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World War Z - a new breed of zombie

So I watched World War Z (2013) twice before writing this review because I couldn’t quite make my mind up about it. Second time around I decided that it was probably one of the better zombie films I’ve seen, not quite as good as… 224 more words

Film Review

World War Z Review

Title: World War Z
Author: Max Brooks
Genre(s): Fiction -> Post Apocalyptic
Pages: 342

The Zombie War came unthinkably close to eradicating humanity.

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Total War Against the Zombies: It was worth.

Humanity’s war against the zombie epidemic was unlike any other war. All other wars that we had encountered in the past had been operated by humans. 997 more words

What About Our Future?

If I were head of state in World War Z, I would have to say that I would vote for going on the offensive. In my opinion, living in the shadows fearing for your life is not the best route to follow for the ultimate survival of humans as a race. 687 more words

Quantity and Quality

Based on the facts presented about the Zombie War, the most logical plan of action to me would be to assume a defensive strategy, voting against the plan proposed by General D’Ambrosia. 534 more words

Facing it Head on

When the world you live in starts crumbling into pieces, what do you do? You can’t just sit and watch it fall apart. If I were a head of state in… 642 more words

Implications of War

A ‘war’ suggests two conflicting opponents, each with their own tactics, purposes, ammunition and organization. By framing the zombie crisis as a war, Max Brooks humanizes the zombies.  501 more words