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Yes to Aryanism and No to Gentilism

Gentiles one way or another assist Zionist Jews whether wittingly or unwittingly, and all Aryan Races must fight and defeat all the Gentile races and abolish their presence in the universe permanently, after all the word “gentile” or -goyim- in the Jewish tongue translates roughly to mean “cattle”, “excrement”, “tribe”; in fact, the word “gentile” is a Jewish invention and we should refrain from identifying ourselves as such and other crude ethnic identifiers that Jews like to label on everyone!  66 more words


Music made by Aryan Genius

Music has been around since the dawn of time, and music is a universal language created by the Aryan Race alone hundreds of thousands of years ago during a pristine and regal time, and even the Renaissance Humanists of Florence during the Italian Renaissance had vague idealizations of a regal past of Aryanism through their interests in Greco-Roman Civilization of ancient times. 448 more words



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The Absolute Laws of Science Refute Atheism and Materialism.

You’ve heard Your Atheist, Humanist or Materialist relative or friend say: “I only believe in what I can see. Faith is for fools! The only reality is the material world. 605 more words

Christian Apologetics

John Calvin - All Truth is God's Truth

As truth is most precious, so all men confess it to be so. And yet, since God alone is the source of all good, you must not doubt, that whatever truth you anywhere meet with, proceeds from Him, unless you would be doubly ungrateful to Him; 39 more words

John Calvin