What a better day than to show case one of my previous student’s blog posts on that exact topic! 698 more words


Since there are many religions each with different beliefs, doesn't that prove that none of them is true?

I will answer from the perspective of a Buddhist who was raised Christian. Religion is a Western concept to describe the Abrahamic faiths. They are religions because they were revealed by God and are about obedience, faith and devotion. 1,343 more words


Have You Ever Wondered About the Beliefs of Other Major World Religions?

For example, what exactly is Hinduism? And what is the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite Muslim? Do you ever wish that you were better equipped to have a respectful conversation with people of different faith traditions about your own beliefs? 43 more words

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This Week on Triogenius: First Amendment Rights: Freedom of Religion

What does Freedom of Religion mean? Are there countries who don’t have this freedom?  Read more @ http://triogenius.blogspot.com/


Easter- a Christian holiday with Pagan roots?

Another Easter has passed. Filled with bunnies, eggs (both chocolate and decorated hard-boiled) and baskets. As we well know that according to Christian tradition Easter is known as the day of Resurrection for Jesus Christ. 622 more words

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Contemporary Paganism turns the big 50!

John Halsteed, writing in the Huffington Post, comments on the modern Pagan movement which started in the 1960’s both in the US and in the UK. 362 more words

Pagan Beliefs