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Are you Living Your Lies?

I’ve heard it said that we all have three versions of self that we use in life.  One version of ourselves is used to display to other people.   523 more words


Feminist Scholar: Menopause “Depicted” Exclusively as Female Condition

The whole transgender and transsexual thing has turned everything on its head in terms of being able to expect what are things that affect men and things that affect women. 44 more words


European Union Worldview Challenged

The European Union will hold a summit without the United Kingdom on Friday.

CHR Comment: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban comments in the article about European Union attitudes toward Christianity, judging that it is not modern. 31 more words

Modern Church

Learned helplessness

“Learned helplessness” is a mini worldview. It’s the belief that nothing you can do will change anything. This can be found in a number of places, but in our country is often found in pockets of persistent economic and financial downturn. 29 more words


Does our worldview affect how we think about the planet ?

Here is another worldview comparison. Those who see the environment through a purely material worldview see nothing but doom and gloom. But those of us who view ourselves as caretakers of God’s world see nothing of the sort. 8 more words


Your worldview definitely affects your view of humanity

Ever since I’ve been focusing on worldview and the way people think, it’s been apparent to me that our views and how we think about everything definitely affects our lives. 39 more words


Stretching Time, Part 3

In the past weeks, we have briefly looked at what time means to us personally and technically. This week, as we come now to the end, we will take time to a new level: what is time to God? 1,110 more words