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Moron or Mentor...your choice!

Sometimes, you need a little guidance and direction in your life.  You feel a little lost?  Perhaps you need a little direction in your life?  Do you have that nagging feeling that you aren’t headed into the best years of your life?  446 more words

Worthless Advice

Where to go for advice that isn't worthless

We’re supposed to learn from other’s mistakes, right? Kinda. Those who haven’t done something are usually the loudest about how it ought to be done. “I’ve declared bankruptcy twice! 725 more words

Pretending Like I Know Anything

Holidays...are they over yet?

Hopefully, your various winter holidays turned out the way you wanted. Some of you are chasing the childhood dream of the perfect holiday…to recreate that feeling you had in your youth; waking up celebrating and opening gifts. 284 more words

Worthless Advice

And You Thought Your Cat Has It Rough!

It’s a sad day in America when you don’t have enough space in your car to have your cat ride on the inside of your SUV. 60 more words


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Happy Mother's Day! A message from your favorite Worthless Advice Blogger!

A Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome moms that take the time to read my blog; I do appreciate you taking the time away from your kids to read my words of wisdom (or rather my Blog of Worthless Advice). 199 more words