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The Ultimate HCG Drops - worth a look

In-depth, hard-hitting report lays out all the facts regarding these popular alternatives to prescription-strength hCG products, It is worth a read, quite interesting.

Day 138: Enough

7:30 PM

Sometimes the timing just isn’t right, and if you force it you’ll only end up angry and resentful. I’m learning so much this year about timing, about noticing the tension between doing and being, and choosing to not fight it but instead let go. 314 more words


50 Shades of WHAT?

I finally watched 50 Shades of Grey. Originally, I said I won’t ever watch it, but the hype about it got the better of me. Quite frankly, saying that it’s not my cup of tea is the understatement of the century. 598 more words

The Son Shines

I had the pleasure of hearing the quote, “the sun also shines on the wicked” from a friend a while back, and I was thinking about it a little today. 205 more words

"Celeste-Ezra Vine" Review

Relaxing, soothing, and catchy; what else would you want in a song?


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What is worth? And why is it something we insist on “earning”. We’re constantly making subconscious bids for approval, then studying the subject we throw them at for a sign that we aren’t hideous, leaving the fate of our happiness outside of us, and far too much room to be disappointed. 102 more words


How often are you completely overwhelmed by how broken you are? For me, it happens almost on a daily basis. Even on a good day, I know that my depression is still there, waiting for something to stress me out, or for lots of little things to start piling up so I can’t keep the depression at bay anymore. 774 more words