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George Butterworth

Died on this day in 1916 at the Battle of the Somme. He was the most promising composer of his generation..


A quick side step

Even though I still have a lot of trips to process, I decided to make a little side step first. The reason for this is that I get asked a certain question quite often and that is that people wonder about me traveling these regions in France completely solo. 209 more words


First Class Boy Hero of Jutland

16-year old Jack Cornwell remained at his post manning a gun on the cruiser Chester. He was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.

Mortally wounded early in the action, he remained standing alone at a most exposed post, quietly awaiting orders, until the end of the action, with the gun’s crew dead and wounded all round him.

Social History

Easterweekend trip part 1

This march, during the Easter weekend, me and a good friend visited our favorite area again.

On the rainy/misty car ride in, it really helps to have good company on rides like this :-), we visited the new memorial museum at Fleury. 285 more words


The WRAF's In WWI.

A member of the Women’s Royal Air Force during the first world war on her motorbike now if all the members of the WRAF’s looked like this stunning women yeah I would have joined up as well.

Social History

Err Thanks!

Fanny McHugh (far left) and Adelaide Ballantine (far right) hand out event tickets to soldiers in London, during the First World War. The two women worked for the Young Men’s Christian Association; their job was to steer soldiers away from ‘vice’ (consorting with prostitutes). 38 more words

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Women Working In Munitions.

Women at work in a munition factory during the first world war.

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