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Liverpool remembers

A walk around the city commemorating WW1



He waited until the end of the March …speaking to and taking photos of the veterans….bet that hardly gets reported….

Remember that it was the working class that mainly died in World War One….and Two….


Who were The Triple Entente and The Triple Alliance?

In the early 20th Centaury rival European powers had devised themselves into two groups: The Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance. The groups clashed across the globe. 53 more words


The Arms Race

From the late 1870’s up until to World War One (1914-1918) European powers began to significantly increase their focus, time and production money into developing and creating new weaponry both defensive and offensive. 211 more words


The First World War - a time for craft and creativity.

The First World War was a catastrophic and futile loss of life, so many people lost their lives or were left permanently damaged by the four year war; those who didn’t fight lost their livelihoods, their loved ones and much, much more. 464 more words