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The 'World's Largest Democracy'

​Every nation of this planet, be it world’s superpower, USA, or lonely island nation, Fiji, all have a unique title attached to their name. A prestigious identity superimposed or self-proclaimed to give a sense of pride and satisfaction to its citizens. 558 more words


The Indian State's death squad

The world’s largest democracy witnessed its police force killing 25 of its citizens in two encounters in Andhra Pradesh. “Encounters”, for the uninitiated, are a euphemism for killing unarmed civilians in staged gun battles. 1,308 more words

Free Speech in the World’s Largest Democracy

by Jasmine Bhatt

On the surface, 2014 has been a very positive year for India’s democracy. With the highest level of voting attendance ever recorded in modern India, the election of Modi for prime minister seems a sign of how far India has come as a democratic nation. 786 more words


A burqa and a bikini are all the same.

Just heading home after a busy day. Shoulder-bag slung, hair loosely tied, favourite t-shirt, shorts, sneakers. In your mind is the single desire to go to bed. 467 more words