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tissue adhesive for fingertip avulsions

nice idea from a recent JEM article:

The Idea:

  • distal fingertip avulsions bleed, hard to dress
  • variable efficacy/availability of bandaging/surgicel/lido+epi/etc
  • gluing it is quick, cosmetic, and even a bit antimicrobial…
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Until we meet Again

Until we meet again
she said.

Perhaps she was sincere
oh I hope so.

Undoubtedly though t'was merely
a formality.

Ease the wound with
false hope. 24 more words

Time heals/Tiden läker alla sår

Another time expression I find quite similar in Swedish and English.

The expression it self, I don’t know if I agree that time heals. We may get another perspective on our wounds, but I’m not sure times really heals them. 88 more words


Wound inventory

The book I am reading says I should make an inventory of my life and the wounds I received and then tell it to God and also to someone else. 669 more words


From the wound a lovely flower grew

Br. Curtis Almquist SSJE writes this morning in “Brother, Give Us a Word” about Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus.

Ignatius of Loyola had his life’s quite-vain ambitions completely dashed by a mortal wound.

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Thats what happening when you have your finger cut and still going to the gym lol Quite a deep cut by knife but not painful, just bleeding like waterfalls LOL

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