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Let's Talk About Mormonism

Before I launch into this post, I need to share some background info. Several years ago I made several new friends, and I realized that they were Mormons as I got to know them better over time. 3,103 more words

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Restlessness – defined as “the inability to rest or relax as a result of anxiety or boredom.”

I do not find myself experiencing a form of deep inner restlessness. 1,712 more words

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Biblical expert: Russia creating end-times ‘beast’

The United States and Russia are engaged in a geopolitical contest over the Islamic Republic of Iran – but both sides are losing, according to documentary filmmaker and New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson, who warns President Obama that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be empowering one of the great enemies of Israel predicted by the Bible. 1,241 more words

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My Advice for the Next Time You're Asked to Bake a Gay Wedding Cake - The Rush Limbaugh Show

There are rolling themes on this program.  There are umbrella items under which fall a number of, oh, stories and sub-ideas, sub-topics, if you will.  One of the themes of this program for its duration since we started, and actually predating this program going back to when I was in Sacramento, has been that the American left and the Democrat Party are engaged in an escalating — and it has been escalating year after year after year — attack on the institutions and traditions that have defined and made American greatness. 1,178 more words

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As part of our World Religions project, I took the upper level students  to visit a local mosque. The entire day was incredible. Imam Shah, gave us a tour of the mosque and showed us a film about Islam and Muslim beliefs. 250 more words


Sunday Message From Syria.

by Jerry Alatalo

After recently listening to an interview of Grand Mufti of Syria Dr. Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun by Father Dave Smith, the Syrian leader’s words were moving, so the interview became the focus of this post.   1,524 more words

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Has Christianity Failed in India? - Aleteia

In the Indian magazine Outlook, Tony Joseph recently sought to find Why Christianity Failed In India. That is a deeply troubling question for Christians anywhere, and all the more so given India’s vast importance in the world. 744 more words

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