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There's No Flu Like An Old Flu

I’m not done moaning about my virus. I still don’t feel good enough to do anything constructive so I’m filling in my time… I found that watching the news was too heartbreaking. 401 more words

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It's a Setup

The world is careening into an impossible situation. Even its supernatural puppet masters are getting themselves into an impossible mess. This has all been planned long ago by the wise Master, who’s watching the wisest of the wise and the greatest of the great demonstrate their very rebellious best, until their deceiving and deceived cosmic kingdom of “peace and security” turns into a nightmare, and he steps in with his anointed son Jesus to show how easily things can be so much better.

Getting into the Spirit of Things

I’m hoping to get into the spirit of things. Of anything. Right now I’m so worn down by life and Life that I need to go back to bed, pull the covers up to my nose and stay there. 561 more words

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It’s Saturday morning. I have had a full week, being the support person for my husband who is going through Proton radiation at Loma Linda. That’s another story, which I’m about ready to share. 341 more words

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Leaving Yad Va Shem

Though in the background the shadow people linger,
six million and more of them,
Here we stand, three generations:
the present moving toward the future. 57 more words

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