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Vermicompost aka Worm Compost aka Worm Poop

Yep, worm poop! Some call this stuff black gold because it’s so good for the garden. It helped my garden tremendously last year, and I swear by the stuff! 998 more words

January 24, 2017 (Welcome baby girls!)

Our group was a little small this week as one expectant Mama had her baby on Thursday and the other was actively in labor on Tuesday!   1,610 more words

Worm Castings,Worm Compost ,Compost Tampa.+Updated 1/26/17

Worm Casting For Sale Florida

Worm Compost,Worm Casting.  5 Gallon Bucket aprox 35 lbs $15.00. We supply a burlap Bag.
Google Maps Red Wiggler,Red Worms,Worm Castings.  10,407 more words


I've Got Worms

I’ve had worms for just over a year now. Okay, that doesn’t sound right. What I mean to say is that a year ago my sister gave me worms. 736 more words

Balcony Garden

The 2016 Fertilizer Episode

Everything in the food chain needs to eat. From humans all the way down to beneficial bacteria; we all eat. A few species along the way are mostly carnivores, a few are herbivores, but the majority are omnivores, including the soil and the many of the microbes that live in that soil. 1,563 more words

Vegetable Gardening

Preschool Vegetable Garden – 6 Weeks Later

Six weeks ago, I helped start a vegetable garden at my daughter’s preschool. Last week, I joined her class to check on the garden and talk about WORMS! 222 more words