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NazB Chicken dab dance challenge Video

Hip hop singer and rapper NazB alwasy likes to surprise his fans with original and witty new releases. This time he went so far to even introduce a whole new dance move! 161 more words

Black Female GOES OFF On Hypocritical Women Who Say Black Men Don't Know How To Date, Just F**k.

Black Female GOES OFF On Hypocritical Women Who Say Black Men Don’t Know How To Date, Just F**k.

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Man Records UFO Sighting...World Laughs...WTF??!

Let’s just cut to the chase. Most people are so programmed that they blind to the things that are happening right in front of their eyes. 115 more words


VIDEO: Dude KNOCKS OUT BIG BLACK CHICK With A Chair After She Attacked Him With A Knife!

I’m not sure why they were fighting but if that big chick started it, that dude damn sure finished it by hitting her, not once but twice with that chair.She should have let go whatever issue she had with him but most black chicks cant seem to let things go with black men. 66 more words

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VIDEO: Black Chick Goes VIRAL Lighting Firecracker With Her Butt

Via @Goviralgeyer

I guess some people will do anything to go viral…lol

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VIDEO: Weirdo Ratchet Parents Coach Their Daughter During A Fight In The Woods!!

No matter the ethnicity of of most parents, their seems to be a degenerate mindset with them because this is disgusting display of bad parenting. To coach your daughter to get beat up in a fight she didn’t even want to be in shows how this white hoodrat mom & beta male husband are weak, petty people who could never fight or beat anyone in a fight themselves so they have their kids fight others. 95 more words

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