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A Guide To Attracting Worms To Your Garden

A good colony of earthworms can make your garden more productive.  The benefits of worms in the garden are numerous: worm compost is rich in nutrients, helps repel slugs and bugs, and even protects plants from some diseases.  326 more words


How to find out if your garden grubs are friends, foes ... or a meal

Recently, a member of our Facebook gardening group found new residents in his garden: grubs.

Jeff Galios is known as our group’s pepper guru, and he found the fat, white, quarter-sized grubs in a planter. 831 more words


Leaves, leaves and MORE leaves!!

That’s my husband. He was facing forward and waving but I told him he didn’t need to do that :-D
No matter that he’s in the picture it absolutely does… 876 more words


ICT & Science: How the Eco Warriors are using tech to save the environment

This week, the Eco Warriors, are going to be shooting material for their educational videos about compost.

Since September, we have been developing a small, portable worm composter that we will be selling to the families at DESK at the annual Christmas Market in two weeks. 85 more words

Earthworms: An Introduction

Earthworms: An Introduction

Amy Stewart’s The Earth Moved
In Amy Stewart’s engrossing book on worms she states:The Earth Moved: On the Remarkable Achievements of Earthworms… 2,461 more words

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Billions of Microorganisms in the Worm Bin

Billions of Microorganisms in the Worm Bin
In addition to the visible macro-organisms that inhabit your worm bin, there are billions of microorganisms who help the composting process along. 770 more words

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Worm Factory 360 and Standard

Worm Composting 101

A quick guide to worm composting and how to compost

A Brief History of Composting

Humans have been composting for thousands of years. 1,399 more words

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