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How Does One Begin . . .

My heart is bursting with brightness . . . even more brilliant than these flowers . . . so full to overflowing with gratitude to my God! 805 more words


Woundedness, resentment, unforgiveness and healing

These are forms of spiritual junk, which is anything that hinders us from being what God intends us to be. While there are many kinds of spiritual junk, I will address three: woundedness, resentment and unforgiveness. 249 more words



When Aretha Franklin first belted out the iconic R-E-S-P-E-C-T, it became an anthem for a generation.

What you want,
Baby, I got;
What you need, 823 more words


Showing Our Wounds

A sermon preached at Southminster Presbyterian Church in Boise, Idaho

April 12, 2015

John 20:19-29

Last week, on Easter, we left the women, or I should say… 1,558 more words



Today we celebrate the Day of Valor. We typically equate valor with bravery in the midst of clear and present danger–in the battlefield. I once told a friend that most battles we face are fought first within and what is outside is just a reflection of what happened inside. 197 more words


The Club

There aren’t that many people who can handle all that’s truly real. I mean, the hard stuff, the realization that we’re not here for long, that someone who looks strong has been abused, had an eating disorder or a breakdown, and still has a lot to offer. 533 more words


This week I have been pondering this insightful quote: “Never be ashamed of a scar, It simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.” Zig Ziglar… 459 more words