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Ghetto Black Chick Gets Upset & KICKS IN Door To Fight Chinese Cook!! | JDB Media

Well this video doesn’t make black women look bad does it? The people who are responsible for the image being down the drain…is THEM. This ratchet GI Joe decided to kick in a restaurant door to fight a female cook who she thought”Disrespected her” by taking to long to make her food, but the bitch wasn’t even ordering anything. 48 more words


Dear Black Men: Beware Of "Catfishing" Women On Social Media

This video was Inspired by a viral video of a guy meeting a woman from social media & she not looking the way he thought she did, so he put her “On Blast” in a video for it.


Spoiled Brat Teen Destroys Her Mothers Possessions For Lying To Her!!

I really wouldn’t care if her mother decided to kick her out of the house for doing this dumb shit.This spoiled teen thot think its ok to destroy kitchen ware she didn’t even buy because she’s mad. 64 more words


A Girl Catches Her Man's Side Chick Coming Over,Than BEATS Her Up!!

I really don’t get why women date these lame beta males who like watching women fight over them. This guy is literally watching his main chick beat on his side chick who he prolly called to come over to his house so his girlfriend can confront her. 48 more words


A Girl Twerks Next To Her Baby While Her Grandma Records It

This is disturbing because not only is the “Granddaughter” twerking next to her baby, but the “Grandma” is filming & twerking herself!

This is all too common in the black community…just no accountability & too much degenerate behavior.


Dysfunctional Woman KIDNAPS Man At Gunpoint After Hitting Her Car!

Smh…what else can be said about this video,it shows just how dysfunctional most black women are.

I cant believe this idiot thought it was a good idea to record herself “Kidnapping” A man at gunpoint because he hit her car. 40 more words


Jacksonville Jaguar Telvin Smith Goes Off On NFL Players Charging Low Income Kids For Football Camps

┬áThink he has a good point,but some NFL camps do need funding, but they still don’t need to charge ridiculous amounts for a camp.