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Our Humble Beginnings

People ask us all the time how we got started with WormaCulture. Well, it all began in 2015 after a good friend of mine suggested that we take a look into something known as vermiculture. 1,433 more words

Super-Charged Soil: Benefits of Earthworm Castings

If you’ve been hanging around nurseries and garden centers over the last few years, you’ve probably seen the growing availability of earthworm castings, but why? Earthworm castings have become more widely available because more people are discovering the various benefits of adding them to your soil. 463 more words

Organic Gardening

18th Annual NSCU Vermiculture Conference

Had such an awesome time with my new worm minded friends in Raleigh! Rhonda Sherman did a wonderful job of putting the conference together and it was fascinating to hear from all of the speakers from around the world. 381 more words

A Soil Microbiology Workshop

I really can’t explain how great of a class this was as Jane Weaver was so hospitable and interesting to listen to! I walked away with an entirely new respect for scientists and the amazing work that they do. 299 more words

The Adventure Begins!

Just like starting a business, writing a blog can be a pretty daunting task, especially for someone like myself. My desire to do things right often causes me to rethink decisions and return to do things over and over again. 572 more words

Worm Tea Recipe

Despite one of the crappiest weekends we’ve experienced here at Peperty, we were inspired with another way to repurpose our TP roll covers! To date, we’ve been placing the TP roll covers in the compost bin and also using them as craft stuff for the kids which also inevitably end up in the compost bin, except for the really good ones of course! 558 more words


How To Grow Your Garden Soil Healthy At Home

I learned this garden soil amendment recipe from Mr. Jojo Rom in his manual, “Urban Container Gardening:  A home farming manual”.  All errors and omissions are mine, however. 605 more words

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