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Easterweekend trip part 2

You of course all saw the “easterweekend trip part 1” I posted back in may, but of course after a part 1 you would expect a part 2 (or even 3)….and you were right ;-) 211 more words


Verdun the tourist way

Normally I do not travel to the battlefields of the first world war in summer, since the woodlands are way to overgrown at that time of year, but this August I was in my favourite area again, for a fair and a “Brocante”. 286 more words


George Butterworth

Died on this day in 1916 at the Battle of the Somme. He was the most promising composer of his generation..


A quick side step

Even though I still have a lot of trips to process, I decided to make a little side step first. The reason for this is that I get asked a certain question quite often and that is that people wonder about me traveling these regions in France completely solo. 209 more words


First Class Boy Hero of Jutland

16-year old Jack Cornwell remained at his post manning a gun on the cruiser Chester. He was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.

Mortally wounded early in the action, he remained standing alone at a most exposed post, quietly awaiting orders, until the end of the action, with the gun’s crew dead and wounded all round him.

Social History

Easterweekend trip part 1

This march, during the Easter weekend, me and a good friend visited our favorite area again.

On the rainy/misty car ride in, it really helps to have good company on rides like this :-), we visited the new memorial museum at Fleury. 285 more words


The WRAF's In WWI.

A member of the Women’s Royal Air Force during the first world war on her motorbike now if all the members of the WRAF’s looked like this stunning women yeah I would have joined up as well.

Social History