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Wired for Problems

Understanding our own behavioral styles is essential to our long-term success. Knowing that you have a tendency to follow the rules, or that you can connect with others helps you leverage those strengths in your style (maybe you have a passion for finance or you are great at sales). 363 more words

Random Thoughts


Little gifts go overlooked,

While bigger things get the glory.

Hugs instead of hurt move along like clouds,

Fascism…rascism…there are no endings to these stories. 102 more words


The President of the United States of America – The Pressures

Living in London and observing what is currently going on in The United States has made me consider what it must be really like being the President. 402 more words


Earth's Final Warning...

The events which are transpiring today are warnings to the world.  We are living in the closing chapter of this earth’s history.  War, famines, natural disasters, moral decay, crime and the destruction of the earth are all signs which point directly to the soon coming of Christ.  1,113 more words


It's That Important?

Three continents within three hours and hundreds of people dead or injured.

How can the only thing people do is argue over marriage and flags? How? 74 more words

I Know Where You Dwell...

Growing up my mother would ask me where I went or what I did, knowing full well what I did, just to see if I would tell her the truth. 1,835 more words


A Christian Worldview in Death Note

Many forces and views work to shape the world we live in. Moral questions, politics, and personal goals turn society away from a God centered world. 953 more words