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Home grown fish and turning fish waste into lettuces efficiently means an aquaponics system! I’ve had my IBC set up for a few years now and by and large it has been easy to manage but I have had a few hiccups along the way…happily part of fixing our pump involved a visit to… 243 more words


The main components to making a worm farm. First, the worm bin.

There are 4 basic things that you need to start your own worm farm?

  • Worm Bin/Boxes/Farm
  • Worm Bedding
  • Worm Food
  • Worms

It’s a short list of things needed for building a farm. 427 more words

Worm Farm

Worm Farming for Homeschooling? What made us think of trying it?

We have started a fun science project for the summer. We’ve made a worm farm!

What made us think of a worm farm? Last year I was searching for ant farms and accidentally came across a cute kit for worm farms so I told myself I was going to look into it this year. 333 more words



Vermicompost is ”  the practice of using worms to break down food scraps. The resulting material is a mix of worm castings and decomposed food scraps,” taken from Google. 300 more words


For my birthday I got worms!

I’m not kidding. And I was overjoyed! I have been wanting to build a worm farm for months. I’ve been to a class on how to build and maintain a worm farm. 1,706 more words

Food Waste

Preparing the crop Circles for Planting

It’s a big job, preparing your garden for planting.  The crop circles have seen many seasons and each one I learn something more about gardening.  Hope you do too. 27 more words


DIY Vermicomposting Bin

Like we don’t have enough going on, right?

I saw an add on meetup.com for a vermicomposting class a few weeks ago.  The Mrs. and I have been talking about possible businesses for the children to run and selling worms is one of them.   936 more words