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Don't Mention the War, We're Too Busy Collaborating

Last week, at work, the Aarnet (Australian Academic Research Network) is mentioned.  In my mind I slip away from the meeting and go back in time. 284 more words


[Comics] as Reading - Chapter 4 - [Comics] in the Web, or A Theory of Textual Infrastructure pt. 3

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2. Another Ideology of Form

The prevailing notion of the unconscious, as something ultimately unknowable or decipherable only in some shadowy form from an amalgam of symptomatic expressions, has long been wedded to aesthetic considerations.  2,024 more words


The 'Netscape Moment,' 20 years on

We’re in the runup to the 20th anniversary of the “Netscape Moment” of 1995, the day when a California startup’s eye-popping market debut… 909 more words

Watershed Year

Will sentient machines eat the web and the end of the human race?

If a cat looks like a cat, smells like a cat, purrs when you stroke it.  Arches it’s back and rubs against your leg.  Is it a cat? 422 more words


Late summer 1995, and the spate of media mergers

Twenty years ago this week, Disney Company revealed it was buying the parent corporation of ABC for $19 billion in what then was the second most-lucrative corporate merger ever in America. 775 more words

Watershed Year

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