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December 2nd | Week in Review

¡Hola a todos! Another month has passed, and I just want to let you know that I am extremely grateful to share all of these resources with you. 228 more words


1800 hochauflösende Bilder - sehr gutes Refi Produkt

1800 hochauflösende und abmahnfreie Bilder…

…der größten Nischen des World Wide Web`s
organisiert in 150 Kategorien

Käufer erhalten die persönlichen Nutzungsrechte. Die Bilder sind auch auf Kundenwebseiten einsetzbar. 18 more words


Amazon has a shiny new startup accelerator to advance conversational AI

Big tech companies have been creating accelerators left and right to evangelize their brands and get developers engaged with APIs and other open-source efforts. Today, Amazon joined the crowd by announcing a new program for startups developing conversational AI. 286 more words


Zero is a mobile automation app for email addicts

Email apps are a dime a dozen. There are the regular emails apps that come with our phones, there’s Gmail and Spark and there’s 50 others that all offer just about the same thing. 360 more words


How To Obtain The True Knowledge Of God

Knowledge is important because if you lack it, you will perish. But not every information is factual or good. So how do you know the difference? 782 more words


The Internet's generators make life easy

We all know it, the Internet has made life easier. And perhaps, made us lazier.

I, for one, refuse to
– Do simple calculations – even the most basic addition, multiplication, division is outsourced to Google. 1,233 more words

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