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Renato Sorima is World's Greatest Dad

The coolest Father turned 52 today. 💂🎉🎈

I and my two little brothers, Antonio and David, quietly walked upstairs to surprised Papa in his bedroom. He was resting. 85 more words


Three Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

What better way to start a new movie blog than sharing some hidden gems that you can find right now on Netflix.

“World’s Greatest Dad” 417 more words


Netflix February 2016_day.28 – World's Greatest Dad (2009)

_Sometimes, I wonder if I’m shallow. I try to look at it as objectively as possible, because most people wouldn’t call themselves shallow. I think to myself “How attached am I to my possessions?” My initial answer is “Not that much,” but then I look at all of the things I have, and how hard it is to imagine not having them anymore. 423 more words


I know, I know…it’s written all over my face!  I’m absolutely crazy over my baby girl!  To say I love my sweet Audrey is an understatement. 543 more words


Worlds Greatest Dad Movie Review

Robin Williams – Lance Clayton
Daryl Sabara – Kyle Clayton
Alexie Gilmore – Claire

Director: Bobcat Goldthwait
Release Date: August 21, 2009
Genre: Indie film/Drama… 442 more words

Noiseless Madman

Father's Day

The dirty little secret that the multi-national Father’s Day corporations don’t tell you is that there is more than one cup with the words ‘World’s No 1 Dad’ on it.

Employee Engagement

Tens: My Favorite Robin Williams Performances

Today marks the one year anniversary of Rob Williams untimely passing. The wound still stings today as it did exactly one year ago when I first read the news stream on my phone. 344 more words