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I Used to Want to Save the World

By Kadee Taylor

The captivating opening and closing monologue made the new Wonder Woman film instantly relatable for me. I’ve dedicated a lot of my time to nonprofit organizations that I’m passionate about. 664 more words

World View

Visit The Barber?

By: S. Davis

Funny how in the aftermath of the Michael Vick interview with Jason Whitlock people are now jumping behind a guy that was maligned for his play as a quarterback and the decisions he made on and off the field of play. 881 more words


Democrats vs Republicans, is your political party affiliation worth the demise of your relationships?

Democrats today say the donkey is smart and brave, while Republicans say the elephant is strong and dignified. Albeit, both can be true, the resulting damage of having to choose can be detrimental to relationships, business associates, and basic respect between party affiliates. 469 more words

Life Inspiration

Traveling Isn't What You Think

Traveling is so much more than the expectations that I had. I was so ready to go abroad for the first time and have an easy, fun experience. 1,300 more words


Moving Forward

What is our role in this life?


If there is no God then what hope is there? The world will rest on your shoulders alone. And what hope do we have of handling such a responsibility? 381 more words


Listening to What we See!

Henrietta’s Diary 2: Listening to What we See Can Help Us Overcome Social Deafness and Narrow Vision!

942 more words

Language And Worldview

The World To Me

I have a picture of me with my children.

It’s a picture someone took from behind us,

As we watched a parade.

Years from now, 92 more words

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