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Larry Larson - Twelve - Twelve Insight Journal - Source Has You Back - 1 March 2015

If you will just do the things that you can do, and quit spending so much energy trying to figure out how to do the things you cannot, you will find yourself with more and more getting done. 180 more words


Natalie Glasson - The Evolution Of Intuition To Power By Lord Melchizedek - 1 March 2015

Expressions of love continue to flow with ease and perfection from my being, Lord Melchizedek, into your entire vibrational being. We resonate and exist in oneness; perfection is our natural vibration as we are all experiencing complete processes of integration with the divine source of the Creator. 1,715 more words


Ann Albers - Messages From Ann And The Angels - 1 March 2015


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In every moment there is truth or illusion. In every moment there is love or illusion. 804 more words


Wes Annac - Openness And Strength - 1 March 2015

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I was in a pretty bad place the other day, and I didn’t feel like I could climb out of my own negativity. 1,132 more words


WakingTimes - Hundreds Of Farmers Block Roads Protesting Monsanto’s GMO Crops - 1 March 2015

Christina Sarich, Natural Society
Waking Times

Poland’s largest farmer uprising ever has occurred as convoys of tractors took to the roads recently in protest of GMO infiltration and land grabs by biotech and Big Ag corporations. 11 more words


Laura Bruno - Paul Stamets Patents “Universal Biopesticide” That Big Ag Calls “The Most Disruptive Technology That We Have Ever Witnessed.”- 1 March 2015


Another inspiring post from Ann today. I love Paul Stamets’ vision. The mycellium create the REAL Matrix … the natural Matrix related to Mother Earth and a culture that knows how to grow life from death and decomposition. 207 more words


Prepare for war, North Korean leader tells army

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has urged his army to prepare for war with the United States and its allies, state media said Saturday, as Pyongyang ramps up the rhetoric ahead of US-South Korea military drills. 279 more words