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Tips for embroidering on woven Zoom Loom or pin style looms

In my previous post, I showed how to weave a tiny square on the Zoom Loom.

That’s because there’s  a fun ‘Weave along’ on the Zoom loom group on Ravelry- all about weaving dolls on the Zoom loom. 61 more words

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Snow men to weave on the Potholder loom

I love making snowmen…. but not so much with snow…. :)

I would much rather weave them!

And, so, here are a couple of darling little snow folk to weave on the potholder loom – my latest design :D… 86 more words

Weaving & Handwoven

Darling little dolls to make with Inkle woven bands

I love weaving narrow bands – Inkle band weaving is one of my favorite things.

And, since dollmaking is also so dear to my heart, I have designed many dolls to be made with inkle loom weaving. 261 more words

Weaving & Handwoven

Delightful dolls woven with 4 weaving sticks

Stick weaving looms are probably the easiest loom on earth to work with.

They are just little dowels with points on one end and holes in the other. 263 more words

Weaving & Handwoven

Wonderful woven dolls with 6 weaving sticks

I have fallen in love with weaving sticks (aka stick weaving looms), and am just releasing two new patterns for wonderful woven dolls that are made with weaving sticks. 283 more words

Weaving & Handwoven

Woven Gnomes and their house

I am doing a major happy dance.  For the last year, I have been working on a whole lot of things, and it’s been frustrating to not get them out into the world. 277 more words

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