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Pew: Only 27% of Americans Believe There is Consensus That Human Activity Causes Climate Change

Whether you believe in human caused climate change or not, this is interesting, because apparently most of the public are not convinced about climate change. Also it seems to saturate the media, the general public is unmoved. 29 more words


Dinner and a Movie

We are thrilled to feature another blog post by guest writer, Erica Hunt!  Erica is on staff in our Emerging Generation ministry at Woodland Hills.  She and her husband enjoy spending quality time with their three daughters. 515 more words

Spiritual Formation

A Worldview Built on a Shaky Foundation

Most Christians hold a worldview that is built on a shaky foundation.  (Cue the outrage.)  Allow me to explain.  Very few Christians are able to articulate their rationale for why they believe what they believe.  1,496 more words


A New Language for a New Worldview.

I sat in the theater watching the new movie Arrival with tears streaming down my face. I had been thinking since working on my dissertation about the birth of a new world. 554 more words

Episode 27 | Pizza Party

How should we engage people who disagree with us?  In this episode we tackle emotional fragility and intellectual strength.  Plus, we wade into the Pizzagate story and the phenomenon of fake news.


Theology Thursday: Sex, Shrimp, and OT Law

This is a long one – grab a drink & a snack and settle in ;)

Last week a pro-LGBTQ activist somehow came across a tweet I had sent out over a month earlier about the Jen Hatmaker mess. 2,446 more words


REVIEW: Is 'Moana' OK for small children? (And are there any scary parts?)

Moana is an adventurous teenager who lives on a small Pacific Ocean island that – we’re told – “always gives us what we need.” And the island does keep everybody fed … until the fishermen no longer can catch fish and the coconut trees fail to produce edible fruit. 912 more words