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A still picture of war. This picture however is not entirely relevant. Or is it?

Mankind has always sought to kill

often not for the thrill,

so here follows a history,

of how it came to be

four hundred thousand years BC. 131 more words

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Catching up on Book Reviews

I haven’t put up any new book reviews lately, so it’s time to correct that. Here’s an overview of a few books I’ve read in the not so distant past: 927 more words

The 'Song of Craonne': The Legacy of Robert Nivelle

When I chose to take on the subject of Robert Nivelle I envisioned creating a summary of his life, much like what  you could already find on a number of websites. 1,371 more words

20th Century

The "Great?" War

For the past week I have been listening to a series on the Hardcore History podcast called Blueprint for Armageddon. This series is a blow-by-blow account of the first World War. 256 more words

Today in WWI: The Armistice at Brest-Litovsk

On the outskirts of the city of Brest (once called Brest-Litovsk), Belarus, between the river Bug and the river Mukhavets, stands an old fortress. Overlooking the nearby border with Poland, its red brick walls are pockmarked with countless bullet-holes and missing bricks, one by one loosened and lost over 2 centuries of existence. 838 more words


The Barlow Project

300 Men from Edgworth, Chapeltown and Entwistle

The Barlow is a community centre in Edgworth that was built for the village in 1909 by the local landowner and philanthropist, Sir Thomas Barlow. 134 more words

World War One

A World War One Short Story

I wrote this a few years ago to pay tribute to the seven hundred thousand Tommys’ who didn’t come home…


Runner’s Gauntlet

Albert Johnstone and his pal Dick Madison had both enlisted at the same time, barely twelve weeks after war had been declared in 1914. 1,483 more words