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Worst day ever (Friday Fictioneers)

The man sighed when she brought the two plates of waffles.

‘Bad day?’

He looked up. ‘My girl stormed out. Didn’t like that we’d both ordered waffles. 113 more words

Friday Fictioneers

Tomorrow Will Be Better

Hello my geeks! I hope your weekend has been a fun and relaxing one, and that you’re all refreshed and feeling ready to take on the following week. 155 more words

Quote Of The Week


Hey guys.

I have had a really bad day.Really bad.Anyways,this morning I had a terrible stomach ache, so that was sad.Then at lunch, I had literally nothing to eat since my grilled cheese wasn’t grilled!And then came P.E.Ugh.Anyways, we had to do this cardio exercise thing where we had to run fast for 5 minutes, then go straight to the middle of the gym and do burpees.My legs are  161 more words


The less fun part of Spain

If you look at a tourist brochure about Spain, you will likely be bombarded with clichéd images of tapas, sangria, flamenco, and siestas.

Whilst that’s all well and good, another rather distinctive part of the Spanish culture, which is noticeably absent from any tourist material, is the frustrating amount of bureaucracy. 533 more words

Worst. Day. Ever.

We all have them—those days when nothing seems to go right from the minute our feet hit the floor.

  • The dog throws up on the carpet when you’re already late for work…
  • 535 more words
Just Life

Why Right Now my House is Covered in Feathers, Dog Hair, and Skunk Grossness and I'm Wearing 2 Contacts in my Right Eye: an FML Memoir in Pictures

So, as usual, my alarm went off this morning. But, unlike most people, my alarm is furry and it comes in the form of two large dogs forcefully throwing their bodies against my bedroom door repeatedly with loud clunking noises at 5am until I begrudgingly peel my eyelids off my face and emerge from the bedroom to feed them. 2,401 more words







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