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FYI About Obstructive Sleep Apnea

The word apnea literally means “without breath.” Statistics indicate that more than 18 million American adults suffer from sleep apnea, a potentially serious sleep disorder. Common symptoms may include chronic snoring, walking up abruptly to the sensation of choking and/or gasping, excessive daytime sleepiness and fatigue, dry mouth, morning headaches and/or irritability. 278 more words



Hello.  My name is Khadijah Wilcher, and I am Your Blogger.  I am here to talk about all important Factors/Events that goes unnoticed today.  There are Many voices that are going by unheard, Many important situations/Events going by unnoticed that need to be spoken on.  88 more words

World Wide

Black Chyna Sex Tape

Media Flot Time!!!  Sooo FACTOR flots around that the Mother of Rob Kardashian and also Tyga Kids,  Black Chyna has a Sex Tape out!!! WOW! RIGHT!  216 more words

World Wide

May 6 2017, Chicago

In honor of International Blowing Bubbles Day Kevin Reid sended us:
Elise Kaaw Ericksen, the Chicago bubble fairy, sharing her passion at Fucking Magical Productions – The Future Is Female Chicago Fest during the After Party Dance Jam. 41 more words

International Blowing Bubbles Day

Sending a positive message across the globe...

A while back I set myself a challenge to share a sticker where ever I go, it became clear that I would not be going to many of places myself to raise awareness as much as my goal I really wanted to walk around Australia. 209 more words


I’m not sure if it is better to say “Welcome” or ” Oh dear god, Run for your Life and Sanity“.

So I’m giving my opinion and comments on things that I’ve observed as well as things I can’t believe are happening around the world or just around me.  302 more words


200 000 views

Well. I guess there are more viewers on Google maps than Instagram. Started to put out images rather recently, cannot remember if it was this year or late last year. 55 more words