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Trumbull - Dear Backsliders - Grandpa Responds to Marian - April 30, 1944

The letters I’ll be posting this week were written in the spring of 1944. Lad is at Camp Santa Anita training vehicle maintenance personnel, Dan is in London helping to plan for D-Day as a civil  engineer and surveyor, drawing maps for the invading forces, Ced is in Anchorage, Alaska, retrieving downed planes, repairing them and maintaining the fleet of airplanes for the Army, Dick is in Brazil as an MP and acting liaison between the Army and the local workers and Dave is at Camp Crowder, Missouri, finishing up advanced Basic Training. 708 more words


Military chaplains served the ones who served

Everyone knows the World War II photo of Marines raising the American flag on Iwo Jima. But few people talk about the chaplain who celebrated a Catholic Mass in the shadow of that historic event. 723 more words

Art & Culture

Reichbusters troops, transport and E-100

Quite some time ago I 3D printed a couple of vehicles that I was intending for use in the games of 7TV I ran at Hammerhead… 570 more words


Tuskegee Airmen Nurse Second Lt. Irma "Pete" Cameron Dryden Celebrates 100th Birthday

The contributions of the Tuskegee Airmen will forever be embedded in the fabric of American history. Second Lt. Irma “Pete” Cameron Dryden—the only living nurse who provided care for the military unit—recently celebrated her 100th birthday, … 380 more words


If The Bomb Drops, Baby

John Hersey

Avoidance is either a deep, deep strategy for living life, or a self-preservation mechanism.

Or maybe it’s both.

Born near the tail end of the… 1,222 more words


World War II, Pandemics and Tears

Obviously, in times of wars, epidemics and catastrophes – after the first shock waves subside – it is human nature to do one of many things… Tighten your belts and do whatever needs to be done in the given circumstances; hole up in any available safe place; have a nervous breakdown; or take a very deep breath and pick up a book/check the local cinema…I’m not being facetious here! 720 more words