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Are Worm Castings that beneficial?

I grew up in an area where there was severe drought, I vividly remember when I was a teenager the water situation was so dire each household, irrespective of size was allowed 5 buckets of water a day to do everything with, and I mean everything! 1,121 more words


Yield's Up!

Last winter, I posted about how my pitiful cricket yields were starting to climb. I went from 4 ounces to 8 ounces and it was rather encouraging. 587 more words


Going To The Worms

In order to help me solidify my commitment to the environment and natural gardening, Opie just bought me a Worm Factory Composting Bin.

And, although I have a feeling that I’m a Kimbo-come-lately to the organic gardening party and most of you already know what a Worm Factory Composting Bin is, let me explain. 407 more words


Building my compost to be something of strength and performance.

Hey all I just thought I’d share a few pics of my compost pile. It’s really florishing right now, I dump scraps in it so frequently its loving life. 63 more words


Bees and Peas and Worms- Oh My!

My days are once again revolving around the weather and the garden. I’d been waiting for the perfect night to relocate my growing bee colony to a more permanent place (from atop their temporary headquarters  on top of our camper!), and after several stings and some help from two strong women, the move seems to have been a success. 723 more words

Randie and Bill Explore Vermiculture

In my quest to take the trash out less, I have tried a couple of methods. One was to eat everything in the kitchen. Another was to compost. 215 more words

Adventures In Gardening

Power of the Poop

All good gardening practices start in the soil, so let me offer you a “soilution” today that will benefit every garden from ornamentals to lawns to veggie patches. 421 more words