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Starting a Worm Bin

As I started looking into ways to reduce my waste and make use of every thing i possible could, I came across composting.

We don’t have much land here, so I needed something I could easily move around in case it gets in the way. 383 more words

Black Gold

River Valley Ranch, Dec 20th - Work Day

Yesterday, Wednesday December 20th, we had a work-day at River Valley Worm Ranch.  The main objective of the day was to continue the placement of compost into the primary Rick and inoculate the rick with Red Wigglers.   248 more words


First Generations Farmers

We are proud to announces that Delta Worms and PJ Dunn Working Red Worms will be working with First Generation Farmers to develop their vermiculture operation. 505 more words


A Little Bit About Us, Part 1

EchoTech Environmental Systems, LLC (EES) is the parent company of River Valley Worms and Delta Worms. EES also has an agreement to promote and sell worm products from PJ Dunn Working Red Worms. 394 more words


Harvesting A Worm Bin

Harvest worm compost at least once each year to keep your worms healthy. You can start harvesting 2-3 months after you set up your bin. Following are four ways to harvest worm composts or castings. 216 more words


Maintaining a Worm Bin

Feed your worms about a quart (one pound) of food scraps per square foot of surface area in your bin per week. To avoid Common Problems, like fruit flies and odors, always bury food under the bedding. 198 more words


Vermicomposting - Getting Started

Choose a Bin
Buy a bin, or build one out of wood, plastic, an old dresser drawer, shipping crate, or barrel.

What Kind of Bin? 343 more words