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Retro Monday - "Worms"

Well here it is. Another thing that I’ve made up at short notice. The original version involved “Half-Life” but the task of reviewing a game that everyone has already made up their minds about, and where the majority of them have already played, finished, memorized, recorded ‘ 628 more words

Guy Off The Internet/Wil Morris

This is One Banana You do NOT Want to Eat

Throughout this blog we have explored the many different ways that food can be consumed and cooked depending on what video game you’re playing. Well today we’re going to do a quick 360 no scope towards food, and weapons. 335 more words


Nobody Likes Me; Everybody Hates Me -- Guess I'll Play Some Worms

Christmas comes early!

If you’re of stable mind you’d better click on this link here and get some Worms Armageddon if you don’t already have a Worms game on your Steam Machine. 392 more words

Not ColecoVision

Humble Weekly Bundle: Team 17


For anyone who was born in the 70’s/80’s simply hearing the name Team 17 brings back many memories. Back in the age of the Amiga, basically any release from Team 17 was worth buying. 228 more words

Humble Bundle Weekly Update (Week of 10/27)

Although there is no Humble Bundle this week, that’s not going to stop the guys at Team 17 from doing the Humble Weekly Sale. For one week, they are offering some of their games from the Worms franchise, Alien Breed series, and more. 136 more words

Game Beast

Chess, Worms, Advance Wars, and the "Turn-Based" Video Game

A Look into Critical Thinking as an Exercise in Video Games

By: Derek Hobson

I’ve never played Shogi, but I think foregoing my Eastern audience, I’d like to make the claim now that all people want to use Chess as a metaphor for intelligence, tact, and life. 2,251 more words