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Harvesting A Worm Bin

Harvest worm compost at least once each year to keep your worms healthy. You can start harvesting 2-3 months after you set up your bin. Following are four ways to harvest worm composts or castings. 216 more words


Maintaining a Worm Bin

Feed your worms about a quart (one pound) of food scraps per square foot of surface area in your bin per week. To avoid Common Problems, like fruit flies and odors, always bury food under the bedding. 198 more words


Vermicomposting - Getting Started

Choose a Bin
Buy a bin, or build one out of wood, plastic, an old dresser drawer, shipping crate, or barrel.

What Kind of Bin? 343 more words


Overfeeding Experiment 2

Greetings! I thought I would be writing more but it hasn’t turned out that way yet. The school portion of our lives have kept me busier than I anticipated. 82 more words

Life Is Learning

Harvesting Compost

Today we harvested the compost from the worm bin. We did a partial harvesting of the compost some weeks ago, but it seemed time to clean it out more thoroughly. 312 more words


Raising Worms in a College Dorm

Kinda crazy to consider huh? Well, you’ll be surprised to learn that yes! Even Millennials attending university can grow their own food, regardless of their dorm size. 947 more words

Beginner Anxieties

DIY home worm bin - for beginners!

The next step I took in my journey to reducing my environmental impact and creating a more sustainable way of living was to begin my worm (vermicompost) bin. 1,317 more words