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I took a couple of vacation days last week. One thing which helped me relax more than anything else was pulling the plug on Facebook for a couple of days. 554 more words

Public Theology

How now...

As followers of Jesus Christ look at the evolving culture in the United States, it is easy to see that it is drifting away from its Judeo-Christian roots.   534 more words

American Christian Tours

The Easy Road to Cynicism, and the Perilous Expedition Getting Back

“The adventure begins,” I thought to myself while sitting on the couch after working hard to get my apartment furnished and in order. One would think I was referring to the idea of being an adult, independent, beginning a new life of being self-supportive. 624 more words

Mars Gone Mad

Woman Returns to Faith Thanks to 'Profound' Grace and Forgiveness by Parents of Teen She Accidentally Killed

Lingering hatred is one of those things that humans often possess because we remember so much. Personal betrayals or injury can be remembered by us for a long time. 46 more words


Putin’s Literally Moving the Russian Border Forward a Little Every Day

With the United States presidential campaign nearing its end , it seems like there is very little else that’s being reported in the news. But news is going on in other places. 46 more words


Afraid to Change

Now we are peering at an edge over which we must fall . We need to move  totally away from it, not  just to give the appearance of making constructive change without doing something that can be undone in a flash.   825 more words

Developing Autonomy