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Break It Down (Worm Time)

I’ve been wanting to get my worm bin started again for quite a while.  I used to have it going, before I was pregnant with my youngest, and I would use it to get rid of lots of leftovers and bits from the kitchen.   1,168 more words


Where are the dead bodies?

I don’t know where worms go when they die.  No, I’m not wondering if there is a Worm Heaven; I am literally saying that I do not know where the dead worm bodies are.   189 more words

Green Living

New Worm Bin - New Life for my Garden

Fortunately, when I was all but five years old, my father put a hammer and saw in my hands and built us kids a work bench. 447 more words

Preschool Vegetable Garden – 6 Weeks Later

Six weeks ago, I helped start a vegetable garden at my daughter’s preschool. Last week, I joined her class to check on the garden and talk about WORMS! 222 more words


A Good Day

I totally DID NOT check the weather today (bad farm girl), so I didn’t get as much done as I had planned. However, I was able to spend quality solo time with my daughter, then my husband.❤️ And now I’m about to just be. 163 more words

Life Is Learning

Worm Bin - Take 2

When we bought our house last year, I planned to start a compost bin right away. I bought an extra 10 gallon trash can and drilled holes through the bottom and on the lid. 289 more words


Worm Farm Update

Poor wormies. They were quite neglected during the move. Before we started packing, I made sure they were loaded up on food … then I don’t think I looked at them for one month. 884 more words