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#todaysconclusions 18/03/15

Going on my first jog for five years wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Jogging gives you a lot of time to think. More so if you actually cover some distance :) 68 more words


Worst. Day. Ever.

I’m a little nervous writing about this issue, but I’ve been inspired by Mardy Fish, as I strongly relate to his story. No, I was not on the brink of death due to a cardiac problem. 1,570 more words



– a person with an extreme enthusiasm for coupons

I’m sure there’s an actual word to describe people that are really into coupons. I’m also sure that word is not coupon-natic. 242 more words

First World Problems

How my day went bad two hours into the start of my day:

- I woke up feeling like I had just trudged through the Sahara desert with an empty water bottle.

– I then reach over to the side of my bed where I keep a water bottle to find that there’s only a little bit left. 516 more words

Train Chronicles


Okay, so remember the chocolate bar I ate before blogging last night?

I left the wrapper on the coffee table. I’m PRETTY sure I ate it all. 483 more words


Mental or Emotional Strain or Tension

a.k.a stress. Haha.

Been MIA for close to 3 weeks because I’ve been so god damn busy with so many things up my sleeve. And yeah¬†managed to¬† 1,099 more words

Story Teller Kimee

Why i hate November 19!

Today, 19th of November, is my least favorite day ever for the rest of my life. Why? you may ask. Well i’ll tell you. Today one year ago it was the worst day of my life! 201 more words