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Worst Day Ever

Sang mentari menjenguk dari balik bukit di cakrawala disertai dengan hawa hangat yang membuat beberapa makhluk hidup terbangun dari kematian sementara yang menyerang tadi malam. Lampu-lampu yang menyala semalam sudah padam, disebabkan oleh persaingan dengan sinar matahari yang mengalahkannya. 664 more words

Cerpen Bahasa Indonesia

A Really Bad Day

One year ago, when I was at school and I was having a lesson, suddenly a storm started and a thunder struck the electricity pillar. The lights switched off and we were hearing a noise coming from the second floor. 240 more words


9-1-1 S1 E4 "Worst Day Ever"

This week the show starts off with pretty much everyone’s worst nightmare a plane crash. The plane catches on fire and the pilot manages to land the plane in the water. 787 more words

My Weekend with the Carbon Monoxide Alarm

I got home from Thanksgiving at my moms, and my only dream in the world was to just lay down and sleep a week of my life away, because y’all, I have been sick as FRACK and my body keeps trying to shut down, but I keep trying to make it rally bc HELLO, IT’S THANKSGIVING AND THAT IS LITERALLY A HOLIDAY DEDICATED TO EATING AND EATING AND EATING UNTIL THE SHAME OF YOUR PANTS NOT CLOSING SETS IN, SO YOU NAP UNTIL IT’S TIME TO EAT AGAIN! 1,106 more words

A Hole Log of Disappointment.

On Wednesday the 25th of October 2017, I decided to buy a liquorice chocolate log and to my greatest disappointment there was a hole in the liquorice only chocolate could fill. 362 more words

Are you superstitious ?

So, I wanted to post about the Dove Ad and explain the reasons why I find it everything but racist. And Friday some really weird things happened to me. 687 more words


Worst Day Ever

It was the most awful day the world had ever eyed

Late for work, I snatched my coffee and sprinted outside

But on the way, I stumbled on my feet… 23 more words