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Day 22

The people at my job are driving me crazy.  People who I thought I liked are beginning to get on my last nervous and the people who I knew I didn’t like are really close to hearing the laundry list that makes them so unlikable.   168 more words


W is for Word

This April on Sue’s Trifles the theme is the names of God.  There may be more than one name for some of the letters.  There may be others I have omitted.  224 more words


Practice 14

Continuing the thread of practices 12 and 13, we are still considering the impact of other peoples’ malice and how we react.

If our name/reputation is slandered, and even if other people believe these lies, we do not retaliate.   42 more words


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A reputation is a tricky thing. On the one hand, knowing that it is illusory, we shouldn't try to cultivate one; on the other, consistent behaviours lead to a reputation even if it's only among our friends and acquaintances. Christ said, "Only in his hometown and among his own people is a prophet without honour." For if we have no good reputation, for what reason will people come to us for help, or heed the help we try to give? But the point is that we are to love people, not to judge them, not to be equal with them or better than them. Christ himself said, "I have come, not to condemn the world but to save it." Or, to paraphrase, "I have come, not to judge people but to love them." In the seventh limb of yoga, Dhyana (or meditation / mindfulness), the seeker dedicates all his actions to the Lord. In other words, at this stage of our progress we only seek a reputation with God, who knows our works and whether or not we are worthy, regardless of our reputation here on Earth.

Day 21

One of the worse things about being a sugarholic is that I love to bake.  I love to find and tweak recipes to fit my tastes.   263 more words



A couple of weeks at a dinner we had a discussion and the word pathetic was used and it stuck with me – actually it is an interesting word because the meaning and use have change over time. 44 more words


I Am Not Worthy

I Am  Not Worthy

Matthew 8:5-13

And  when Jesus entered Capernaum,  a centurion came  to Him,  imploring Him,  and saying,  “Lord,  my servant  is lying paralyzed  at home,  fearfully tormented.”

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This is Important

I’m not even sure what this post is beyond an influx of emotions being poured into typed words… a desperate need for catharsis, and a greater need to share something with the world. 975 more words