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Living as the Light: Clearing Up the Confusion

Have you ever felt misunderstood?   

I could tell that my message was not getting through. I thought I was hitting a home run with my presentation in front of a panel of professional peers, but what they saw in me was someone closed off to my emotions.  844 more words



“Pop is not the same as populistic”, says Winy Maas from MVRDV Architects at minute 14:19 in this wonderful talk about innovating in the future of architecture. 771 more words


Death is only the beginning


Having lost a loved one recently my mind went back to the all familiar thoughts on suffering and the mystery of death. And before I could write it off as another inexplicable incident, I stopped to think about just that thought. 630 more words


Chinese landscape painting: landscape as Void, landscape as truth

The following post is based on my article “The landscape of the Void: truth and magic in Chinese landscape painting.”1

When I first went back to school to study the meaning of landscapes (rather than construct them…) I was disappointed by my discoveries: landscapes are historical constructs created by social and cultural discourses, often as a result of biased agendas. 792 more words

The Great Columbus Day Debate

There’s probably no more contentious Federal holiday than Columbus Day.

Increasingly, municipalities across the country are renaming it to Indigenous Peoples Day, to honor those who were decimated by the European conquest. 1,564 more words


Grandstanding Self-righteousness

Before you continue reading, I ask you to please go into a state of honest self-evaluation.  I am not attacking anyone here, but I am asking the reader to consider him/herself.  906 more words



In light of the Vegas shootings this past week, and the seeming senseless killing of people by another human being, many are asking, ” What’s this world coming to?”  I can assure you friends it is both terrifying and glorious.  921 more words