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This is for all the weirdos, the freaks, the nerds, the geeks, the preps, the glams, the goths, the yogis, the gurus… It’s pretty much for everyone, because that’s the kind of party this world can be. 1,523 more words


My view from the cheap seats

I went to a concert recently that I had been dying to attend for years. When I found out they were coming here, I told my wife that we have to go. 484 more words

No Tunnel Vision Here

When I’m not actively involved in care-giving activities or trying-to-sleep activities or housekeeping activities, I use the news from different carriers to find out what the neighbors in the ‘hood, the state, country and world are doing. 265 more words

World View


Now, let’s get past all the political lies and fake news and deal with science, which is the real truth! Trappist-1 . Not a name that you would think of as a star that would have 7, Count them 7 earth size planets orbiting it! 619 more words

World View

Beware of False Cookies

A little Wednesday wisdom from way back when. This post was first published in June of 2011. 

The Chinese Restaurant

This afternoon, after Sunday morning services, we went to a Chinese restaurant.

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General Observations

Of facts and Speculation... and of Mice and men...

This is a story of Facts and Speculation, Not fake news. This is not to deceive, but to speculate on some things that have been proven, and point out some things that are unknown… 1,189 more words


Thru The Eyes Of Jen

So I’ve always enjoyed writing as a kid.  But I seemed to have abandoned it once I got older.  But I’ve recently started to pick it up again so I guess by creating this blog this is a step in that direction.  123 more words