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An Interview with Don Massenzio

Believe me, this on-line interview was an interesting experience. It was done by an accomplished writer, Mr. Don Massenzio. He ‘invented’ a couple of very imaginative detectives for his first book, “Frankly Speaking” and, you guessed it, his book found readers who liked it so much that those two detectives are now appearing in a series. 76 more words

Lots of Love, Daddy

The second volume of World War II letters is finally available for purchase on Amazon. Titled Lots of Love, Daddy, this book covers the letters written by Roscoe and Gladys during the fall of 1942. 50 more words


Nice, September 26th, 2016

A colleague from school had asked me to join him and ten students from his French class for a trip on the French Riviera. I knew Nice a little bit, but no other place he had planned to visit with the class. 1,216 more words


Hitler was on cocaine and his troops were on meth: Author reveals deep influence of drugs in Nazi Germany

By late 1944, Nazi Germany was facing Allied armies to the west and six million Soviets to the east. Overhead, Allied planes were hitting Germany with near-constant city-leveling bombing raids. 1,487 more words


How to eat bugs

Thursday, Sept. 28, 1944

I’ll bet Daddy is sorry he told the family about how I ate a dead bee. He’s been besieged by grandparents and other family about the whole flap. 149 more words

World War II

Who was the real "Rosie The Riveter"?

Udah pernah liat poster diatas sebelumnya? Buat kalian yang udah pernah liat, pernah gak sih kalian bertanya-tanya, siapa sih cewek yang ada disitu? Dan buat kalian yang belum pernah liat, kalian pasti bingung apa sih maksud dari poster tersebut? 517 more words

Rosie The Riveter

rescuing the innocent...stories from the Holocaust for ages 6-14

Easily the most common focus in children’s literature about WWII, The Holocaust is an urgent, yet difficult historical event to present to young children.

Today’s titles suit a variety of ages and emphasize the bravery of those who stood with the Jewish people at the risk of their own lives. 1,196 more words