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Struggles with self-awareness

Here goes another happiness vent to myself.

First off, never regret anything that once made you happy. You can miss the person, the memories, wish things were different; but there is no point in wishing it never happened or having regrets. 797 more words


Inch by Inch

You may feel that you aren’t progressing in your life, but what are you doing to change? Are you looking at your phone for ten minutes, thirty minutes, an hour, maybe 2 hours a day? 412 more words


Love Yourself For Who You Are

How beautiful do you really feel inside the body that’s been designed for you? Are you always complaining about something that’s not just how you would’ve liked it. 832 more words


'Shop Contest: Ellie And Garfunkle

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Poor Ellie. Six years after The Last of Us’s ominous ending, she’s set out to become a budding folk musician but can’t seem to find anybody to jam with. 277 more words


Getting the best of me

I’m letting it get the best of me. I’m on the verge of giving up and just letting the depression take me over. I have good moments and low moments and downright miserable moments. 758 more words


What if I told you...

What if I told you that there was someone who loved you despite anything you have ever done, spoken, or thought. What if I told you that there was someone who loved you regardless of your greatest achievements, and regardless of your greatest failures. 553 more words

Oh, So Priceless

Have you ever been watching a movie and you know something about the character that he or she doesn’t know about themselves? And you’re just like, “How do they not see it?! 437 more words