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Party Like It's 1986


A mere 16 games into the season, the New York Mets have already done something, pardon my baseball pun, completely out of left field. But not in the normal “Mets” fashion. 867 more words


FTW combed through our extensive archives and scoured the Internet to come up with 101 sports facts that even die-hards fans probably did’t know, such as the attendance for Muhammad Ali’s first title fight to Michael Jordan’s minor-league paycheck to Michael Phelps’ status as his own country. 2,380 more words


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101 Incredible Sports Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

4/21/2015 Dodgers @ GIANTS Recap

The Giants won a game they needed to have, 6-2 over the hated Dodgers.

This is the best game the Giants have played so far this year, as they did everything right. 138 more words

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Bernie to make his retirement official 

Although he has not played a game in the major leagues since the end of the 2006 season and has already fallen off the Hall of Fame ballot, Bernie Williams has never officially announced his retirement as a player. 422 more words


(4.22 No.17. Part of 162 Baseball Poems)


Like a complicated military campaign
We gather sandwiches, coats, mitts, a baseball,
Cheese popcorn, Cracker Jack, bubble water, 230 more words


The Mets Are In First Place!

The New York Mets are in 1st place! That’s right, the New York Mets are in FIRST, with the best record in Baseball. Not just in their Division, the National League East, with the Atlanta Braves and ‘Da Nationals, but in all of Major League Baseball. 322 more words


162 Baseball Poems

This might be the dumbest idea I’ve ever had: I plan to write 162 baseball poems this baseball season. What’s the point of it, other than there are 162 baseball games in a major league team’s season? 2,654 more words