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Trump’s Latest Tweet Warns Of Coming War: “China’s Help With North Korea Has Not Worked Out”

By Mac Slavo – SHTFplan.com

There’s a reason we’ve suggested that concerned Americans stock up on anti-radiation pills and CBRN rated Gas Masks and if President Trump’s latest tweet is any guide then time is running short. 467 more words

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I just read that a Russian fighter jet buzzing a US spyplane in international airspace.  While it’s kind of scary and all that, it’s really pretty awesome and totally braggadocios.  22 more words

NDE: Jesus warns 10 yr. old about WW3 & the Demonic invasion After

10 yr. Old Jeremy Taken to Heaven, told of Future Events (Shocking!)

10 year old Jeremy was taken to Heaven and told of difficult times ahead. 93 more words


How the World Wide Web works

Today I am writing about how the Internet/World Wide Web works. Most people refer to the “World Wide Web” as the Web. This, I guess you would call it, ”system” is used to pull information from websites around the world and display it on your computer screen. 265 more words


Scary predictions about World War III and future of USA concern people

When it comes to predictions and prophecies, most of us are skeptics. However, there are some very grim predictions about the year 2017 which have concerned a lot of people. 361 more words


Vladimir Putin (Kike) Warns Against WW3


You don’t need a crystal ball to see World War 3 coming.

Neither does Putin.

With years of warnings, and his pleas for a US-Russia partnership ignored, Putin created the “Ivanov Doctrine” allowing for a “defensive” first use of nukes. 823 more words

The Jewish Problem