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Getting rid of poisonous relationships

I think the whole purpose of this article should be more discussed than it actually is nowadays. It’s hard to accept sometimes, but yes, it’s important to let go of destructive relationships as much as it’s hard to do so. 259 more words

Break Up

Restrictive Stereotyping

I am convinced that we are all capable of much more than we even think. We are capable of doing just about anything. However, we limit ourselves. 253 more words




I am worth it. My personal development is very important in my life. Unlike the masses, I do not quiver at the thought of monetary or time investments. 43 more words

Successibility Thinking

Ten Years Later, Owlboy Is Finally Coming Out

(Source: steamed.kotaku.com)

The first post about Owlboy on evil-billionaire-proof Overwatch fansite Kotaku is from the year 2008. A certain Luke Plunkett tells me there are even older ones that didn’t survive a server change that same year. 257 more words


What You Are 02

What you are, the world is

Your truth is construed to project

Write the blame unto your victims

Shield your selves with religious systems

Laugh at the confusion you orchestrated 20 more words

Predators And Prey

As of today, Tim Cook can now unlock $100 million in bonuses

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Tim Cook has officially reached the five-year mark as CEO of Apple, and with that comes a giant bonus. 

Cook is celebrating his fifth anniversary Wednesday, which means he can now unlock stock bonuses he was awarded in 2011 — stock bonuses that are now worth more than $100 million, … 109 more words