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The Five Basic Worldviews

The Five Basic Worldviews, also known as the four religions and the Gospel:

1. Atheism:

(1a) Atheism -> No God(s).

(1b) Agnosticism -> There might be a God(s). 316 more words


Ideas have consequences

Before we get into what to do with ideas and viewpoints, we have to establish a foundation of what those are and how they affect the world around us. 1,049 more words


237130_Wk7_Task#2_Seeing the World_World Views

Ideologies are what make up our world views. Visual texts are used to capture these ideologies, but the ‘myth of photographic truth’ can mean that the perception of these ideologies change between the point a text is made available for viewing by the creator, and the point it is viewed and interpreted by an audience.   164 more words



We start today with what Atheists believe:

  • Atheists do not believe in a god or gods in any form (no deities allowed)
  • Further they believe there is no evidence for a deity and…
  • 556 more words

Snap out of it, Alberta: It’s not about bathrooms

Assumptions are powerful.

When we accept an assumption as true, then we easily buy into the conclusion.

But what if the assumption is wrong?

Here is an assumption to consider:  Bill 10 and the sexual orientation and gender identity policies being implemented in schools across Alberta are all about protection of a very vulnerable population. 2,830 more words

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  [Comment by D. Read: This is a perfect example of mass mind manipulation. There's definitely an agenda, and unless we filter what we hear, they'll easily control what we believe.]

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