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The human brain - the most complex biological entity known

Doctor Seth Grant says that the human brain is the most complex biological entity known to man. It has one hundred billion nerve cells, each one connected to a thousand others. 113 more words


Gmail To Auto-Populate Google Calendar For Work With Things Like Flights And Hotel Bookings

For a while, Gmail data like flight information has been surfaced in Google’s search product. One could imagine that that data would make sense in other places…like Google Calendar. 220 more words


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I used to write letters with paper, and ink and I’d draw a doodle at the bottom. I’d never see it again once it slid into the metal mail slot. 194 more words

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Time to grow up Master W W Web

The internet is a quarter of a century old and has changed our lives in ways few could have imagined, including those who created it. From the desk top to the lap top, from the tablet to the smart phone and Smart TV if it’s not connected and you are not connected then what is the point? 733 more words

Happy Anniversary Windows 95 - 20 Years On

In 1995 I got my first serious job out of college working for a TV station. My first big purchase was a new computer and on that PC was Windows 95 where I learned much about what I know about computers. 98 more words

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Jerry Heller Talks Straight Outta Compto

Jerry Heller Talks Straight Outta Compton Film, “No Vaseline,” Suge Knight, Eazy’s Death + More http://ow.ly/RidiL

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Why Posting to The Internet is Like Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

It isn’t always easy to decide what you should or shouldn’t post on the internet. Particularly for those who have grown up with the technology supporting the World Wide Web. 384 more words

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