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Aquaculture, homestead gardening and nutrition awareness

Training manual on household based pond aquaculture, homestead gardening and nutrition awareness

Currently many farming households face health and economic risks because of problems in malnutrition as a result of lack of knowledge and training, improved technologies and processes in farming. 187 more words

Food / Food Security

Fishponds on small-scale farms

Fishponds facilitate natural resources management on small-scale farms in tropical developing countries.

A redefinition of the objectives for aquaculture development in tropical developing countries is presented. 171 more words

Small-scale Farming

Livestock and Fish pays tribute to the gender transformative work of Paula Kantor

The tragic loss of Paula Kantor during a terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan on Wednesday 13 May 2015 has left many of her colleagues in the development world and friends with great sadness. 411 more words


Livestock and Fish goes after the gold standard: Transformation at scale

Artworks by Piet Mondrian: (left) Composition in Blue, Gray and Pink, 1913, and (right) Composition VII, 1913.

This article is a summary of a longer article,  730 more words


Environmental risk analysis in aquaculture report for Livestock and Fish

The report provides a brief and generalized introduction to the specific steps of an environmental risk analysis. This publication is based on materials covered and outputs generated during the workshop on Risk Assessment Methodologies and Tools for Aquaculture in Sub-Saharan Africa, which was jointly held by WorldFish and FAO in Siavonga, Zambia on 28 June–2 July 2010 with funding from FOA and the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish. 81 more words


Who decides what breeds--and for what purposes? Livestock and fish production by, and for, the poor

Above: Participants in a Mar 2015 Animal Genetics Flagship discussion of the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish. Left to right, and top to bottom: 977 more words


Livestock and Fish breeding better farm animals and fish for developing countries

Composite of parts of two paintings: A Cow Like That Gives 5,000 Liters a Day, by Maria Primachenko, and Fish, by Aldemir Martins (both via WikiArt). 1,590 more words