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Can It Be That Simple?

Me vs. You

Us vs. Them

This is how it starts.

This is how it escalates.

This is where we have the ability

To be different than anyone else in history. 63 more words

Life Chatter

Stupid Girl - Garbage

Is she stupid if she doesn’t buy into our well constructed argument?

When we have an idea that she doesn’t see the value in, we blame her for not understanding. 107 more words


Refugees and the Gospel of Christ 1


I read this quote, “It is easier to preach God and Country, than Christ and Him crucified.” I think this has been demonstrated in the aftermath of the attacks on Paris. 814 more words


Our Stained Souls

Our Stained Souls
By Bernadette A. Moyer

Our shared humanity and yet so many of us have a stained soul, I read posts on social media and my head just spins. 1,068 more words

Skills to think with a broad mind

Students This Way: At a small temple, with a beautiful garden, in the middle of a residential area that I stumbled upon in Nagoya, Japan. The sigh says “Sutra Lesson Come This Way to Join” 873 more words


What About The Workers? By Trevor Plumbly

Labour pains

I’ve always voted Labour, partially due to my background, but mainly because its basic aims seem more laudable than those of their Tory counterparts. 500 more words

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