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In Memory: Anniversary of the Sewol Ferry

It seems like yesterday, but it’s already been a full year since the accident that had all of Korea in simultaneous uproar, frenzy, and despair. 887 more words


A Day With Ghosts: Visiting the Cambodian Genocide Museum and the Killing Fields

Last we left off, Ricky and I had arrived at our hostel and, with the aidĀ of our extremely helpful concierge, had hired a tuktuk driver for the day. 3,058 more words


Marks of the World

You know you’re a world traveler when you have five different types of money in your wallet.

That would be Japanese yen, Korean Won, Australian Dollars, Canadian change, and 5 Chinese zhongguo renmin yinhang (though that last one’s a cheat, I got it in my coins when I bought groceries down te street ^ ^).