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Wounded Heart - support for women

Wounded Heart, an essence for women

Wounded Heart is a tree and plant essence gifted to me by nature, to assist your journey into healing deep wounds, fears, and suppressed emotions; and to nurture and encourage you to shine confidently and create a life filled with love, compassion, purpose, and clarity. 2,458 more words


The Invisible Line (in counseling)

One of the biggest privileges I have is sitting across the couch and hearing someone reveal their heart.

How it loves.

How it hurts.

How it scars. 611 more words


Book Review -Healing the Wounded Heart by Dan Allender

Healing the Wounded Heart is a powerful book, intricately describing the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual scars of sexual abuse and the way forward for those who have been sexually abused or those helping them. 294 more words


Bleeding Hearts

It’s been said and said again “hurt people hurt people.” It takes ownership; taking responsibility to heal the bleeding heart. But how does a bleeding wound scab over and start to heal if the same wound is stabbed over and over. 99 more words

Cinderella's Stepmother's BFFs.

I don’t hang around with females very much. I have a better track record hanging out with my male homies and feeling relaxed in their company most of the time – unless the dude is swearing off his mouth or complaining and whining about some politician etc – and then you see me looking for the exit sign. 1,403 more words

Cinderella's Stepmom