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"What is Truth?"

How we view truth

One of the characteristics of our culture is the belief that truth is relative—what’s true for you may not be true for me. 464 more words


Indigenous People's Day

The Native American Spirit

The Reverend Cynthia A. Frado led the congregation in a celebration of the wisdom of Native American Elders. With Rev. Frado, the congregation consecrated a Medicine Wheel and listened to the sound of the drum.   23 more words

Fatima, Miriam, and the Evil Eye

Fatima or “Shining One” was the name Muhammad and Khadijah gave their youngest daughter, born around 605 CE. A few years later, in a mountain cave just beyond their Arabian town of Mecca, Muhammad began receiving the revelations that would later become the Qur’an. 1,067 more words


Rejecting the Right God

It occurs to me that the “new atheists” are rejecting the wrong God. They are famous for saying that they don’t believe in the Christian God any more than they believe Zeus or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. 1,652 more words


Catholics in Hollywood

Last night, through a serendipitous reconnection with an old colleague, I was able to nab a ticket to a movie premiere.

Before I get into that, though, I’d like to offer a disclaimer of sorts. 546 more words

Inktober - The World of Harmony Art


We are divided at our every level of existence, yet we work so relentlessly to achieve a harmony so brittle! Cast, creed, religion and to add upon them the national boundaries. 88 more words