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Lessons from the 74th WorldCon

I spent last week hanging out at the 74th annual WorldCon in Kansas City, Mo. While this was one of the most fun events I have ever attended, it did come with the price of making me incredibly behind on all of my work (including writing on this blog) so I apologize that I have not been that active. 578 more words



MidAmeriCon 2 was an all-round terrific World Con for me this year. Rather than ramble about this and that, I’m doing a series of retrospectives on some personal highlights, in no particular order. 135 more words

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Notes from WorldCon 2016: Day Four

Non-anglophone authors you should know

  • dr schaff-stump: japan and russia
  • kastersmidt: born in texas, living in brazil
  • dr lyau: specialty is french sci-fi
  • takacs: hungarian, lots of hungarian sf has not been translated yet…
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WorldCon recap!

Last Wednesday, I flew to Madison, WI, to meet up with Aimee Ogden so the two of us could undertake the 7 hour drive to Kansas City, MO. 1,722 more words


Hugo Report 2016

It is a comment upon current circumstances when I say that my limited participation in Hugo voting this year honestly does not proscribe my ability to air my feelings on the proceedings. 359 more words


WorldCon (aka MidAmericon)

It. Was. Awesome.

I loved seeing people I knew from various past writing classes¬†like Mishell Baker, Stina Leicht, ¬†Ada Milenkovic Brown, … 394 more words


Notes from WorldCon 2016: Day Three

Flash Fiction: Short but not easy

  • betsy dornbusch: writes mostly epic fantasy, used to buy flash
  • anna yeatts: flash fiction online owner/publisher, also writes flash…
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