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Sal Yvars

Years spent eight years playing in the big leagues, breaking in with the New York Giants in 1947 and finishing with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1954. 138 more words


There is a wide belief that since “the wildcard era” has started, the best team doesn’t always win the World Series, and that the playoffs have become a “crapshoot”. 1,900 more words

Don Robinson

Robinson won 109 big league games and saved another 57 during 15 seasons spent pitching in the majors. His best year as a starter may well have been his first season in the majors. 280 more words

10 Of My Favorite White Sox "Win Now" Acquisitions Of The Last Ten Years

Not that the good times are here yet for the White Sox, but sometimes it’s fun to look back at the REALLY dark times and laugh. 1,496 more words


Should the Yankees Go After Phil Hughes?

Phil Hughes was designated for assignment by the Minnesota Twins Tuesday morning. Hughes has had an awful beginning of the season posting a 6.75 earned run average in two games started and seven total appearances. 257 more words


MLB Playoff Predictions At (Near) The Season's One-Third Point

If you’re a Dodgers fan you probably thought back in March that an article like this would be fun to read. No dice, my friend. I suppose that’s why preseason predictions are such a crap-shoot; and heck, you might as well throw one-third-of-the-way predictions in there as well. 1,466 more words


Del Unser

Unser played for 15 years in the big leagues, breaking in with the Washington Senators in 1968 and finishing with the Philadelphia Phillies in 1982. He finished second in the Rookie of the Year vote in his first year with Washington. 165 more words