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What Would You Do If...?

Today’s topic is theoretically hypothetical. I’ll let you figure out what I mean by that.

Suppose you go to your favorite shopping area. It can be an outdoor shopping center or an indoor mall. 677 more words

As I Come Singing

Generalizations About Religion

Something I see very commonly is people making generalizations about religion. These generalizations rarely, if ever, apply to religion as a whole, and frequently aren’t true for a large fraction of world religions. 1,118 more words


World Religion Video Clips

There are a few sites that have video clips that feature different world religions. These are excellent supplements to the Grade 11 World Religions courses. 42 more words

World Religions

Words of A Religion

Words of a religion

By Alexzandra Williams (English Major)

The act of communication has always been intriguing. Think about it… A person perceives something or some stimulus and interprets what he/she perceives. 561 more words


Scientific Subversion | Wesley J. Smith | First Things

Human exceptionalism was once considered a self-evident truth. No longer. For years, advocates for radical animal-rights agendas have sought to undermine the view of man as a species set apart. 915 more words

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Campaign 2016 changes the politics of religion | Miami Herald

The 2016 election is transforming the religious landscape of American politics.

It’s hard to imagine a Democratic presidential candidate receiving a mid-campaign invitation to speak at the Vatican. 669 more words

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