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Bring peace to the Middle East! 48: religion and persecution 2: Prejudice against Islam

中東に平和を! 48: 宗教と迫害 2: イスラム教への偏見


Previous time, we look at the antagonism and persecution that arise from Buddhism or Hinduism.
From now on, I look at the antagonism and persecution between religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) that were born in the Middle East. 491 more words

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Donald Trump claims the US media is crooked and biased. So where do his supporters get their news?

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Disappearing act

In June 2015, G7 leaders took a group photo, 17 months later, five of them are out of power or close to it.

from BBC News – World http://bbc.in/2gWdPNH


Morning Musing with Spirit about dimensions

What if age or years represent dimensions? What if every year is a different dimension within yourself as a way to measure the growth, ascension, and time that different aspects of you awakening in awareness?
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Donald Trump's proposed tax plan could give $29 billion boost to Warren Buffett's Berkshire

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc could get a $29 billion boost to its book value if President-elect Donald Trump is able to slash the U.S. corporate tax rate to 15 percent from 35 percent, Barclays Capital wrote on Monday. 242 more words


NPR News: Researchers Confident Mysterious Pair Of Mummified Knees Belonged To Queen Nefertari

Researchers Confident Mysterious Pair Of Mummified Knees Belonged To Queen Nefertari
Italian archaeologists found a pair of mummified knees in Nefertari’s tomb in 1904. For the first time, tests indicate that the knees belonged to the great queen herself.

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Brazil corruption: Senate head Renan Calheiros ordered to resign

A top Brazilian judge orders Senate head Renan Calheiros to stand down over embezzlement charges.

from BBC News – World http://bbc.in/2gW5Yj9