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Urban Worm Bag - Week 2

It’s time to check in on my new Urban Worm Bag.  It’s been really hard to leave it alone but my worms seem to do better when I don’t dig around and disturb them.  22 more words


Let's Build a Worm Bin!

It’s no secret. I am a little fascinated by worms. Not really all worms though, composting worms.

Eisenia foetida (also known as red wiggler, brandling or manure worm) and  651 more words

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Urban Worm Bag - First Feeding

My new Urban Worm Bag is set up and ready to go.  In my last video, I filled it using my Worm Factory 360.  Now it’s time to check in on them and feed them in their new home for the first time.   Enjoy!


Harvesting Worm Castings - Rescuing Those Worms

An important step in harvesting worm castings is to make sure there aren’t any stray worms hanging out in the compost. Most composting worms are not a good fit for the garden. 45 more words


Working Worms! Scraps To Crap

You know what I love the most about healthy eating? I can give my scraps to another life source, Red Wiggler Worms. I’ll admit, they’re my pets and they bring me joy by just existing. 253 more words


Still Vermi-composting After All These Years: A Tribute to Will Allen

I first learned vermicomposting––the practice of feeding kitchen scraps to worms––from Will Allen of the now-well-known Growing Power in Milwaukee, WI. Back then, I was a third grade teacher in the Milwaukee Public Schools taking a summer  course about science teaching. 760 more words

Starting a Worm Bin

As I started looking into ways to reduce my waste and make use of every thing i possible could, I came across composting.

We don’t have much land here, so I needed something I could easily move around in case it gets in the way. 383 more words

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