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You Lie Like a Worm!

I stopped at a garden center and saw a new display of worm castings for sale. I understand the value of adding fine textured organic matter to our poor soils, but there is no magic in these brown paper bags. 102 more words

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Soil remediation with Earthworms

Groups collaborate in India to clean up toxic land with earthworms.

4 acres of contaminated soil in India where 300K earthworms were added.  After one year there was a 60% reduction in heavy metals. 9 more words


Rabbit Math

It happened while I peed behind a mesquite bush during a West Texas hunting trip.

I caught movement out of the corner of my eye as I concentrated on flooding an anthill. 1,897 more words


Start When They are Young at Heart

I had a great afternoon at Allerton House in Hingham.  There is a real possibility that we may be able to start worm farming at Allerton.  134 more words

Sq Foot Gardening

Worm Castings

Most people involved in gardening and commercial agriculture have a generally positive feeling about worm castings. Over 100 years ago, Charles Darwin was the first person to carefully observe the action of the earthworms and the benefit of the castings they produced. 180 more words

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Make a Worm Farm for Nutrient Rich Compost !

Worm farming to increase the nutrients in your garden beds is one of the best, most natural ways to supplement your garden’s needs! After all, worms are one of natures filters! 542 more words

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The Worm Ladies - Must See

Two weeks and the days get longer and there are sunny days a head.  It is time to get going.  Before the days of planting there is plenty to do. 80 more words