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The Great Wall - Movie Discussion

I wasn’t expecting much from The Great Wall so maybe that’s the reason why I enjoyed the ride well enough. It might be forgettable in the end, but I actually came away with a whole list of great ways that the movie connected with things in my Christian faith (13, actually). 23 more words


10 Movies That Are Supposed to Be Released in 2017 That We’re Worried Won’t Be

In 2016 we were all drooling over the lineup of flicks tapped to arrive in 2017. Well, it’s 2017 now, and a whole lot of plans seemed to have changed. 814 more words

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Sunday title: World War Z !

Hello guys :) Today I’m watching World War Z with Brad Pitt. If you want too, just visit our MOVIES section.

As always, I add a trailer and a short description. 140 more words


Undead Rebirth: "Train to Busan" & "The Girl with All the Gifts" belatedly reviewed

There is something truly apocalyptic in the air. A fearful isolationist politics grips the UK as it seeks to quarantine itself from dangerous of Outsiders, while in the United States, a walking punchline has become President as American liberals have found to their cost that you can’t just laugh a Nazi off the ballot. 2,106 more words

Belated Review

This is For The Birds

Who knew that a cookie booth could be just like an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

It all started one evening around 6:30 at a high-selling booth location.  341 more words

Girl Scouts

David Fincher Is Reportedly "Very Creatively Interested" in Directing the 'World War Z' Sequel

World War Z is one of those films that wasn’t supposed to be the box-office success that it became in 2013. As you may have read by now, the film went through extensive re-writes and re-shoots that ballooned the budget for the zombie blockbuster to $190 million. 293 more words


With World War Z 2 Delayed We Could See Brad Pitt In New Sci-Fi Film 'Ad Astra' [Updated]

World War Z 2 seems to be in a bit of a bind at Paramount after being pulled from it’s release schedule this week along with a  361 more words