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Dualism Part 1

The world can be divided into things that are harmful and benign. We get so used to this on/off perspective that we forget there is an in between. 98 more words


The Making of 'The Making of Modern White English Women - a handbook'

I’ve just submitted my third novel to Unbound, and as you know, it’s working title was Baking Cakes for Winston Churchill. I’d submitted it to Cornerstones, and it came back in January 2015 needing revision and resuscitation, as usual. 3,119 more words


Window On The World

Do you know that you have a window on the world?  Your two eyes are that window through which you view it.  I challenge you today to consider, first of all, what you are seeing and secondly, how you are seeing.  1,013 more words


# Day 131 (A '5 Cs' world-view)

In the spirit of reducing everything to a quick numerical tally for its easy recall value, a conversation the other day was trying to identify the most defining-characteristics of the world in this millennium. 679 more words

Exploring Life Themes

Religion and the Personification Cycle: Morning Thoughts of an Indie Documentary Director

This Blog was intended to begin housing the musings, rants, and ramblings that resulted from the filmmakers research and performing the intense ceremonies of the Lakota. 378 more words


World view takes you into outerspace via balloon

For $75,000 USD, tuscon-based world view enterprises can bring you 30 km (18.6 miles) above the earth’s surface in a capsule lifted via high-altitude balloon for a suborbital spaceflight. 136 more words


Barriers and Boundaries in Life

Many know what is the “right” or “honourable” thing to do, in life, yet they prevent themselves from doing it. They may wish to do something about “it” but all sorts of mental constructs get in the way. 501 more words