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Containers and fertilizer

I sit here with an aching back and a happy smile.  It’s been a good day in the garden today.  It started off when I went to look for some wooden boxes at a company that buys and sells pallets and the like.   528 more words

Worm Farming Forever

We went to a worm workshop, woo! The Green Living Centre, a joint initiative between local governments, hosted the event to teach us about worm farming, both as a way to eliminate food waste and to produce organic fertilizer for home gardens. 810 more words


Wiggly worker worms

Something that irritates the hell out of me is waste. Sadly the packaging we go through buying food at the supermarket is bad enough, but we’ve been throwing out vege scraps for 2 years now and every time my soul cringes. 683 more words


Worm Tunnel

While researching hot composting this morning, I became a little side-tracked when I saw some pictures of in-ground worm farms, or ‘worm tunnels’. I had seen these on the… 627 more words

Biodegradable is OK, right?

According to Clean Up Australia, around half of household waste is organic. Organic waste includes food, garden and lawn clippings, animal and plant based material, and degradable carbon such as paper, cardboard and timber1. 254 more words



All worms eat rotting, organic matter. In the process, they aerate and cycle nutrients and minerals, digesting them with their bacteria, and turning them into castings, producing a great fertilizer. 2,822 more words

Chapter 4

Red Wrigglers and Vermicast

I have been thinking about a worm farm for a while but it all seemed like it would be a huge problem to set up.  I am a big fan of researching on the Internet so I went to YouTube and did a search.   266 more words