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Worm Heaven (feat. Mama & Sista Traini)

Worm Heaven is finally finished, and the new family has moved in. Many thanks to my mother and sister who helped (aka did most of the work) while I took pictures and bossed around. 133 more words


Indoor Worm Bin Composting - Our Apartment Experience

 Sometimes you just have to figure out something won’t work through experimentation. This was the case with our indoor compost experience via worm bin after four months. 1,090 more words

Zero Waste

Worming my way back into the garden

It’s been a long time, but I’m back! A lot has happened since my last post that kept me away from gardening, mainly my move away from Washington back to sweet home California — San Diego, to be exact. 719 more words

Garden Preparation

Worm Bin Update

After 18 months of continuous composting in my worm bin, I thought I was really an expert.  My worms are on a regular diet of 1 chopped banana peel a week (my bin is very small so I don’t want to overload it).   256 more words

Green Living

Recent Garden-y Happenings (Hint: Mushrooms for the Win)

Even though the climate is warm enough to grow in Georgia all year round, our containers simply weren’t going to hold up. With the roots above ground, nights like the couple would have decimated all but the hardiest plants. 812 more words


Foliar Feeding with Worm Tea

I have a dirty little secret. I keep worms in my living room. Disgusting I know. However, if you do it right, there are no flies, gnats or smell. 244 more words

Worm Tea

Green Christine/ Garden Week 26 Update

I had high hopes for the garden this week, but I barely got around to anything. Between work and travel/ having company on the weekends, I barely even feel like I’ve had any days off. 487 more words