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Composting vs. Vermicomposting: There’s No Comparison

Organic farmers are a bright and resourceful bunch. After all, what is more resourceful than utilizing nature itself to help crops reach their maximum potential growth? 250 more words

Expand Your Growing Operation with Our Large Scale Worm Bins

Long ago you made the commitment to start a nascent, small scale organic farm that took just you and a few others to manage. Now you’ve come to the point where your farm has grown, perhaps more than you could ever have imagined when you first started out. 231 more words

Why Worms?

When you think of “composting,” you probably think of a pile of smelly garbage. Traditional composting involves piling clippings from the yard and garden with animal manure and soil. 286 more words

Green Christine/ Garden Week 26 Update

I had high hopes for the garden this week, but I barely got around to anything. Between work and travel/ having company on the weekends, I barely even feel like I’ve had any days off. 487 more words


10. Start a worm bin

I’ve been wanting to create a worm bin ever since I lived in Indianapolis (this was another thing on the original list that took me some time to get to). 964 more words

Achieving Goals

Earth Master & Yard Butler

The EARTH MASTER got a butler.

Initially I didn’t want a regular compost heap because you have to mix the compost every now and then to get air in there in order to speed up the composting process. 128 more words

Minus The Plastic

A Glimpse into the Worm Bin

Vermi-composting is a process by which worms make high quality fertilizer for the garden.  I have a large outdoor worm bin as well  a smaller bin that stays in the house during the winter and on my deck the rest of the year.  167 more words