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Guy de Maupassant

Guy de Maupassant was born on this day in 1850(-1893). He was a French writer who is considered the father of the modern short story. My favorite story is… 14 more words


Wealth vs worth

The thing about fossils is that they are around long after we are gone an our little caskets have crumbled in upon our dry brittle bones and they’ve become broken fragments. 387 more words


Why You Shouldn't Be Made To Feel Like You're In The Wrong

Ok. So life has been taking its course, and I’m telling you, if you’ve experienced the quarter-century-life-crisis then let me know, it’s a real thing! 840 more words


Hangout With Laughter

Over the years, I’ve learned how healing it was for me and the kids to sit around and play games together: we’d laugh at each other; poke fun; find out more about each other; etc., so I always want to share this healing experience with others: young and old, and last night, I was able to do just that. 430 more words


Words that Spatter and Don’t Matter

Could I be, any more obscure
I spin my lines, and tune them a bit
But reading my blog, I’m yet so sure
That to anyone else, they still don’t fit… 215 more words


Doesn’t determine

Your worth.