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Survivors Guilt And Very Low Self Worth Image

I m Not sure this is in the right forum or even where to begin so I guess I ll just jump right in. One year ago I left my husband of 20 years. 85 more words

The Law of the Jungle

How good is your life balance between work, family and your social life and friendships? It’s tricky to do, and the constant connectivity of smartphones means you never really leave work. 779 more words

Freedom And Healthy Living

Outstanding Baby Teething Necklace Bangle for Shower Gift Bonus

Baltic amber has been used as a part of tradition several parts of the world for centuries.This material is well known for its curative properties and also due to the fact that it is danger cost-free. 240 more words

Listen Carefully!


The word of the day is listen!

I can remember times when my children were younger, they would climb up in my lap grab my face with both of their hands and say, “Daddy, listen to me.” They wanted to make sure that I heard everything that they had to say. 140 more words



why do you treat me less than human but expect full respect.
why do you throw out poison and expect flowers to grow.
maybe you’ve just never been able to connect. 15 more words

10 Non-Traditional Engagement Rings Worth Considering

Looking for an engagement ring that s a little off the traditional path? We ve selected a few non traditional e-ring categories we think are worth a closer look!