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A Kingdom Established (preparing for worship at MGPC 30/4/17)

Song: This Is Our Glad Announcement
Welcome: Roger Bannister
Call to Worship
Song: We Sing The Praise Of Him Who Died
Prayer Of Confession
Song: … 103 more words


The Pastor's Alb and Stole

The pastor wears a white robe called an Alb (from the Latin word albis meaning “white”).

It is the color white to represent the “robes of righteousness” that all Christians receive through the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. 93 more words


Question and Answer 

It’s not always what it seems.

Sometimes it’s the question. Sometimes it’s the answer. But they both can catch us off guard. But I am grateful that it never catches God by surprise. 406 more words


The Pulpit

This is called the pulpit.

This is the place that is set aside for proclaiming God’s Word. The pastor generally preaches sermons from this location. 21 more words


The Sanctuary Lamp

This candle is called The Sanctuary Lamp.

It represents the eternal presence of God in the Sanctuary whether we are there or not.

In some churches, the sanctuary lamp is an actual oil candle that needs to be refilled. 14 more words


The Altar

This is called the altar.

In the Bible (especially the Old Testament), the altar was the place where offerings and sacrifices were made to God. 208 more words