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Preparing the crop Circles for Planting

It’s a big job, preparing your garden for planting.  The crop circles have seen many seasons and each one I learn something more about gardening.  Hope you do too. 27 more words


DIY Vermicomposting Bin

Like we don’t have enough going on, right?

I saw an add on meetup.com for a vermicomposting class a few weeks ago.  The Mrs. and I have been talking about possible businesses for the children to run and selling worms is one of them.   936 more words


Awesome herbs!

Tonight’s bowl includes:
Parsley (curled)
Spring onion tips
And a special guest appearance from rocket ‘micro greens’

Im adding all of this to a mushroom sauce for my steak tonight ;-)

Happy gardening

The Flats

Intro to Worm Farming

I like to garden which means that I would do anything for my plants’ health. So last year for my birthday, I got a worm farm, not the typical thing a ten year old would get, but I did. 61 more words

Worm Cycler

Tomatoes: a picture of diversity!

Its been a really bad season this summer for a lot of gardeners in the Melbourne area. 58 more words

The Flats


I just wanted to share some pics from my garden. This year after several years, I’ve been able to plant and harvest summer vegetables. Also, my worm farm has been going gangbusters, so has been providing me with plenty of worm juice and worm castings which my plants seem to like.

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Worms, Worms, and More Worms!

For the past 6 months or so, the subject of worms has been crawling around in my brain (pun intended!). I have decided to set up a small vermicomposting — the proper name for a worm farm — bin. 109 more words