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Indian 67th Republic Day Parade

image by the hindubusinessline.com

Today is the spectacular Indian 67th annual Republic Day parade celebration  with festivals,  parade that celebrates the animals, people , children, and military power of this, the world’s largest democracy.   598 more words

PM Modi's Interview with Time Magazine. . . . .

Photograph by Peter Hapak for TIME

I am a huge fan of Mr. Modi as those of my readers have been following me for a while, know.   8,333 more words

Fragility of Democracy

Man killed by Indian mob. . . . The Indian Express  ( New York Times)

Thirty-five leading Indian authors and poets have returned coveted literary award to protest the violence that is creeping into Indian corporate life under the Hindu Nationalist government of Narendra Modi. 268 more words

"India's Attack on Free Speech"

Democracy is fragile and fleeting in idea and implementation. . . . freedom and justice for all of the 1.3 billion Indians in the world’s largest democracy? 1,254 more words