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Amusing Ourselves to Death, Part 8: The Impact on Religious Discourse

Postman now turns his attention to analyzing the consequences of the use of television on religious discourse (or lack thereof) in Chapter Eight, “Shuffle Off to Bethlehem.” Every serious Christian should read this chapter closely. 706 more words

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Songs of the Metamythos by C.F. Cooper

This is the book I never imagined would appear in this day and age.

I first heard of Songs of the Metamythos at a reading circle in Massachusetts in 2014. 1,316 more words


Notched, Part 4: Patience is a Traveler's Virtue

Patience: it’s on my mind this week.

“The best things come to those who wait.”  “You don’t know patience until you have kids.” I’ve heard these themes from time to time, and throughout my life. 736 more words


Christians, What Really Matters?

If one wishes to go on a road trip, it’s an understatement to say a map would be useful. C.S. Lewis described Christian theology, with its set of doctrines, as a map that charted God. 1,147 more words