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Build a Worm Farm!

Happy Spring!  Click on the link below & read my latest article to be published on homestead.org!  Learn how to build your very own worm composting bin.   45 more words

A Venture into Vermiculture - setting up and getting started

Our Venture into Vermiculture, started out very quickly. It was literally, a flirtation with an idea and then, 3 days later our WormFactory 360 was delivered. 773 more words


Turning Rubbish into Soil

During our permaculture design course (with Geoff Lawton) we were taught about using an old bath tub as our worm farm. This appealed to us both, as neither of us related to the black round things I’ve always called worm jails; I’ve met too many people who didn’t take the best care of these and the worms cooked. 337 more words


In ground worm farm

Morag Gamble shares her knowledge and experience in a really good way. She knows what she is talking about because she lives it. She has a really good Facebook page if you look her up. 270 more words

It is all about the WORMS!

Did someone say WORMS!  How about hundreds of worms?  Last week the 5th-grade students enjoyed their hands on garden experience learning about the benefits of worms in the garden beds. 150 more words

Charter School

Keeping an eye out for Rat Babies.

After dinner I lifted the top layer of the worm farm off and full of wriggling worms I carefully placed them into a holding bin. The rest of the worm bed went into the growing beds by the bucket full that I gently dug through ready for planting. 725 more words


Carbon pawprints - caution poo talk ahead

Ok – so I know that having pets isn’t very sustainable.  It’s been claimed that a medium size dog has a similar carbon footprint as two SUV’s… 614 more words

Zero Waste