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Worm Casting For Sale Florida

Worm Compost,Worm Casting.  5 Gallon Bucket aprox 35 lbs $15.00. We supply a burlap Bag.
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Localism and Community


I know, what we have for a winter isn’t much, relatively speaking, but for us mild-weather nerds in Olympia, this has been a cold one so far.  675 more words

Urban Farming

Heating with Microbes

I met Mark Allen a few years ago in 2013, when he was getting ready to sell his profitable business “Worms at Work”. He kept saying he wanted to sell it, but his body language and stories told me otherwise. 831 more words

The Why & How of Garden Soil Amendment

“If a healthy soil is full of death, it is also full of life: worms, fungi, microorganisms of all kinds …  Given only the health of the soil, nothing that dies is dead for very long.”

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Like Talking to Bricks

When it comes to organic gardening I often feel that the key for success is our children.  They are open, enthusiastic and have fun growing things.   78 more words

Sq Foot Gardening

Getting ready for the worms

Yesterday we contemplated our farming dreams for next year, and today we started putting things in motion.

As we pick up our red worms in two weeks, today we installed our in-ground worm bin we bought from… 313 more words

Whidbey Island

Are Worm Castings that beneficial?

I grew up in an area where there was severe drought, I vividly remember when I was a teenager the water situation was so dire each household, irrespective of size was allowed 5 buckets of water a day to do everything with, and I mean everything! 1,121 more words