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British WW1 Old Contemptible 1914

A pencil sketch and painting of the Grenadier Guards in 1914. The reference came from Laurent Mirouze excellent book of photographs reproducing uniforms of WW1. 8 more words


French Infantry (Poilu) 1916

French infantry charging – copied from the great Joe Colquoun Charleys War comic book/graphic novel (Blues story episode). Drawn in pencil and then scanned, filtered and colours in photoshop as usual.



Indian soldier charging (taken from a photo of Indian soldiers in bayonet practise). Drawn in pencil (HB and B) and then scanned. Coloured in Photoshop and also filtered to look black and white /noir comic style


Jodhpur Lancer 1915

A pencil drawing of a Jodphur Lancer 1915. Than scanned and quickly coloured in Photoshop. Not quite sure the proportions look right but worked from a photograph and concentrated on negative space.


Indian soldier based on drawing by Paul Sarrut

Paul Sarrut drew the Indian soldiers when they were based in Marseille in WW1. This picture is based on one if his sketches.


Indian Solder WW1

A pencil drawing of an Indian Soldier from WW1 copied from an Osprey book by Mike Chappell. Coloured in Photoshop.