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Remembering Huston Smith

Photo by Heidi M. Kettler

On December 30, the year 2016 claimed yet another of the world’s brightest lights with the passing of religion scholar Huston Smith. 195 more words

Bodhi Day—All the Enlightenment in All the World

Today is Bodhi Day. It marks the day when the Buddha attained enlightenment while sitting under the Bodhi tree. Today is a day for meditation, reflection, and spiritual peace. 458 more words


Soul Bites the News: U.S. Religious Geography

The other night I saw this fascinating article on religious geography floating around social media. Among other data, it features a United States map showing which religions are most prominent in which parts of the country. 298 more words


Field Guide to Forbidden Food: The Pomegranate

I imagine that even if God hadn’t forbidden Adam and Eve to eat of the fruit, which we are assuming for the purposes of this post was a pomegranate, they would have gotten about three seconds into an attempt at gnawing their way through the leathery rind before ditching the high-maintenance nosh for something sweet and easy like, oh, say, apples. 467 more words


Christmas Day Notes on Las Posadas and the Inner Word

Growing up, I assumed that Jesus being born humble and everybody but the wicked city dwellers and innkeepers being joyful about it was pretty much all we were supposed to get from the Nativity story. 275 more words


Jewish Holidays: Hanukkah

***Disclaimer: I am not Jewish and have never personally celebrated Hanukkah but the information in this post was well-researched from the book Essential Judaism by George Robinson, … 472 more words