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LOVE this

I’m obsessed with words, but these words, strung together? YES!

What did I learn? What I am worth, what I deserve, what bullshit looks like, that people so convincingly lie to get what they want, that promises mean nothing to the majority, who I am, my strength, my tenacity, my ability to pick myself up, for myself by myself, how to write the longest run-on sentence ever. 36 more words


Absent but turning a corner

I haven’t written lately. I actually am happy I haven’t dwelled on my wounds. I needed to live. To escape reality.

I am turning a corner in this now. 41 more words


 What's this craze about natural hair? 

Is that her natural hair? You know, her own hair without any extensions. Is it all hers? That’s amazing! This is what a proper African woman is supposed to look like! 641 more words


Beliefs & Actions, Worth & No More Sleaze Please

This week I have studied 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy and Titus. I love these Books of the Bible because they give excellent how-to tips and to-do lists of sorts. 947 more words

Christine Says Hello

I don’t think I’ve ever really introduced myself…
and after about 3 and a half years, it’s probably time. ;)

So here’s a video welcome from me to the KMW blog. 10 more words

Self Worth

6 Worthy Features of HR Payroll System

Today i ll going to elaborate you about HR Payroll system s extensive features. Before start my actual topic i would like to make you know about definition of both HR & Payroll System.  119 more words

Cloud Based ERP Software System

Chapter 15: On the Eve of a Half Marathon

(Written on the afternoon before the Branson Diva Half Marathon-5/17/15)

I am running a half marathon tomorrow, and I am so nervous.  Which is RIDICULOUS because I have run many half marathons and even one full marathon.   818 more words