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For What It's Worth

I have been busy over the last two weeks with appointments and chores and organizing community band stuff and ASL practice and sick kids, and I haven’t found time to do much art. 1,016 more words

Kevin Plank, Wilbur Ross & More: The 26 People Who Dropped Off The 400

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Under Armour’s Kevin Plank first hurtled onto the Forbes 400 in 2012, but lately the company has been hit by some of the same retail sector woes plaguing the rest of the industry. 459 more words

Money Matters

After earning an estimated $80 million, NFL great Terrell Owens lost it all — here are his 5 best pieces of advice about money today

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  • Since retiring from the NFL, Terrell Owens has spoken openly about the financial mistakes he has made.
  • Finding the right adviser can help, but Owens says you still need to know how to manage your own money so you don’t get burned.
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Money Matters

Why I didn't wear make up for a year!

I used to pretty much not leave the house without make up on. I wouldn’t wear loads but I would at least need foundation and concealer to feel like I could face the world. 499 more words

Successful People Everywhere

Today I attended a seminar about sex abuse and was not surprised to see so many former victims of abuse working in prestigious jobs.  I began realizing that for most of my life, I have been hiding behind success and fake ambition just to make myself feel better about the life I have lived. 682 more words


DayBreaks for 10/20/17: Temporary

DayBreaks for 10/20/17: Temporary

“It’s just a temporary condition.  You’ll feel better in a few days.”  Those are comforting words when they come from our doctor or dentist, are they not?  646 more words