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London Subject To Explosion

On 19 January 1917 at precisely 6:52pm, the horrors of war were abruptly inflicted upon an unsuspecting East London neighbourhood. In a matter of moments, the previously tranquil area was transformed into a mirror of the Western Front, featuring chaotic scenes of panic and death. 282 more words

World War One

World War One and the Halliwell Brass Band

This blog post was written by Lois Dean, a volunteer at Bolton History Centre.

The first mention of the Jubilee Band (later to become the Halliwell Band) is an article in the Bolton Chronicle dated 9th February 1828.  742 more words

World War One

Room 40 Recieves The Zimmermann Telegram

Room 40 was the informal term to describe the British Admiraltlys information gathering sector office in London. It had achieved many things in the war, but today in 1917 it intercepted the telegram that would draw America into the war: the Zimmermann Telegram. 306 more words

World War One

Teaching English Literature Through Comics - In Flanders Fields at Collège Anna de Noailles

One of the most rewarding aspects of creating poetry comics for me is hearing from teachers all around the world, from Armenia to the Philippines to Spain to right here in Montreal, that are using my work as a learning tool in their high school, college, and university classrooms. 236 more words


U-Boat Tactics Change For The Worse

Germany is now set to start a campaign of unrestricted submarine warfare. Its U-boats are ordered to attack enemy merchant ships on sight, without stopping them to ascertain their cargos or to present their crews time to abandon ship safely. 112 more words

World War One

Video: A 5 minute history of the battle of the Somme

In this video I give an overview of the battle of the Somme – Britain’s deadliest battle. The battle raged from July to November 1916. I’m not a Somme expert but I hope this will give you a basic understanding of why and how the battle was fought.

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Red Baron Is Formulated

The war above the trenches has a high attrition rate among the men flying the aeroplanes for each side. As a result, promotions come fast, with simple survival often being sufficient grounds for achieving a position of authority. 155 more words

World War One