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Modern Worship Wars

Whether you currently attend a church or not, chances are you have been inside a church of one kind or another at some point in your life.  523 more words


WORSHIP & Three Reasons for Worship Wars and Three Lessons to Learn (A Leaderhip Exercise)

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 11/11/15.

In the popular leadership exercise on “Worship & A Leadership Exercise to Untangle Worship Controversies” I’ve noticed that worship disasters often result from: 426 more words


Worship Wars

There is something that drives me nuts, especially as a seminarian who hopes to be a pastor someday when the seminary finally says I’m done taking classes and I have raked up enough debt to pay for it all. 793 more words


Vintage Worship: The Glory of Historic Hymns | The Gospel Coalition

From Matt Boswell, a good piece on hymns:

When I mention historic hymns, maybe you cringe as you recall a “worship war” in your local church.

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global music and worship

It seems that a truce has been called in the so-called worship wars. Or at least I seem to hear a lot less about such wars raging in the church today. 796 more words

The Christian Butter Battle

In Dr. Seuss’ seminal children’s book The Butter Battle Book, he tells the story of two cultures, the Yooks and the Zooks, that live divided by a large wall. 278 more words


How to end the worship wars for good — part 2

We’ve already noted the need to move from a focus on experience in worship to an encounter with God. Experiences are great, but when we make them the goal and/or measure of worship, we become akin to Baal worshipers, turning worship itself into an idol. 1,267 more words