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How to end the worship wars for good — part 2

We’ve already noted the need to move from a focus on experience in worship to an encounter with God. Experiences are great, but when we make them the goal and/or measure of worship, we become akin to Baal worshipers, turning worship itself into an idol. 1,267 more words


How to end the worship wars for good — part 1

I’ve written elsewhere about the need to move the focus of worship from experience to encounter. If we gather to meet Our Triune God as a community, rather than to have a transcendent experience as individuals, we have taken a huge step in defusing the worship wars. 1,022 more words


Many Hearts - One Song

How do you worship? How do you allow others to worship?

Many Hearts – One Song

Father, what is it about us that makes us think that the way “we” worship You is the only “correct” way? 398 more words


'Come Up Here' (Revelation 4:1)

Today, many American congregations are casualty-strewn battlefields of the “worship wars,” in which defenders of traditional hymns, pianos, and organs face off against partisans of contemporary choruses, guitars, and drums. 549 more words

The Daily Word

Let's Talk About the Style of Our Music...

I’ve recently moved to LaPorte, IN, where I am attending a church of roughly 100 people. I have been to many churches that are far smaller (where 20 was a good turnout), and a handful of churches much larger (ranging from 3,000 even up to 10,000+ regular attendees every Sunday morning). 2,131 more words


Ritual and Resistance: Worship Suggestions #UMC

” . . . ritual isn’t about expressing religious commitment at all, but about doing something in a way that marks the moment as different from the everyday and forces you to see it as important.”  That quote came from an article about… 948 more words


Don't Eat the Chocolate: Why Contemporary Worship Music is Dead, Dying, and Decaying

It’s become clear to me that contemporary worship music is dead, dying, and decaying. Think I’m wrong? I’m not. Here’s my proof (read it and weep. 567 more words


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Tongue firmly in cheek, here's a repost of a blog on 10 reasons Contemporary music is DEAD! Here's a sneak peek: "6. Repetition is never appealing These new song writers have never studied great compositions like the 'Hallelujah Chorus' or 'Psalm 107' to see how you don’t need to repeat phrases to emphasize something."