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Hugo Awards: Cirsova Eligibility

This is a quick guide to eligibility by category for pieces published by Cirsova in 2016. It is not a recommendations list. While I may post my recommendations and favorites for other categories, we will not do so for any categories in which we published fiction. 417 more words

Should I Go To Helsinki?

I am beginning to plan out my convention-attending plan for the year. As of a few years ago, I’ve made it something of a point to go to two or three each year. 375 more words

Critiques, Theories, And Random Thoughts

2017 - Do The Thing!

It’s funny how the lightest of gestures can become something much bigger whether by accident or design.

For me, the last two years have felt somewhat lost to me for the most part, with personal circumstances meaning at times anything beyond getting through the week in one piece was pretty much off the table. 825 more words

2017 - Looking Forward

As Hugo Award season begins with the opening of nominations, I’m thinking about my plans for the year ahead – which include attending Worldcon for the second time (after… 305 more words


2017 and Never Feeling "Done" With a Story

I fall into this problem often: I never feel like I’m really done with my story. Recently it’s been the NaNoWriMo novel I made, but it’s happened with shorts in the past. 129 more words


Writer Wednesday

Totally procrastinating writing this last week of the year! ;) I’m not really blaming it on the Holidays (I’m actually more productive, usually, because everybody vanishes with family so I have plenty of time to write) but most certainly to… 368 more words


New E-book: The Astronomer's Crypt

This week marks the release of the ebook edition of my novel The Astronomer’s Crypt which tells the story of astronomers, ghosts, drug dealers, and a monster from the beginning of time colliding at an observatory during a ferocious thunderstorm. 472 more words