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Composting With Worms

Vermicomposting, aka vermi-composting or worm composting is the practice of utilizing worms to break down waste resulting in worm castings (poop).

According to one study, when compared to conventional microbial composting, vermicomposting results in a material which has lower contamination levels (fewer toxins such as heavy metals) and is able to retain more nutrients over a longer period of time. 262 more words

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How To Grow Your Garden Soil Healthy At Home

I learned this garden soil amendment recipe from Mr. Jojo Rom in his manual, “Urban Container Gardening:  A home farming manual”.  All errors and omissions are mine, however. 605 more words

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How To Make Vermicompost At Home for Organic Fertilizer

Vermicompost or worm castings (vermicast) organic fertilizer is “black gold”, and I found it extremely helpful in organic gardening.  I’m sharing learnings from my hands-on experience of making vermicompost of 5 years, in the hope that we could reduce our garbage and produce natural foods from biodegradable kitchen wastes.   1,130 more words

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How To Start Organic Gardening at Home in Bacolod City, the Philippines

Congratulations for making an effort to start organic gardening!

I’ve been doing organic gardening for 5 years now in Bacolod City, and I’ll share with you valuable inputs I learned throughout those years. 487 more words

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We're Trying Corn Again.

Over the past 6 years of growing on this Urban Farm we’ve grown corn very successfully, then we had some difficulties which dropped our corn confidence to zero. 353 more words

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A Venture into Vermiculture

When our tax return came in this last month, I looked at mrgillis and said “How about we each take a bit and invest it into something- I’d like to do meat birds.” 378 more words