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Study finds no-tillage not sufficient alone to prevent water pollution from nitrate — MB3-org.com

A no-till field. Credit: Indiana University A new IUPUI study funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture answers a long-debated agricultural question: whether no-tillage alone is sufficient to prevent water pollution from nitrate.

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Crop rotation increases maize yields in Malawi — Demeter Seed Malawi

Incorporating crop rotations, whether in conventional or conservation agriculture tillage systems, could help boost maize yields, according to a study in Malawi. If maize is alternated with legumes, soil fertility is improved because legumes fix nitrogen in the soil, This calls for farmers to adopt conservation agriculture because, among others, it improves soil structure, water […]

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late summer pickings — Huerto

Chicory – bitter but delicious in salads with the sweetness of pears and walnuts in a honey and mustard dressing. Borlotto bean Lingua di Fuoco – filling out nicely and nearly ready to harvest for dried beans over the winter.

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Ready, Sets… Dig! — Allotted Time

This weekend I’ve have a cold and been feeling a bit like death warmed up, however today still ended up being spent down on the plot, digging.

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The Future of Urban Agricultire — The Sassy Edge

Image Credit: http://tedxnavesink.com/ It seems farming is undergoing a revolution that could excite the imaginations of a new young generation, including techies. Caleb Harper has started work on an open source food computer with very exciting potential, opening a world of possibilities.

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