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William Wellman's "Battleground"

World War II is one such event in the history of this planet that not only shook and bewildered everyone across the globe, it also presented us with millions of stories from millions who were affected either directly or indirectly. 460 more words


Our Story: from the D-Day Beaches to Rainy Strolls along the Seine

Some stories have a starting point that you don’t even realize is a starting point for sometimes as long as 70 years after the fact. 1,505 more words


60 Yanks = 1 Briton

Thursday, Jan 18, 1945

The numbers are startling: 332,912 ground forces killed since D-Day. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill says our men saved the Western Front when the Nazis burst out of Germany into Belgium. 115 more words

Jewish Life In America During WW II

The Good War

Howard Zinn was a bombardier in World War II. He flew B-17 missions over Germany, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. He didn’t like war, but he joined in the fight against Fascism because he believed this war was “a people’s war, a war against the unspeakable brutality of Fascism.” Unlike other wars, this war “was not for profit or empire”: 1,060 more words


Superman at War poster (1990)

This is a framed poster entitled Superman at War that was released in 1990.  The artwork revisited the idea of what if Superman got involved in World War II.  26 more words


Recovering the Experiences of the Black Greatest Generation

by Douglas Bristol

After conducting hundreds of hours of oral history interviews with Vietnam veterans, the Founding Director of the Dale Center, Dr. Andrew Wiest, persuasively argued in his… 1,102 more words

War And Society