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November 23rd, 2016

I admire that guy who can talk about politics for hours with a complete analysis that every individual needs

I admire that guy who works out every day and looks just like a Greek God. 295 more words

Worth Dying For - Lee Child

Since I had enjoyed (mostly) the last Lee Child book I had listened to, when I saw another one at my library, I picked it up. 566 more words


Take A Stand

If you don’t stand for something, then you will fall for anything.


Identifying What's Worth Dying For

While watching news one night, I was amazed how some people can find a comb worth dying for. They’ll fight to the death if someone grabs their combs from them. 540 more words


Façade of good

Human beings are interesting creatures. Western cultures are peculiar in general, perhaps because I know it best and judge it the most that I find it intriguing. 1,017 more words

Book Review: 61 Hours & Worth Dying For by Lee Child

I read 61 Hours and Worth Dying For back-to-back because I thought that Worth Dying For was the sequel to 61 Hours because at the end of 61 Hours, it said “to be continued.”  It turns out that this was misleading.  361 more words

Book Review