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Vintage Worship: The Glory of Historic Hymns | The Gospel Coalition

From Matt Boswell, a good piece on hymns:

When I mention historic hymns, maybe you cringe as you recall a “worship war” in your local church.

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global music and worship

It seems that a truce has been called in the so-called worship wars. Or at least I seem to hear a lot less about such wars raging in the church today. 796 more words

The Christian Butter Battle

In Dr. Seuss’ seminal children’s book The Butter Battle Book, he tells the story of two cultures, the Yooks and the Zooks, that live divided by a large wall. 278 more words


How to end the worship wars for good — part 2

We’ve already noted the need to move from a focus on experience in worship to an encounter with God. Experiences are great, but when we make them the goal and/or measure of worship, we become akin to Baal worshipers, turning worship itself into an idol. 1,267 more words


How to end the worship wars for good — part 1

I’ve written elsewhere about the need to move the focus of worship from experience to encounter. If we gather to meet Our Triune God as a community, rather than to have a transcendent experience as individuals, we have taken a huge step in defusing the worship wars. 1,022 more words


Many Hearts - One Song

How do you worship? How do you allow others to worship?

Many Hearts – One Song

Father, what is it about us that makes us think that the way “we” worship You is the only “correct” way? 398 more words


'Come Up Here' (Revelation 4:1)

Today, many American congregations are casualty-strewn battlefields of the “worship wars,” in which defenders of traditional hymns, pianos, and organs face off against partisans of contemporary choruses, guitars, and drums. 549 more words

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