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Remembering Zoya

When Sean was two, we moved onto a street of duplex townhouses. There, we met our neighbors, Wajahat and Mariam, and their daughters, Maria, and Zoya. 1,175 more words


a zebra's scorn

when i am on the road for long,
and time drags on, all i am left
with are these musings and
one of which
my soul aches for. 157 more words


The MagPie's Reflection: Connecting and Disconnecting in Radical Unschooling

The MagPie is at the core of who I really am in this journey. It is a name given me by my late Dad, someone who modeled qualities that I aspire towards – acceptance, depth of philosophy, and inward reflection. 1,179 more words


Weather Weapons are Real, They Have a Treaty to Regulate Them

There is still a sizable portion of our society who cannot grasp the reality of weather altering devices and technologies which have made us all unsure about which weather is real, and which ones a… 12 more words

Big Business

Thanks God for Officer Duncan - Part 4

This incident is a little out of chronological order. It actually happened a few years ago, and the more I wrote about my experiences, the more it seemed to weigh on my mind as one of the worst I’ve experienced. 919 more words


Challenge your Challenges

Have you ever had a moment where you see something that makes you reflect back on your life and you realize how far you have come? 396 more words

On Being "Woke"

What does it mean to be awake? Does it mean that we are simply conscious of reality around us? Within the last year I heard for the first time the phrase of being “woke”. 774 more words

Race Issues