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Eating Around The World

When people hear the word “EPCOT,” they generally think of the giant “golf ball,” countries located around a lake, Soarin’ or Test Track. This blog is going to just focus on the World showcase and how to conquer it. 300 more words


Drinking Around The World: Being Messy in Disney World

It was spring. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the flowers were blooming, and I was hammered.

Epcot, one of the parks of Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is known for it’s two distinct sections: Future World, which is dedicated to science and progress, and the World Showcase, which is a circle of 11 pavilions all representing a different country. 1,624 more words


Love Pours Out For All in WDW's Hall of Famers!

Stunning response, my friends!  Simply phenomenal.  What an outpouring of love you displayed yesterday!  Both of All in WDW’s “Hall of Fame” members have your undeniable support. 121 more words


Look Out! It's an Off Kilter Frozen Maelstrom!

Huh!  What in Walt Disney World are you talking about, Bob?  Off Kilter?  Frozen?  Maelstrom?!

OK.  So, it’s not all about food here at All in WDW, now, is it?   300 more words


Epcot Food and Wine is my favorite Epcot festival. It’s the perfect time to enjoy what World Showcase is really about — experiencing different cultures — through food. 1,171 more words


Menu Update: Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Prices always go up, don’t they, everyone?  Especially in Disney, eh?  Hah!  The question becomes … is it (whatever “it” is) worth the extra dollar or two? 177 more words


Morocco Moments

Scenes from the exotic Morocco Pavilion at Disney World’s EPCOT World Showcase are shown here without comment except to say that the fez-wearing camel has got to be a favorite.