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Who do you say I am? (Or, what happened that evening in the basement of the pub)

The Scene

It was especially dark heading down the stairs of the pub that night. Someone had turned down the dial for the lights extra low, just enough to strain your eyes looking across the room to see the faces of the other early people in attendance. 1,216 more words


Cultures and diversity

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper describing your own cultural heritage and traditions and exploring possible origins of your values, worldviews, and behaviors.

Address the following in your paper: 154 more words

Academic Writing

Summary of “Escape From Reason” FRANCIS SCHAEFFER

Escape from Reason  is the second book of the first volume “A Christian View of Philosophy and Culture,” by Francis Schaeffer.  In this volume, Schaeffer goes into more detail in how man, by denying Absolute Truth, and becoming the measure of all things, has been swallowed up into the “river of despair” seen in its philosophy, music, art, general culture and the new theology. 73 more words


In the Guise of Protecting Canada’s Sovereignty: The Lasting Impact of Colonization on Aboriginal Communities in Canada

Challenging Assumptions (Then)

European colonization has left a pervasive scar and dialogue, both literally (dislocating land, resources and people, from communities) and metaphorically (as an emblem of systematic suppression and cultural assimilation), on a variety of cultures across the world. 1,795 more words


Ways of seeing the world: The relationship between subject and object

In last week’s post, I tried to summarize the study of phenomenology and its potential uses in landscape architecture. As mentioned, the study of phenomenology in history has covered varying perspectives relating to experience, ranging from the materiality of what we face everyday to larger existential questions of ourselves and the cosmos. 663 more words

Beyond Reductionism? An Open Letter in Response to Jerry Coyne

On Friday, August 4, I published an article in AlterNet entitled “The Dangerous Delusions of Richard Dawkins.” The response was flabbergasting. The article, which was quickly picked up by both… 3,390 more words


Seatbelt (Jades in the Snow)

Listen here.

We’re two stones falling towards the same sea,

Either to shatter or sink.

We’ll see; please breathe.

But is there nothing beneath to re-stitch these seams, 164 more words