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By: S. Davis


I see you America. I see exactly what you’re saying in attacking Colin Kaepernick’s right to protest (quietly) by refusing to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner.” As an American citizen he has the right to stand (or sit) for his beliefs, regardless of whether it’s popular or not. 1,428 more words

World View

Are some parts of the world gradually waking up to the value of older people?

For years I have been advocating that older people are a bonus in our society, not merely an expense and finally parts of Australia seem to be waking up to this, albeit from the expense aspect. 470 more words

World View

each tiny globe
contained a new perspective
of the world unabridged


An Open Letter to the World I Live In

Growing up, the world was a lot different. I’m sure my parents could say the same thing. And my grandparents, and their parents, and so on and so forth. 926 more words

Burkini ban-wrong answer to the wrong question

Secularist France has been in the news recently for some local bans of full length swimming costumes called ‘Burkinis’.

See for example this item in… 330 more words

Bad Religion

Orientating our Positions

I recently watched a debate between two prominent individuals on whether homosexual unions are beneficial to society. No it wasn’t Carter and Ford but the pictured worker well and thankfully it was a friendly enough debate. 1,403 more words


The Morality of Belief

Perhaps a good follow-up for my initial post would be to continue to lay some sort of foundation. In this case, I’d like to set up the context for future posts posing a very important question that seems to get unasked and, therefore, unanswered in today’s culture. 589 more words

World View