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Randie and Bill Explore Vermiculture

In my quest to take the trash out less, I have tried a couple of methods. One was to eat everything in the kitchen. Another was to compost. 215 more words


Power of the Poop

All good gardening practices start in the soil, so let me offer you a “soilution” today that will benefit every garden from ornamentals to lawns to veggie patches. 421 more words

Let's Build a Smoothie

The fun with building your own smoothie is understanding what your body or your child’s body needs.  The receipt can and should evolve.   Making the smoothie from fresh herbs and organic fruits and vegetables will give you a sense of emotional wellness as well.  146 more words

Sq Foot Gardening

Weak Plants Need Poison

The kale in the photo grew continuously for two years.  (This photo was taken when I first planted this kale.)  I haven’t added any compost or worm castings to the Mel’s Mix since the kale was first planted.   145 more words

Sq Foot Gardening

Cleaning up the Front Yard - Part 1

As I’ve said before: This property has been neglected for a VERY long time. There has been no gardening or yard maintenance carried out here for years but underneath all the overgrowth is pretty decent, unpolluted soil.  1,132 more words


Our Worm Factory 360

I bought our Worm Factory 360 in August 2014 and since then have been diverting most of our kitchen and garden waste into it: vegetable peels, coffee grounds, tea bags, dead houseplants and weeds to recycle into the best plant food imaginable.  857 more words


Mom Isn't Always Right - Potatoes

One of the first plants in my garden that showed any promise where my potatoes. The green tall green, flowered, and even made some potato seeds, yeah that happens! 171 more words