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Tonight I Write the Saddest Lines

“Tonight I Write the Saddest Lines”

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Like so many others, our relationship have a lot of ups and downs. It’s a normal thing, right? 445 more words


Somber words, elusive, elucidate tempered
Syndical urgencies, gnarled, arising rarified
Cubical euphorias, blatantly swathed by silks of
Lustrous elocutions, flashin’ trypophobic glints.
Severities inculcating deified exuberances inside… 12 more words


When you’ve been working towards a goal for so long and still have yet to enjoy the results, it can be very frustrating. I get it, I’ve been there and sometimes still there depending on the situation. 383 more words

Bright Future

That time that I was made to feel worthless...

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I’m not sure why I have to write this,

I don’t even know why or how this can still be a thing. 882 more words

The More You Know...

Flaws and all.

Do you ever look back at old photos and wish you would’ve loved the body you had in the past? I know I do. Nothing is worst then dwelling on the should’ve, would’ve, could’ve!!! 128 more words

The Valley Series.. IT'S Coming!!

Hi everyone! The next several blogs i am going to be doing a theme on the valley. Being in the valley/ wilderness looks like something different for each of us. 167 more words