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DIY Vermicomposting: The Most Efficient Way of Using Organic Material

I have my own compost box.  That thing absolutely devours everything I put in it.

Composting, the process of taking raw organic material like kitchen scraps, lawn trimmings, dead leaves, and chipped woody material and turning it into a useable, stable, non-offensive soil amendment can be done in any living situation.  1,831 more words


DIY Worm Composting

Something that irks about not having our own garden space is not being able to make our own compost. At our last place we donated our food scraps to others’ heaps, which worked out just fine. 995 more words


5 Simple Solutions For Composting

Composting is by far the best way to condition your soil. Whether you have a small patio garden or a robust vegetable garden in your backyard, your soil needs to be cared for. 929 more words


Good Soil

For the past four or five months I have been “Worm Composting”. My daughter found the information and together we made bins. She is using smaller bins at her place and I am using larger ones here. 275 more words

Fairy Garden

Vermicompost aka Worm Compost aka Worm Poop

Yep, worm poop! Some call this stuff black gold because it’s so good for the garden. It helped my garden tremendously last year, and I swear by the stuff! 998 more words

January 24, 2017 (Welcome baby girls!)

Our group was a little small this week as one expectant Mama had her baby on Thursday and the other was actively in labor on Tuesday!   1,610 more words

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Worm Casting For Sale Florida

Worm Compost,Worm Casting.  5 Gallon Bucket aprox 35 lbs $20.00. We supply a burlap Bag.
Google Maps Red Wiggler,Red Worms,Worm Castings.  10,405 more words