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Alternating currents: a reflection on Rectify

Stress Warning: This post contains descriptions of strong emotional responses which may be upsetting to people under extreme emotional stress.

I have been re-watching the Sundance series… 1,947 more words

Recollections And Reflections

Wounded Savior

A sermon preached at Southminster in Boise, Idaho

April 8 2018

John 20:19-31

Today’s passage from John’s gospel tells us that that as soon as the Good News of Mary’s Easter message is shared with the disciples— 1,689 more words


6th Sunday of the Year: How suffering affects our relationships

Study:  Reflect on wounded relationships in your life.  What needs to be done to bring them healing?

Pray:  Ask the Lord for the grace to bring healing to the relationships in your life, especially where suffering has caused misunderstanding or fear has led to doubt and uncertainty. 465 more words


Litmus test I

Lack of compassion
is a sign of a wound

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A Divided World, A Divided Nation, A Divided Church, A Divided Home, A Divided Marriage, A Divided Soul...


There is so much that can unify us, but when I look around, I see so much division!

I see a divided world: first-world countries versus third-world countries.  1,012 more words

What About Woundedness: How to Find Healing For Our Soul

Life wounds every one of us.

Disappointments, betrayal, our own mistakes, and the selfishness of others can leave deep and lasting wounds. Oftentimes, we think we have moved on from the situation that caused the wound and feel that time has healed it. 1,525 more words