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No More "Friend Zone"

We all tell ourselves lies to make us feel better whenever something doesn’t go how we had hoped. We find ways to put the blame on someone other than ourselves so as to not bring ourselves down anymore than we already are because of these unfortunate circumstances. 419 more words

I am worth it.

I was raped.

That’s actually the first time those words have been strung together anywhere but in my head. And that’s not because I am ashamed. 1,585 more words


The past few days I’ve been feeling incredibly free–free to be myself, free to accept my flaws and be accepting of others. I feel incredibly light as I’ve slowly been giving away the burdens and misconceptions that I’ve heaped on myself these 29 years. 1,420 more words

Plucking the Gray; Hiding the Wisdom

I admit—I have no earthly clue how much gray I have under all this hair color. I see hints of it every month or so and I rush out for the latest hair coloring product that promises to wash the tints of silver away. 909 more words

Personal Development

What We Leave Behind.

In my mind it is my reason for being. My souls driven purpose. The thought of leaving this existence without leaving behind a track record of more rights than wrongs is a thought that haunts me. 161 more words