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“The stand down code which is fairly simple, goes like this – EVERYTHING THAT IS HAPPENING HERE ON EARTH – YOU CHOSE! YOU WANTED THIS! – YOU CONTRACTED FOR THIS! 84 more words


will the united states arm ukraine?

It appears there’s been some buzz going around lately that could result in a massive outbreak in war if things proceed to go the way they’re going so far. 203 more words


Overt Threats Of Nuclear Attack By Russia Help No-One

AN ISSUE OVERDUE for discussion involves Russian President Vladimir Putin’s remarks that had Russia been confronted militarily over its annexation of Crimea or its mischief in Ukraine, it was ready to use nuclear weapons; now, Russia threatens nuclear attacks on Denmark if it aligns more closely with NATO. 1,797 more words

How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

The Cold War ended over two decades ago, and many people have never lived under the shadow of nuclear and radiological threats. Still, a nuclear attack is a very real threat. 3,790 more words

Survive A Nuclear Attack

The Prime Minister Of Turkey Is Now Having Talks About Invading Jerusalem, In A Major World War


By Walid and Theodore Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)
A major talk was organized in Konya the birth place of Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoğlu and in his presence before a jubilant crowd shouting in Nazi style Davutoğlu can be seen elated at the statements spoken by the leader of Hamas, Khalid Mashal. 534 more words

Daily News

World War 3! Just Add Weapons.

Any reader of this blog will know that I am trying, in my own small way, to warn the people of the USA, my country, that we are risking starting World War 3, by pushing this civil war in Ukraine. 2,087 more words