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How's the weather?

You know when you sit there for ages trying to get your thoughts in a line so you can write a blog post? Everything just seems to keep spinning around and suddenly your head has turned into come kind of weather station, with this hurricane of words just circling and circling. 205 more words


Happy Earth Day 2018

Embracing Diversity

Let’s face it, I have a wide variety of people who follow this blog. They range from the ultra-right-wing conservative branches of the political and religious spectrum to the left-wing, tree-hugging,  tofu-eating, god-hating leftist trolls who do nothing all day but listen for billy goats to cross their pitiful bridges. 584 more words

General Observations

Homeschooling and the World

We homeschool. This puts in a strange place within our society — a good place I believe, but not always understood. I wrote this piece below, in a slightly different form, several years ago (before we entered the Catholic Church) in response to a tendency I see within the homeschooling world, and which I feel is still relevant today. 2,328 more words

Christian Life

A Brief Sketch of What I Believe

I’m quite confident in saying that every single one of us believes in something, some sort of truth to the universe we have found ourselves living in. 1,618 more words

Comparative Religion

Gender vs World View

I had no idea gender could impact something as common and ordinary as giving directions. I now realize, it does. Though I’ve always claimed to know that men and women see the world differently, it never occurred to me such differences would cause me any grief. 600 more words


Kith and kin

The spring rains Come riding the Slashing trade winds Out of the depths     Of far Oceania today. Long movements of Nature, orchestrated,     E… 66 more words
The Chronicles Of Pick

When the Bottom Drops Out

The most important insight, I believe, the post-modern offers is the idea that the meta-narratives we inhabit cannot be proven true by empirical/scientific methods or indubitable foundations.  1,168 more words