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Breathless Traveller

on a journey
that is no journey
from a beginning that is the end
that is known before it is said
because birth itself is a mortal wound… 168 more words


Everybody's Got A Wound

Telling a story about how my Dad hurt me feels like turning in my best friend for stealing. I care more about him than any other man on earth. 2,142 more words


In the night
Cry of pain
Death comes…

… Silence again.

~ desperateshipper


An AK47 and a Banana.



A bloody fingerprint on my credit card made the store clerk hesitate for a moment, but I guess he wanted to finish his shift with a minimum of fuss because he put through the transaction, handed back my card and wished me a good day, all without a single change in facial expression. 1,825 more words


Don't Move

This video may be a bit confusing or scattered but I enjoyed it non-the-less. It is creepy, gore filled and original. Let me know what you thought!


Giving you the finger...

Trying to perfect this look but it is supposed to look as if my fingers fell off and I sewed them back on. Zombie fingers!!


"father" and "wound"

Interesting season.

The words “father” and “wound” keep appearing over and over again in my daily life. On media platform, in books, in conversations and songs. 30 more words