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A Perplexing Excerpt from C.S. Lewis’ Out of the Silent Planet

In true C.S. Lewis fashion, Out of the Silent Planet is wrought with philosophic conundrums. Not only do I try to pay attention to the worldviews of works in their entirety (and I urge you to do the same), I also try to identify the worldviews of individual characters in media. 499 more words


Recommended Reading: May 16-22

If you engage one article this week, read Is Christianity a Religion or a Relationship? Worship or Ritual? by Reed Metcalf.

For those of you with more reading time on this fine Spring day, I encourage you to consider the selections below. 177 more words


A Voice Calling Out

This is a very long post, but I hope that at least a few people will take the time to read it. I’m sharing the things that life has taught me and convinced me of. 4,458 more words


Recommended Readings: May 9-15

If you read one article this week, engage Do or Don’t Do: The Golden Rule and Its Negative by Kevin Bywater.

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Recommended Reading: May 2-8

If you engage one article this week, look at The Truth of Myth by Bradley Birzer.

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What in the World Is a Worldview?

Everyone has a worldview. The movies you watch, books you read, and songs you listen to all come backed by a specific worldview. But we don’t always recognize it. 267 more words


Capital Punishment

In light of the on-going Dzhokhar Tsarnaev trial, I would like to take this post to address the sensitive issue of the death penalty.  No matter your background or beliefs, if you are a critical thinker, you recognize the incredible difficulty of reaching a unanimous conclusion on the use of capital punishment within even your own mind, much more among a group of people.   1,899 more words