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Cleaning up the Front Yard - Part 1

As I’ve said before: This property has been neglected for a VERY long time. There has been no gardening or yard maintenance carried out here for years but underneath all the overgrowth is pretty decent, unpolluted soil.  1,132 more words


Our Worm Factory 360

I bought our Worm Factory 360 in August 2014 and since then have been diverting most of our kitchen and garden waste into it: vegetable peels, coffee grounds, tea bags, dead houseplants and weeds to recycle into the best plant food imaginable.  857 more words


Mom Isn't Always Right - Potatoes

One of the first plants in my garden that showed any promise where my potatoes. The green tall green, flowered, and even made some potato seeds, yeah that happens! 171 more words


Pacific NW Fall Garden Part Deux - Soil Prep

Cal and I went to Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply in Portland’s Brooklyn neighborhood.

We went in with a basic idea of what we wanted to plant – mainly salad greens, beets, green onions – but no idea of ways to prep the soil. 260 more words


Worm Castings

Following are some suggestions when shopping for worm castings.

Many worm farmers will take their worm castings and stock them outside. There is a possibility that seeds are air born and settle in the piles. 244 more words


You Lie Like a Worm!

I stopped at a garden center and saw a new display of worm castings for sale. I understand the value of adding fine textured organic matter to our poor soils, but there is no magic in these brown paper bags. 102 more words

Florida Gardening

Soil remediation with Earthworms

Groups collaborate in India to clean up toxic land with earthworms.

4 acres of contaminated soil in India where 300K earthworms were added.  After one year there was a 60% reduction in heavy metals. 9 more words