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Surrounded by Lions - TRENCH Diary of a German Soldier pt. 8

This is the final installment of TRENCH Diary of a German Soldier. The diary complete, Alexander Graf summarizes Alphonse’s life at the Cabaret Voltaire, Alphonse’s attempt on the life of Vladimir Lenin: the last day Graf would speak with Alphonse. 2,283 more words


World War 1 part 1/7

This week’s challenge is learning more about WW1.  The Great War.  I think it’s a topic everyone in my generation should spend some time studying.  If only as an act of respect towards the people involved. 796 more words

Churchill by Roy Jenkins

  The Second World War is primarily what Sir Winston Spencer Churchill is remembered for: so it says something about the scale of his life and achievements beforehand that we don’t get to September 3, 1939 until page 551 in Roy Jenkins’ brilliant, scrupulous biography. 330 more words

Adolf Hitler

Sue's Soldier: the mystery letter

There was so much in George Henry Slater’s World War One memorabilia that we couldn’t display it all in our vitrine wall (Sue’s Soldier: on at Derbyshire Record Office until the end of April) 96 more words


Remembering War - the Stories behind Local War Memorials (Part 2)

Sarah Owen from Tameside has written a series of blog posts exploring the stories behind the borough’s war memorials.  Part 2 of the series discusses the history of the Stalybridge War Memorial.  342 more words

World War One


Below is a taster of my current work collaborating with the Royal Engineers Museum Archive.

These next few years, marking the centenary of World War One, we will experience information about the war being prey to digital technology and the occasionally biased nature of historic records. 50 more words