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Bobcat Goldthwait

Another interview with a great American comedian. He’s so much more than the crazy mofo from the Police Academy movies. This piece was printed in Men’s Style. 6 more words


World's Greatest Dad (2009)

The late Robin William, once dubbed the “funniest man alive”, also knew how to play weird and, at times, terrifying characters. In Mark Romanek’s One Hour Photo… 639 more words


World's Greatest Dad Review

A sort of dark comedy really, and a good one, but only one thing seemed off here 505 more words


Day 37: World's Greatest Dad

There’s this scene on The Middle’s episode last week that killed me. It’s between the non-demonstrative dad and the hyper-enthusiastic daughter, who – surprise! – don’t have a lot in common. 727 more words


My Top 20 Favorite Non-Horror Movies

Recently someone asked me what non-horror films I liked, and I blanked, because no one has ever asked me that question before. After making myself look like an asshole, I decided I was going to sit down and compile this list in case I ever have to answer this question again. 70 more words

World's Greatest Dad (2009)

“You guys didn’t like Kyle.  That’s okay.  I didn’t either.  I loved him.  He was my son.  But he was also a douchebag,” says Lance Clayton to his fellow teachers and students. 760 more words


World's Greatest Dad (2009)

It’s hard to imagine anything more magnificently liberating than the scene toward the end of World’s Greatest Dad that finds the late, great Robin Williams diving nude into the school pool. 714 more words