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Outdoor Vermicomposting in the Hot Summer

When the weather was turning colder, I wrote about how to keep your worm friends warm through the winter. Now that the heat of the summer is here, it’s time to tackle the opposite issue. 758 more words


How to Start a Worm Bin

WE GOT WORMS!! I’m so excited I want to run around our neighborhood and spread the good word. Maybe I’m a freak… but the little buggers are so damn cute… 650 more words


Serious competition

Sorry, my worm friends but you’re simply too slow. You’re not even making it through a cup of shredded veggies in a week, or two weeks. 256 more words


Let's Do This!

I don’t normally do two posts in a day, but I am so excited!

Let’s start at the beginning.

I was reading a blog about gardening.  315 more words


Vermicasting: A Wormy Situation

Recently, I’ve been disgusted at the amount of food scraps that end up in my trash. Since I try to cook almost every night, the remainder of my scraps that don’t end up in my dishes, end up in the trash. 645 more words


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This must be the week for vermicasting/wormcycling! Check out this other blog I found-- it looks like they are using something that might be easy enough to make at home!

New Digs for the Worm Friends - And a Food Digester?

My little worm friends have gotten an upgrade! They moved from a tupperware-like dish to a proper wormery. I went to a composting workshop last week and they were selling the “Can-O-Worms” vermi-composter at a super reduced price.  440 more words


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I want to spread the love of other blogging-type folks who are also starting worm composters this week! Follow them if you're curious about getting started!

The Wonderful World of WormCycling

Several weeks ago when starting a series of composting blogs, I promised that I would share my experiences starting up a worm cycling bin. The post is finally here folks! 726 more words

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