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Feb-11: A Day of Great Consequence and Sorrow

A Day of Great Consequence and Sorrow

Three events that reshaped the world – the Yalta Conference, the Iranian Revolution and the release of Nelson Mandela – occurred on this day, along with the untimely deaths of Sylvia Plath and Whitney Houston. 210 more words


Japanese Soldiers Cannibalised US Airmen On Chichi Jima, WWII

This  is from War History OnLine.

The Japs were as brutal as the Nazis but were not held to the same accountability standards.

The Japanese island of Chichi Jima lies in the Pacific Ocean, about 150 miles north of Iwo Jima. 407 more words

The Death of a Lady: The USS Lexington (CV-2) at the Battle of the Coral Sea, Part III: Battle Report

Today’s post is written by David Langbart, Archivist at the National Archives at College Park.

This is the third, and final, in a series of posts… 290 more words

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Review: A Week in Paris by Rachel Hore

The Blurb

A captivating story of love, courage and survival set in wartime Paris and the early 1960s, by the bestselling author of The Silent Tide… 424 more words


World War II Sweethearts Reunite After 7 Decades Apart

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True love may get sidetracked and even separated but it never dies.

Though their lives diverged more than seven decades ago, Norwood Thomas, 93, and Joyce Morris, 88, never forgot each other. 225 more words


Some things that happened during the century in which I was born

Thirty-two countries are involved in a global conflict dubbed “the war to end all wars,” then nearly twice that many play roles in a Second World War • Technological inventions include television and the internet, allowing people separated by great distances to see and interact with each other • Once satisfied to set foot on new continents, mankind plants its flag on The Moon and sends machines to other planets • I discover the power of words, writing poetry for friends, strangers, family, and love

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