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Palace of Protection!

Fortified in walls of saftey to prevent more hurt from anyone else…

Sounds like the beginnings of a fairytale almost right?

Rejection and abandonment issues began to construct walls. 360 more words

The Age Of Rage

I grew up in a family accustomed to raising their voices. With four kids, some of that was necessary to be heard over the din of everyone else talking. 523 more words

The open wound

A dear friend of mine told me more than once while we were raising our children that being a parent is like being an open wound.   292 more words

Personal Development

The Most Beautiful Smile

Some of the most beautiful smiles

That I have ever witnessed

Came from the most wounded souls

But yours is my favorite

Because I recognize and feel… 12 more words

Emotional Healing

I fell…hard. On both knees.


Okay, so, here’s the story. I was walking to class one day and almost crossed the street successfully. However,  just as I was about to step on the sidewalk, I fell. 766 more words


I am not a nurse but I know that to heal a wound you must take good care of it. First, you need to make sure that the wound is cleaned very well. 645 more words

Regarding the Hole in My Heart

i thought
my words would
cauterize the wound
of your absence
but there aren’t enough
to fill the hole
let alone seal it