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Exploring Indonesian aquaculture futures

In Indonesia, WorldFish and partners have applied a unique methodology to evaluate growth trajectories for aquaculture under various scenarios, as well as the opportunities and challenges these represent. 105 more words


Addressing Egypt's aquaculture challenges

Critical problems, including water quality and disease prevention, in the $1.5 billion Egyptian aquaculture industry were addressed in a meeting of key stakeholders in Cairo last week. 39 more words


Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia (GIFT) is now in its 14th generation since transfer to Malaysia

In Southeast Asia, tilapia farming is a major factor contributing to aquaculture, or fish farming, developed mainly around one species, Nile Tilapia. WordFish and its partner’s… 553 more words


Gender integration in aquaculture research and technology in Bangladesh

This working paper from WorldFish assesses how gender has been integrated within aquaculture technology interventions in Bangladesh.

It draws out existing knowledge, identifies research gaps, and selects practices to build upon–as well as practices to move away from. 26 more words


Aquaculture, homestead gardening and nutrition awareness

Training manual on household based pond aquaculture, homestead gardening and nutrition awareness

Currently many farming households face health and economic risks because of problems in malnutrition as a result of lack of knowledge and training, improved technologies and processes in farming. 187 more words

Food / Food Security

Fishponds on small-scale farms

Fishponds facilitate natural resources management on small-scale farms in tropical developing countries.

A redefinition of the objectives for aquaculture development in tropical developing countries is presented. 171 more words

Small-scale Farming

Livestock and Fish pays tribute to the gender transformative work of Paula Kantor

The tragic loss of Paula Kantor during a terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan on Wednesday 13 May 2015 has left many of her colleagues in the development world and friends with great sadness. 411 more words