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Cloudy with a Chance of Sun

PSA: This may be a long one. But it’s worth it ;)

I wrote a blog post almost a month ago at a point where I was grasping on to thin air. 859 more words

Inside the Mind: Free Verse 10

People try to sell you love but love can’t be sold,

They try to tell you it’s a feeling but it’s raw emotion that only comes from the soul. 91 more words


Inside the Mind: Free Verse 7

So many empty words,

So many quiet nights,

I just wanted to do things right….

But You had other plans,

There’s nothing more I could do to help you understand.. 116 more words



crazy is hiding behind fluent sarcasm.

it’s the distorted reality you lose yourself in.
the dialated pupils you look through.
the humour you use to dismiss things that matter most. 67 more words


Remember to Forget

This is a reminder for me just as much as it is a reminder
for everyone else. Because this world is filled with magazines, models, tv… 425 more words

Mental Health

Why You Are Loved Above All!


I want to share with you today some food for thought as most people are celebrating this day of love with all sorts of things like candies, flowers,balloons, and so on… 356 more words

February 14th

I remember the first time I met you,

by chance, during our half hour break,

You made me laugh in an instant,

so naturally, so out of the blue… 192 more words