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Photo: 14yr old Junior Olympian dies after brain-eating bug entered his nose while swimming  

Amoeba entered 14-year-old Michael Riley’s nose while swimming in a lake north of Houston with his cross country team on August 13, AP reports. Michael Riley Jr.’s family says he developed a headache and became disoriented after the swimming. 97 more words


Is five-star enough?

I found this on social media recently. I’m not a fan of constantly reposting memes or pictures that do the rounds but this one caught my eye. 534 more words


99 per cent of seabirds will consume plastic by 2050: Study

TORONTO – The danger of plastics in our ocean is a growing threat, and now a new study has estimated that by 2050, 99 per cent of seabirds will have consumed some sort of plastics from our oceans. 387 more words


Little Lady with a Big Mouth

I went to the University of Toronto… where I fell in love with Sociology. Learning about world and social issues, that a white country girl would know nothing about, changed my perspective on life. 210 more words


WATCH: Bookworm baby can’t stand it when book ends

This baby just can’t stand the end. Literally.

A video compilation posted on YouTube Monday shows a baby boy crumble into tears every time his parents reach the end of a book. 87 more words


A young man must have a healthy contempt towards the world

Question: Sir, it is recognized that there is a thirst. Where is the miss? Is It forgotten, or may be just missed? What is the reason? 2,284 more words


Skewed Persecptions

If they hear me laughing, will they think I’ve gone mad?

What’s wrong with this world we live in?

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