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Out of the dark crowd he finds me
Out of all the souls it’s mine he sees
His smile never fades no matter how far… 103 more words


4 grands worth

Hello Cyclechat. If you are riding a bike past me which is worth less than £4000 I won t nod or wave at you. Good day. 6 more words

Cycling Stuff

Becoming Whole

At first I read this, and thought I can’t post this quote because, it has a typo but, then I reflected on it, and realized it actually doesn’t. 1,190 more words

Love yourself. Know your worth. Because when people leave, they blame you for not being the one they wanted you to be. Don’t care about what they wanted you to be. 18 more words


I am not my words

I began writing poetry on March 2014 after being inspired by a sunset. I’ve always had a thing for poetry, but it wasn’t until last year that I began writing consistently. 587 more words



“The glow of one warm thought is to me worth more than money.”-Thomas Jefferson.


I have died and I want to talk about how my memory will be honored by those who love me. Some people love me if you can believe it and now that I am the death, they love me even more, or at least, they are able to say this without feeling much embarrassment. 430 more words

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