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On Humility (Or, Calm Down, You're Not God)

I’m probably not the guy to write about humility.  In addition to being a bit brash, I’m on day number whatever of my Lenten fast from Coke and booze, and I’m grumpy as hell. 641 more words

Esther and the son of my right hand

What is puzzling is how anybody could find fault with Israel’s concern about a neighboring country’s  desire to exterminate their people. Who with a straight face could side with Iran? 796 more words

Israel And Scripture

Loving & Obeying Jesus

In Love & The Learning Circle I wrote about the process of loving Jesus and keeping his commandments, and I shared a method that try… 544 more words


People like us

A few years into my job as a fundraiser, one of the things I grew to hate was being sent lists of rich people. What, exactly, was I supposed to do with them? 226 more words

Seth Godin

"Grammar and Faith" by R.J. Rushdoony

I found the following article in Roots of Reconstruction by R. J. Rushdoony (1991) while I was hunting down information on something else. Being a writer and a teacher of writing, I always gravitate towards anything that smells like a Christian worldview of writing, language, words, and grammar, so this caught my attention. 648 more words


Sometimes life feels like a maze.
You never know just what to expect. The next turn could change everything – in one instant, everything you’ve ever known to be true could be gone. 317 more words