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Abide By Your Own Rules

Why would you want to abide by the rules of the world?

Who have those rules actually helped?

Society says you must do this, must have that, must look this way, must accept values you don’t believe in. 304 more words

Ashley M Dais

Time To Cut the Grass

You are invited to visit the First Church of Corinth Sundays at 9:00 a.m. Come and see strange sights, hear weird noises, and observe bizarre behaviors. 502 more words
Church Age


Three days ago he checked the list hanging on the wall of his room. He was shocked how the neatly and legibly scripted plans of his, stared back at him, penetrating through his eyes with a big hit on his memory cell. 487 more words

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Why isn't God more fancy?

This is a follow-up to last week about wonder. Why is it that we are able to look at the wonder of our galaxy and conclude that the “Truth is out there”but we are equally as unwilling to carry that notion over to perhaps the answer being God? 1,142 more words


Sufficiently Curious

Psalm 19 says that creation speaks and that should teach us something.

1 The heavens declare the glory of God, 1,166 more words
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The global view of the TPP...

So Trump won. I had been joking about moving to Canada if he won, knowing that he would not, but, as the weeks got closer, I saw Hillary’s fragility in two ways.

1,753 more words


There was an old wealthy man with many companies. He has a vibrant, energetic and a loving son. Being the only son, the love of this man was beyond measure but he never allowed the whole essence of his wealth to sink into this young man of his. 838 more words

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