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The Sky's the Limit

The tallest tower in world and the 2nd tallest free-standing structure in the world to date.

At 634m, the Tokyo Skytree is a magnificent structure from afar and up close. 145 more words


This place holds the record for the worlds largest...

Tower, Shopping Mall, Fountain show and more!


Starting off with the main attraction in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa! Its the tallest tower in the worlds tallest tower! 192 more words


Tokyo Skytree: The World's Tallest Tower, By the Numbers

Okay, so technically it’s merely a tower — not an actual skyscraper — but the Tokyo Skytree is now the tallest such structure in the world, at 2,080 feet. 274 more words


Tokyo Skytree, The World Tallest Tower-Photos

Today, the world’s tallest tower is open for the public.

The tower is located in Tokyo, Japan and was named Tokyo Skytree.

It is about 634 meters or 2080 feet tall. 311 more words


Qatar tallest tower plans

Apparently there are plans afoot to build the world’s tallest tower somewhere in Doha, according to the ever reliable Gulf News.

This disappoints me. Qatar – as a whole – seems to have eschewed the worst Dubaian excesses of gaudy, puerile, envious games of one-upmanship. 30 more words


Your gas dollars at work

As gas continues its climb to $5+ per gallon, we thought we’d share with you the good work those dollars are doing.

The Saudi Royal family has announced plans to construct the world’s tallest building. 123 more words

General News

Kingdom Tower

Saudi Arabia’s city of Jeddah just gave the green light to the construction of the new world’s tallest structure, dubbed the Kingdom Tower. It will stand at a over 1 mile high and cost a projected 30 billion dollars. 22 more words