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In Praise of Cowardice

Emily Meg Weinstein | Longreads | December 2017 | 22 minutes (5,522 words)

For Ruth Weisenfeld Diamond (1921-2014) and Samuel Meyer Diamond (1919-2008)


First, it came for my grandfather, then for my grandmother. 5,896 more words


December 18, 1941

Thursday, December 18, 1941

Christmas is one week from today. The excitement of children grows and the scurrying of adults increases. Imagine this date in 1941, however. 642 more words


Depth Perception (1943-1944)

Among the many qualities required of every aspiring airman in the Army Air Force in World War II was the ability to distinguish the distance relationship between two similar but abstract nearby objects—that is, to say which is closer and which farther without clues from the nature of the objects themselves or from their surroundings.  1,368 more words

World War II

Entertainment Out This Week: Dunkirk Edition (18/12/17)

All the new entertainment (Games, Music, DVDs and Blu-Ray) that will be out and available this week (18/12/17 to 22/12/17) in most stores near you (England). 44 more words


Friends - Rusty Writes to Ced - Pictures From Their Trek Around Alaska - Dec., 1943

Palmer, Alaska

Dec. 21, 1943

Dear Ced,

The enclosed line will perhaps make you feel more welcome at the lovely home of the Stoll’s in Seattle and you will see there the beautiful Sylvia. 418 more words


On to Victory!

I have decided to play a solo campaign of Chain of Command using Joseph Legan’s wonderful book Platoon Forward available at Too Fat Lardies.  … 568 more words