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What is Worship?

I have been trying to find a definition which captures the concept of worship when it expands out into “normal” activities. Without question, our relationship to various “idols” — sports idols, music idols, the famous, the beautiful, the powerful can constitute  worship. 301 more words

Part 1: "The Conversation: When to Start"

As parents who follow Jesus, we want to communicate to the children God has given into our care that our Father in heaven knows them and has a plan for their life.   766 more words


It's Only Fat Tuesday If You're Decadent Swine

While the world gorges itself to death the faithful remember that Mardi Gras isn’t about excess and dissipation but preparation. They remember that today is Shrove Tuesday, that today we shrive ourselves and are shriven by our forerunner priest, the man Jesus Christ. 275 more words


Awash with Joy

This week, continuing the theme of joy, I sat down to think about what it looks like to feel it in a non-representative way. What does it look like to be floating in a sea of happiness? 14 more words


P A of W: Spiritual Abuse Question

I’ve been doing some research on spiritual abuse within the church. If you are interested in a definition of spiritual abuse, I thought this website did a good job compiling a few explanations/ definitions… 65 more words


Hail, Caesar! Much Ado About Nothing or Everything.

Ok, so I confess, Hail, Caesar!, the Coen brothers’ just released comedy about old Hollywood, beckoned me come for one reason…True Grit. 2,089 more words