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Why Dystopian?

Crossroads, my current project and first novel-sized work, is in the genre I call Christian dystopian. As I’ve rewritten, reread, and reconsidered it, I have been caused to examine its deepest elements. 468 more words

D.G. Spillman: The Survival Of The West

“The greatest point of deception, the biggest stumbling block, the widest plank in the eye of humanism is this; they cannot see that the survival of Western Civilization is only made possible by a Christian base, the rock upon which the house of the West has been built is the love of Jesus. 171 more words


Man vs Man

In the behavioral sciences it has been said that Western or Modern culture values the individual over the group, whereas Eastern and less industrialized cultures value the group over the individual. 1,043 more words


This is not all there is - right now counts forever

Right now counts forever. What we choose today counts into eternity. For this is not all there is. The seen world we live in is part of an unseen, invisible world. 320 more words


Redemptive Manhood

Because it imitates the Lord, Godly manhood is inherently redemptive. It reclaims. It protects. It builds. It spends itself and risks itself on others.

It will, if you don’t mind my saying so, carry a cross. 407 more words