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Tapestry Diary tiny Woven Women

As part of my ongoing participation in a year long weave along of tapestry diaries, I am weaving small images for my Woven Women show of tapestries and other woven works. 181 more words

Weaving & Handwoven

Tapestry Diary - 4

I’ve been working on a series of little woven ‘dancing ladies’ for my Woven Women show.

And, I  am participating in a tapestry weave along on Ravelry. 158 more words

Weaving & Handwoven

Woven Women- In the Heart of the Flower

In the deep mid-winter, I long for flowers.

My studio is full of plants that bloom, and I am grateful for their beauty.

Even though I can’t have flowers growing outside in the deep deep snow and ice, 51 more words

Weaving & Handwoven

Woven Women- Out of the Mist

My mother passed away recently, and one of the ways that I have been processing my grief is to take it to my looms and weave about it. 180 more words

Weaving & Handwoven