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Exorcism in Three Haiku

felt like I wrote an
exorcism of the heart
it was blood on the

page never to be
seen or read no not ever
nothing more than the… 15 more words


Heart Barnacles

Barnacles on heart

Bitter years’ unforgiveness

Soul-pain encrusted

Hurt that can’t be chipped away

God’s pure grace dissolves, absolves


I know how bitter unforgiveness can imprison the soul, encrust the heart.  821 more words


We Are The Broken Girls (session II)

I wear my pain on my arms. Cut after cut.

I hold the lies you once spilled onto me a night we chose to be out. 90 more words

Depression Sessions


Yes! You’ve been dumped, and everybody knows it… your neighbour knows it, your mom knows it, your best friend knows it, your best friend of your best friend seems to know it too… What the heck??!…even your dog knows it!! 952 more words



We must feel in order to heal.

Yet the hurts of the past are protected by layers of coping and behaviors that soothe.
Like blankets around our wounded hearts. 50 more words

Middle Ground

Don’t feel down!

“It is hard to accept what he has done to me!” a friend of mine told me disappointedly, on a phone when we were having a long conversation a few days ago. 342 more words

How About This on Your Gravestone?

Reading with the Pastor 
Mark 7  and  Psalm 42-43

Today’s readings are sobering and exciting. The Pharisees continue to fight the teaching and ministry of Christ. 185 more words