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You Are Still Worthy

Tabernacles, sacrifices, offerings and more
are what use to please You,
but since the law was fulfilled
what are we to do?
Of course much is the same… 70 more words

You Are Enough

I’ve always been one to directly link my salary to my personal value. As I climbed the corporate ladder I knew my value was increasing because my pay check said it was. 517 more words


Worth of something is not in the "What" but in the "Who"!

“Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!” Revelations 5:12

We all feel unworthy and devalued at times. 27 more words


Hold On - Sunday Songs

Hold On by Nicky Chiswell features on EMU Music’s album Worthy.
All the characteristics of Chiswell’s work: sound poetic lyrics and a strong melody. 229 more words


here, again.

here i am again, overthinking. asking myself 20 questions of what i could’ve done differently. replaying memories over and over again. it’s moments like this that i can’t bear anymore. 158 more words

Just Stop!

I sometimes write about things that hit me randomly and put them up on Instagram. The above is what happened a few days ago, when I only had minutes and words crept in. 629 more words

A request is really a demand

Hearing someone on the stairs, I close my book. In moments, Dad peeks into my room and says, “Knock, knock.”

Giggling, I tell him to come in. 317 more words