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For What Do We Stand?

For if there is no God, then what is there to live for? What reason is there to try? What hope do you have to look forward to? 340 more words


As I watch science-oriented presentations—yes, that’s spelled Y-o-u-T-u-b-e—I realize opinions based on faith and/or ignorance are worth what you pay for them … But, I detect a pattern in scientific research. 57 more words


My Hope Quotient

On a continuum from pessimism to optimism, I come down pretty consistently on the positive side. I’m not saying I’m the “cockeyed optimist” in the song from… 158 more words

I Do Not Want To Own The World

You always told me
how you were going to
give me the world but
I kept trying to tell you
that I did not want… 12 more words


Trying to BE STILL and WAIT

We live in an increasingly fast-paced world. With rapid changes in technology, we now live in an environment where everything we need is at our fingertips. 1,027 more words


Truth and Lies

A proper lie does not simply contradict the truth, it redirects it.


If I were to stand in front of you flapping my arms and say “HEY LOOK! 1,398 more words