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'Over The Top'

Life in the front line always carried an element of danger. The threat could be from snipers, shellfire or from taking part in a trench raid or a major offensive. 41 more words


Water And Mud.

Water and mud could be a problem in the trenches, particularly in the autumn and winter months. Wooden ‘duckboards’ were used to line the bottom of trenches and the sides were reinforced with sandbags. 19 more words

World War One

Trench Names.

Trenches came into widespread use in 1914 as a way for soldiers to protect themselves against the firepower of modern weaponry. Over time, they developed into huge networks. 39 more words


The Return.

New Zealanders return to Gallipoli by boat after a rest on the island of Lemnos. 13 more words


An Mule At Gallipoli.

An Indian driver loading a pack mule, Gallipoli,1915. 7 more words


The Fingers of Fate.

The Tightening Grip a brilliant propaganda postcard from the first world war it shows the Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany in the hand of the allied powers the gap clearly closing and showing his dominant defeat.


Christmas 1914

Stories of the unofficial truce between British and German troops on Christmas Day 1914, are now well‑known, and were known about at the time, through press reports and letters from the Front. 21 more words