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Why You Shouldn’t Use Bleached or Glossy Paper in Your Compost or Worm Farm

As gardeners, we often told that we shouldn’t use office photocopying paper or glossy magazines in our worm farms, compost or the garden in general. Many gardeners ask why not? 1,981 more words

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Rob's Worm Farm & The Quest for Awesome Soil

Something odd that I’d long been wanting to try my hand at is vermiculture. Since I was a child, I was fascinated by the process in which those wiggly little beasts turned most any biomass into that wondrous black growing medium we call worm castings. 81 more words


A Journey to a Waste-Free Lifestyle with Ellie Love

Going waste free can be hard. I can say from personal experience, there are many obstacles to jump over. Whether you are going out for a drink, going grocery shopping or simply having a takeaway breakfast, we are constantly given plastic containers or straws which end up being thrown out after a few minutes of use. 717 more words


The Adventure Continues

I have had a successful year with the vegetable-growing adventures. My family gave me the boxes as a birthday/ retirement gift in June 2016 and it’s been the wonderful gift that just keeps on giving.   342 more words

Worm Farm Workshop

Awesome worm farm workshop (Vermicomposting) today delivered by Travis Bambey and Xzayde Starr from Garden Your Way.

We learnt how to construct our own worm farm, how to look after our little red wrigglers and the benefits of having one. 71 more words


Worm Tea Recipe

Despite one of the crappiest weekends we’ve experienced here at Peperty, we were inspired with another way to repurpose our TP roll covers! To date, we’ve been placing the TP roll covers in the compost bin and also using them as craft stuff for the kids which also inevitably end up in the compost bin, except for the really good ones of course! 558 more words


Worm Farm Workshop

This month Pura Vida Organics are offering a workshop on worm composting, hosted by Travis Bambey and Xzayde Starr from Garden Your Way. With a hands on learning approach, Travis and Xzayde will take you through the basics of how to build a worm compost, how to care for your worms, and how to best utilise worms in your garden design system. 69 more words