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The First World War - a time for craft and creativity.

The First World War was a catastrophic and futile loss of life, so many people lost their lives or were left permanently damaged by the four year war; those who didn’t fight lost their livelihoods, their loved ones and much, much more. 464 more words


The Poppies are coming to St George's Hall!!

The poppies to commemorate World War One are going to be displayed in Liverpool….I am very excited as I bought one and it’ll be amazing to see!



So There it is the re-shuffle part 3.

When this year started I kinda knew where it was going…but..I was wrong ;-) (You all already read about the timing and duration of walking14-18 being thrown into a shambles) 293 more words


School days in Lindley during World War One

Today I was privileged to listen to a recording from the Kirklees Sound Archive made sometime in the 1980s where a Lindley lady born in 1906 in Wellington Street talks about her memories of growing up in Lindley during the First World War and particularly of the happy times she spent at Oakes School. 199 more words


What caused the deadlock on the Western Front from the end of 1914 until the spring offensive of 1918?

This study will attempt to answer the question of what forced a prolonged stalemate upon the opposing sides of the Western Front from 1914 until mid 1918, looking at the role played by technology, tactics and command of the battlefield and the degree to which they integrated with one another. 2,426 more words