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Other injuries which can result from boxing

Besides neurological problems which could result from repeated blows to the head, other parts of a boxer’s body is prone to serious injury. Laws have also been adopted to ensure the immediate safety and preserve the long-term health of boxers. 293 more words


Getting my head out of the mixer

I have referenced before the importance of stopping all trading or, as Richard Dennis says, “get your head out of the mixer.”   I didn’t follow my advice the first time.  59 more words


Why Francis Schaefer Matters: The Line of Despair - Part 3

The Loss of Antithesis

The loss of antithesis in American culture led to what Dr. Schaeffer coined the “line of despair” or giving up all hope of achieving a rational unified answer to knowledge and life.  845 more words


We Don’t Ask Questions

Why don’t we ask more questions

Why do we do that

Just do

Just doing enough to get by

Just doing enough to make a living… 205 more words


This is the result of Jewish America Destroying Europe and the World in the Process

The Zionist Occupied Government that runs the United States, and enslaves the Aryan American Citizens has successfully duped all White Americans to fight a senseless war against National Socialist Germany that sought to Save and Restore a New Europe and the world in the process. 135 more words


At The Top Of The Waterfall

Ever since I was little, I’ve found comfort in menial tasks when my mind is… boiling?  Frothing, building itself up to new heights of hysteria, like a pot of pasta that’s about to boil over.   1,773 more words

Internal Issues

Why Francis Schaeffer Matters: The Turning Point in Truth – Part 2

The Truth Crisis

Francis Schaeffer sets the tone for his apologetical procedure by explaining the crisis of truth in America:  “We are fundamentally affected by a new way of looking at truth.  501 more words