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Hamfisted health and safety for the sake of National's pork barrel

I’m sorry, I simply couldn’t resist the potential for porcine punnery on this one, inspired by Bill Rosenberg’s comments on Stuff. A good headline sells a story – and that’s what we’re seeing with the latest hapless chapter of… 564 more words


Worms - wriggly wonder workers

By Karen Retra
Did you notice all the worms out during the recent rain? Earthworms are great at breaking down organic matter. Their movement underground also helps to aerate the soil. 448 more words

Growing Advice

Please Join the High Desert Vegetable Gardens group on Facebook

We’re going to be closing comments on this blog soon since Greg is most active on Facebook. This blog’s content will remain for your viewing pleasure, but if you want to ask Greg questions about red worms and vegetable farming, or if you just want to say hello, please visit him on Facebook at:

High Desert Vegetable Gardens



Worms are people too!

Many years ago my brother Rod gave me a CERES worm farm for Christmas; a very generous present. (Thanks Rod!)

With the worm farm installed in our backyard, I would no longer need to toss our food scraps into the bin. 359 more words

Getting out into the garden

Well I have no idea what’s been happening in the garden for the past few weeks, but am sure it’s been hotter and drier than in NZ. 501 more words

Community Garden Activities

Worm Farms, Trenches and Pots

Sometimes in permaculture design we mix elements together. At times they seem to naturally belong together like peanut butter and jelly and sometimes more like oil and water, but that’s what we do as designers. 423 more words


Get the dirt on worms - by Fiona Huxtable

This article on worms was written by staff member Fiona Huxtable and it was published in The Border Mail on Saturday 30th August 2014.  To read the whole article, including gardening tips and Deb’s Diary – click the link below. 8 more words