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In Memory: Anniversary of the Sewol Ferry

It seems like yesterday, but it’s already been a full year since the accident that had all of Korea in simultaneous uproar, frenzy, and despair. 887 more words


A Day With Ghosts: Visiting the Cambodian Genocide Museum and the Killing Fields

Last we left off, Ricky and I had arrived at our hostel and, with the aidĀ of our extremely helpful concierge, had hired a tuktuk driver for the day. 3,058 more words


Marks of the World

You know you’re a world traveler when you have five different types of money in your wallet.

That would be Japanese yen, Korean Won, Australian Dollars, Canadian change, and 5 Chinese zhongguo renmin yinhang (though that last one’s a cheat, I got it in my coins when I bought groceries down te street ^ ^).


When I think about all the sacrifices I did to pay my car, then I see images such as this one, I can’t help but feel outraged (see… 548 more words


First Sick Day

So yesterday I had to take my first sick day since arriving here. Although I was really nervous about taking one (it was a Friday so I didn’t want to seem like I was just trying to get a long weekend out of it), it was ultimately necessary. 259 more words


I LOVE THIS: Digital Theatre

I’ve just downloaded the ‘Digital Theatre’ app, which allows you to rent / buy recordings of theatre productions from all over the UK. Some of your set plays are on there, as well as most of those on the wider reading lists. 26 more words

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