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A Look at Hugo Nominees

In recent years I have become more aware than ever before how important it is to vote. I’m not talking about the election of public officials–the importance of that has always been obvious to me. 392 more words

Random Friday

Before starting my two-weeks vacation break, I decided to use my Paypal balance to get myself new hoodies for next year Worldcon. The old one I had made in 2012 is no longer white and shiny, it’s high time for new garbs. 269 more words

The Human Being

The Conduct of Codes

Codes of conduct are all the rage at conventions now–in more than one sense of the word. Not only are more conventions adopting them–and not by choice, but by the necessity of not being seen to be insensitive to various pressing issues–but they are also the… 561 more words

Sad Puppies

New Story + Where to Find Me This Summer

Big news! My #ownvoices short story about two fishkid siblings with differing views on adoption is up at Cicada Magazine! You should be able to read the story… 264 more words


The Cons of Cons

Back in my day, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth in steam-powered chariots and Venus was still considered potentially viable off-world real estate, running an SF convention was a… 513 more words


#Finalists for the 2018 #HugoAwards for #ScienceFiction

The #finalists for the 2018 #HugoAwards were announced on March 31, 2018, by members of the World Science Fiction Convention (#WorldCon) for #sciencefiction of all lengths and types. 614 more words