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Lift Your Eyes Above Your Woundedness

Everyone has moments of doubt. Whether it involves business or personal life, those nagging “woulda-coulda-shoulda” moments seem to have an uncanny knack for appearing at the most inopportune times. 570 more words

More Thoughts on Woundedness

Since starting my sabbatical (all 3 days so far), I’ve asked God to reveal to me (and my group of confidantes traveling this with me) the depth of my woundedness.   320 more words


Picking and choosing

You can only accept deepest joy
when you decide to accept it all

© Meisaan Chan

Spiritual Poetry

On stings and letting go

At the conference I am attending, today is a day of silence, quiet, and reflection.  This makes my soul very happy.  We began the day in our normal rhythm, with breakfast.  696 more words

On Faith

On Secrets

A secret

is not a mystery

to be hinted at,

sought out,

with clues dropped here and there,

a trail to pick up and find; 153 more words


DayBreaks for 6/27/16 - Walking Around Holding Our Wounded

DayBreaks for 6/27/16 – Walking Around Holding Our Wounds

Galen is on vacation. From the DayBreaks archive, June 2006:

“I have on my desktop a picture of a boy named Sasha. 642 more words

Christian Illlustrations

Effective Prayer for Healing of the Emotionally Sick

One of the key principles of effective prayer is that specific prayers get specific answers, while vague prayers get vague answers. If I ask for the Lord to provide a specific thing—a change in employment, a restored relationship, or financial help—then I can attend to the Lord’s specific answer. 1,276 more words