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Flooding, Storms Kill 16 In France

At least 16 people have been killed, and three others are missing, following violent storms and flooding, in southeast France. 103 more words


Meet the Mother and daughter duo who do porn together  

A mother and daughter duo started out doing porn together because they wanted to make more money. It was the daughter, Monica, who suggested it to her mother, and because the money was good they carried on.  306 more words


Industrial Unit Explosion Kills Two In Hertfordshire

At least two people have been killed, and another injured, following an explosion, at an industrial unit, in Hertfordshire, England. 164 more words


Mum used unexploded bomb as a vase for 30 years without realising it was still live  

A woman was shocked to discover a wartime shell she had used as a vase for 30 years was still live.
Kathryn Rawlins, 45, had found the shell buried in the playing fields at her school when she was 15. 371 more words


Eight Killed In Burundi Capital Shootings

At least eight people have died, following shootings in the Burundian capital, Bujumbura, while explosions were also reported. 344 more words


Lol. Man steals truck to be jailed just to get away from his wife  

51 year old Hayden Vandiver who is accused of breaking into his old workplace, damaging property and stealing a pickup truck belonging to his former boss, who he despised claims he stole the truck so he can be jailed just to get away from his wife, lol.

163 more words

Murderer slices off his own eggplant to make it look like giant 'Egyptian serpent god'  

 An unlucky and dumb prisoner Nikko Jenkins believed he was told by ancient god Apophis, who resembles a giant snake, to make his member look like a reptile. 153 more words