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Worm Farm

After a bit of reading on composting and not having room for a large compost bin(yet) I decided to get a worm farm.
It’s not just the compost but also the worm tea that’s to come from there. 44 more words




Having a worm farm is an awesome way to recycle you’re food scraps and end up with pure black gold…or vermicast to start your seeds off in.   227 more words

How to make your own quick worm farm (using stackable food-safe plastic containers)

My amazing man built a worm farm today using four stackable plastic ‘meat trays’. The project took him less than an hour and most of that time went into drilling aeration and drainage holes. 519 more words


Our worm farm and 2,000 Carles

For awhile now I’ve wanted to compost, but in DC we were in a teeny tiny apartment where I couldn’t figure out how to do it. 402 more words


Composting made easy

Composting is a great way to turn your everyday food scraps into (free) rich organic matter for your garden. All it takes is a bit of time and a place for your composter.  573 more words


Home grown fish and turning fish waste into lettuces efficiently means an aquaponics system! I’ve had my IBC set up for a few years now and by and large it has been easy to manage but I have had a few hiccups along the way…happily part of fixing our pump involved a visit to… 243 more words


The main components to making a worm farm. First, the worm bin.

There are 4 basic things that you need to start your own worm farm?

  • Worm Bin/Boxes/Farm
  • Worm Bedding
  • Worm Food
  • Worms

It’s a short list of things needed for building a farm. 427 more words

Worm Farm