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How to Read Books


I take as an axiom, “Great people read, and great people read a lot.”  My purpose, then, is extending this principle to, “Christians should read, and Christians should read a lot.”  Surely we are obligated to steward the intellects God gave us.   4,437 more words

Faith Of Our Fathers

There is an old hymn called “Faith a Of Our Fathers”, that talks about how we follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before. 632 more words


It's History

Over the weekend, Peter and I were invited to a get together of some of his students and their parents. As the evening progressed, I found myself in a small group of moms chatting about various classes and homework. 451 more words

I miss service

We are now just over 5 years into our relocation from the Northeast to the Midwest.  And the void I feel most strongly year after year is our family’s loss of service to the community. 1,030 more words

Blog Rec: Breakpoint's Youth Reads

Many parents throughout our Gracepoint churches ask me about social issues in books, what age is appropriate for a specific title, and so forth. Part of my job is to stay up on these things and communicate with you regarding… 166 more words

For Parents

The Great Commission....thought 4....(How to prep a 7 yr old for the field)

#1. If you bake them…..🍪…..they will come!

Like any kid, my son works hard through out the week with his studies. On the weekend, he wants to play all day and watch “Power Rangers”, and any other show that allows for him to stir up his testosterone, while roll playing. 298 more words


P A of W: Don’t Forget Who You Serve

Why do so many Christians turn tail and run when trouble comes? Don’t they know we serve a King who is un-limited in His power, in His authority, in His strength, in His resources, etc. 453 more words