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Snuffed out

She stills my heart with the slightest look
Stirring my blood with a grin
Her words warm and light a fire within
But we are never to be… 51 more words


28th October 2016. - Eureka moment.

This week I read a short essay by Jane Rendell, called ‘doing it, (un)doing it, (over)doing it yourself’ which for the following reasons I believe follows on quite nicely from my summary of last week’s blog. 627 more words


Countess Greffulhe: muse to Proust

New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology is currently showing items from the Countess Greffulhe’s incredible wardrobe, on loan from Paris’s Musee Galliera.  I went, wondering what relevance these nineteenth century gowns could have on twenty-first century fashion but I came away deeply inspired, and particularly by the power of the sleeve. 566 more words


There’s always something worth doing but to find what’s worth you doing you must first go in search of what it is you want.

Quote Of The Day

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Not Worth Less

You are not worthless or worth less.

It can be hard to see that at times. When that boss harasses you unfairly, that person takes advantage of your generosity and kindness, that relationship fails… and so does the next one, when your best efforts fall short of your dreams, when you give someone or some thing the best you currently had to offer them and their actions say it meant nothing to them, when betrayal comes and the pain can only be described as “heart breaking”, or maybe when you are not the victim but the cause… 178 more words

Why Elite Investors Know Exactly How Much Their Time is Worth

Want to be a better real estate investor? Your time logs and labor costs don’t lie; here’s how to use them to measure your true ROI & find new insights. 34 more words