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When someone you love reminds you that they take all of you- good and “still working on it,” you love yourself that much more. Your uniqueness is a treasure you’re proud to own. 251 more words

Present Day

My Story #1

Dear Princess,

Today somebody gave me a challenge, to share why Jesus is my hope, but to do it in only 30 seconds, give or take a few. 138 more words

Dear Princess

I’m No Longer Satisfied With Crumbs - By Terri Fullerton

This writer also happens to be a dear friend. I am honored to share Terri Fullerton’s words with you today. I know her story and it’s good in a hard and healing sort of way. 569 more words


He's Always Worth It!

A great reminder that when life gets tough, Jesus is always there for us, He’s always worth it! Even when your friends laugh at you, even if your parents say you’re rediculous, know who God is. 46 more words


You Are Photo-Worthy

“If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph.”

When someone is scared of losing something, it means that it has value to them and is worth too much to be taken away. 133 more words



He sets his goals so high only he can reach them. People doubt him and tell him that he can’t reach them. Fuel burns in his heart and he works, works harder everyday. 76 more words