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We're Trying Corn Again.

Over the past 6 years of growing on this Urban Farm we’ve grown corn very successfully, then we had some difficulties which dropped our corn confidence to zero. 353 more words


A Venture into Vermiculture

When our tax return came in this last month, I looked at mrgillis and said “How about we each take a bit and invest it into something- I’d like to do meat birds.” 378 more words


Composting - Part 1: Different Ways to Compost

While there are different ways to make compost, I personally have tried a variety of ways, which includes using a composter and adding a special mixture to it to speed up decomposition both store bought and homemade. 924 more words

Soil Amendments

Turning Rubbish into Soil

During our permaculture design course (with Geoff Lawton) we were taught about using an old bath tub as our worm farm. This appealed to us both, as neither of us related to the black round things I’ve always called worm jails; I’ve met too many people who didn’t take the best care of these and the worms cooked. 337 more words


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Worm Casting For Sale Florida

Worm Compost,Worm Casting.  5 Gallon Bucket aprox 35 lbs $20.00. We supply a burlap Bag.
Google Maps Red Wiggler,Red Worms,Worm Castings.  10,405 more words


Localism and Community


I know, what we have for a winter isn’t much, relatively speaking, but for us mild-weather nerds in Olympia, this has been a cold one so far.  675 more words

Urban Farming

Heating with Microbes

I met Mark Allen a few years ago in 2013, when he was getting ready to sell his profitable business “Worms at Work”. He kept saying he wanted to sell it, but his body language and stories told me otherwise. 831 more words