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World War III Alert: Russian Opponent of Putin Assassinated in Center of Moscow

Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was shot to death today in the center of Moscow. The body was not yet cold when Western media began to insinuate that Russian President Vladimir Putin had seen to it that his rival was dispatched via the gun. 133 more words


It’s hard to find a decent store-bought choccy sauce. Hersey’s cheap, compound extraction tastes very similar to ¬†disappointment (like having sex with a blow up doll, and after you’ve cum, acknowledging that you’ve just has sex with piece of plastic, that for the most part, shares little resemblance to a human-being). 227 more words

Pre-War Propaganda, Rock Musicians and Christian Websites

Christian writer Ted Nugent:


“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 772 more words

End Time Deception

Peace? Ukraine "Preparing For Full-Scale War" With Russia, Demands The West Supply Lethal Weapons

The map above shows that the eastern Ukraine is inhabited by a majority of people who speak Russian. The map below shows that the capital of the Ukraine is located in Kiev. 406 more words

World War 3

There are so many wars going on that we cannot see, because we only focus on what they are showing us. For instance: the hundred year war against our country (Structural), the internal governmental war (Fractional), the war between us and our creations (Survival), the worldly wars fought in the name of freedom and safety (Business), the wealth based blood line wars (Monetary), the technology and information wars (Power Based) and most importantly the war to end all wars; the war of humanity (Truth). 100 more words

In Search Of Truth

Pax romana part 7

She was led out of the court room and returned to the lock up. Green saw the whole event.
“Soon the beginning of my revenge! Well andrea you are an inocent. 939 more words

Star Trek