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Three-Dot Column

Sinclair Ferguson said, “If someone put us in a room with no distractions and said, ‘I just want you to sit there and think about the Lord Jesus for 5 minutes’…many evangelicals in the Western world would find that an enormous trial. 388 more words


Human Identity in Crisis

Things have changed. The “Four Spiritual Laws” or “Evangelism Explosion” no longer work for many. People are losing their identity. They long for human rights and personal dignity, but these things only come from God the Creator, whom they reject.

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What World Do You Live In?

Did you know that the way you understand the problem of the human condition, and concurrently the way in which the Gospel of Jesus Christ “solves” that problem, is not the  750 more words


Podcast #42: Hollywood Worldviews with Brian Godawa

Nate, Gene, and Logan briefly chat about their kids’ quirks and try to fool each other with another round of Fact or Fib. They also sit down with Hollywood filmmaker and author Brian Godawa and discuss cinema and worldview from a Christian perspective! 94 more words



“Science got us to the moon, what did philosophy ever get us?” “Logic, democracy. Maybe even science.” @Existential Comics

Science is essential, but it can never be enough.


Practical Application of Worldview: He Reigns

I was reading in Revelation the other day and this verse stuck out to me.

Rev 11:17 “We give You thanks, O Lord God Almighty… 314 more words