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The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

After branching out from the historical fiction, I stumbled back into a page turner – The Alice Network.

“Hope was such a painful thing, far more painful than rage.” From The Alice Network… 136 more words


In Defense Of The Kaiserliche Marine

In the decade preceding the outbreak of the First World War, Great Britain and the German Empire found themselves drawn into a bitter naval arms race. 3,018 more words

World War One

Living under an absolute monarchy

What little history I was taught in school during the sixties told me that I lived under a ‘constitutional monarchy’. I was told that the exercise of the Divine Right of Kings – an absolute monarch – ended when Cromwell and his supporters beheaded  King Charles I of England in 1649. 2,798 more words


Revealed: The Life Experiences of One of Cork's First World War American War Brides

Readers may recall past work on the site that compiled a database of local Irish women–the vast majority from Cork–who married First World War U.S. servicemen and began new lives across the Atlantic (you can see the database… 1,454 more words

World War One

Montgomery Crowe

Today, Montgomery Crowe was added to the United Kingdom Book of Remembrance which commemorates 361 United Kingdom casualties of the two World Wars who were not formerly recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. 234 more words


"They Work as Though Fighting Against Time"

– Above: Felling and snedding (or “bucking”) large Norway or Sitka spruce by hand.

The Newfoundland Forestry Battalion were formed from Newfoundland and Canadian volunteers, as a response to the growing timber shortage in WW1. 256 more words


The Indian Railway Library

The Indian Railway Library was a publishing venture begun in Allahabad, India, in 1888. It was an offshoot of a business operated by Arthur H. 323 more words